The Art of Marvel Hotel is now open for booking!

Do you have a superhero fan in your family? Either big or small? Imagine waking spending time in a hotel that is completely dedicated to Marvel, from the Art to the furniture, from the restaurants to the food. Well now you can! Booking is now open to stay at the NEW Art of Marvel hotel at Disneyland Paris. You can book here.

When we visited Disneyland Paris earlier this year, we were delighted to see the Hotel New York undergoing a big transformation. Outside the hotel, on the temporary walls around the hotel, some concept art for the hotel was on display and it made us all very excited, especially Gareth and James.

The hotel itself will reopen next summer and it will be the first hotel dedicated too Marvel. Disneyland Paris is collaborating with more than 50 artists from from Marvel comics and Marvel Studios to bring together a collection of various Marvel Art to showcase around he hotel.

Here are some more details about the hotel

NEW rooms and suites – All rooms will be redesigned with a modern feel and each room will feature Marvel artwork. There will also be suites that are themed to Spiderman and Avengers (can you imagine their little faces walking into an Avengers themed room?) alongside the artwork, the furniture will also include subtle references to our favourite Superheroes.

For those staying in the Club rooms or suites they will have Exclusive amenities and services and a  Dedicated reception and access to Empire State Lounge.

Even the restaurants sound super exciting, I love that it sounds as though the theming will be everywhere, even in relation to food. There will also be unique restaurants and bars within the hotel that continue to celebrate the Art of Marvel.

You can also meet your favourite Marvel superhero’s at a special Super Hero Station. Here you can meet the superhero’s each morning and become part of the Marvel action.

There will also be a pool, fitness room and a design studio which will run workshops for children to learn to draw their favorite superhero’s.

Finally, should you wish to take a souvenir home with you, then you can visit the New York boutique within the hotel.

I can’t wait to visit with Gareth and the boys and I have a feeling that Gareth will be like a little boy again.

Are you looking forward to the Art of Marvel hotel? Check out booking and offers available here.

Roisin x


New Year, Same Me but New Name 😬

Hey guys,

Happy New Year!

Sorry I have been missing in action over the last few days, I needed a little bit of time to think about some things and prepare myself for posting this..

If you’re reading this then you’ll know that I’ve made a pretty big change to my page… the name!

I just wanted to explain to you all my reasons for doing this and also to reassure you that nothing (other than my name) will actually change….although I do have some exciting things in the pipeline.

So, here goes…

I ended 2019 feeling pretty low if I’m being honest with you all. I can’t put my finger on one reason in particular but I think it’s a mixture of lots of different things. I am normally such an upbeat, happy, glass half full kind of person but for the last few months I’ve just had this little cloud of doom hanging over me.

I was mad with myself for feeling like that because in many ways, I am so fortunate and we had such an amazing year, but there are some things that I don’t share online. There have been times when I’ve found it difficult to put on a big smile and act like everything is perfect. No one has the perfect life so don’t ever think that they do!

What does make me truly happy is when you guys enjoy something that I post or if I find something and think to myself that you will all love it. Or when one of you stop me in a shop or on the street and tell me how much you love my Instagram. When that happens, it fills me with such joy and I always think “wow – people do like my page”

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my life, what is making me sad, what makes me happy and planning how I wanted to move forward in 2020. I am so excited about the plans I’ve made. I’m going to do more Disneybounds, more creative videos like the tsum tsum wreath, share more information on ALL of the adventures we have as a family. We also have a little trip to California coming up in a few weeks…. eek! I just want to have fun with my page and Create content that I think you will enjoy.

I have worried about how people would feel about me changing my name on Instagram but I really feel that it is something I need to try.

I have had many names throughout my life… Roisin as a little girl, sometimes Roisin the washing machine, Mammy has been a favourite of mine for the past twenty years, I have been Miss Mclaren and Mrs Wood to my students and always Rosh to my colleagues, then Disneyfind.

I have loved being Disneyfind, it has been like another chapter in my life and through Disneyfind, I have had so many experiences and opportunities. All of which, I will forever be grateful for. But, things change. Just as my name has changed in real life, I feel that now is the right time to change my name once again. The reason for this is that I really feel like I have found Roisin ( myself) over the past few months.

My page has changed over the past year or so and I focus more on us as a family than just solely on products. That doesn’t mean that I have stopped loving Disney products. I can hand on heart say that I still get that little bubble of excitement inside when I find new products online and in town and I will continue posting all of my finds on Facebook and Instagram as I have always done. I just feel that although Disney is a HUGE part of my life ( I mean have you seen my house? – Disney in every room) I have other passions that I often want to share with you but because I’ve always been specifically Disney, it didn’t make sense?

I decided that my main goal for 2020 is to be BRAVER. I want to be brave for myself but also because I want to set a good example to my children. I want them to follow their dreams and I would hope that they could turn to me for help if they ever felt down or low in their life.

Life is so short… too short to waste time and energy on issues outside of your control but it’s also so short that you need to be brave enough to take risks.

Finally, I just want to thank you all for always being so lovely to me over the past five years. I don’t think I could put into words how much it has meant to me and I hope that can continue this journey with me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Love Lots

Roisin x

Why Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose ❤️

So before I begin this, I just want to say that this post is not political or for a pat on the back. It is to raise awareness of volunteering and to encourage people to support their local charities.

If anything, I started volunteering for selfish reasons. I was feeling incredibly lost in my life as I had gone from working in a school for twelve years to working at home on my own. It was a shock to the system and I found myself feeling very lonely. I had gone from sharing an office with six funny, interesting people to spending all day at home on my own. I’m not going to lie… I have really struggled.

I love running my social media, finding and sharing Disney products and having incredible opportunities. However, the main reason I gave up my job was to be there for my family. Take the boys to nursery and school, pick them up, just be more present. My job never allowed me to do that. I never took Aoife to school, never picked her up and could only attend one school event a year. This continued throughout her whole childhood and I just didn’t want to do that again.

So I started to apply for jobs, I had interviews and was offered a job. At the same time, Gareth was offered his job and I just couldn’t commit so I decided to look into volunteering. I have always been keen to work with the elderly or refugees but when I have applied for jobs in these areas I have been rejected as I didn’t have enough experience in these areas.

So I applied to volunteer at a Refugee Project in Newcastle and work there one day a week. The process was very easy. I had to complete an enhanced disclosure form, which was accepted about three weeks later. An Enhanced Disclosure is needed by anyone who works with vulnerable members of society.

Once the form arrived in the post then I could get started. I felt so nervous on my first day. It was very strange to changing from a postition of authority that I had in school to being a volunteer. Also I didn’t know a soul and was worried that they might not like me… But do you know what?

I have loved it from my very first day. I just kept my head down really, it takes a few weeks for people to get to know you. The project itself is amazing and the support ( both practical and emotional) is invaluable to the people who attend. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the people who visit the project but I will say that there are many times that I have cried hearing their stories and also don’t believe everything you see on social media or read in the news. Some of these people have been through some terrifying experiences and they are so grateful for the help that they receive – I am in awe of some of them. And for those people who make sweeping statements about “immigrants” taking all of our jobs or that they are just here for the money. I would love for you to spend ten minutes with the beautiful lady that cried with me today. She is from a war torn country, living here on her own with two children and she would give anything to go back to her old life but she can’t! Sorry just some things I see online make me so angry!

Anyway, Wednesday is my new favourite day. Wednesday is the day I volunteer and feel like I am doing something to make a difference but also give me some balance in my life. I have actually worked twice a week on some occasions as I genuinely love being there.

So the real reason for writing this post is to encourage you to volunteer. I know that it might seem daunting or scary but I have developed new skills and understand processes that I knew nothing about three months ago. I have colleagues that I now look forward to chatting with each week and we have a good laugh. I also look forward to the clients arriving, especially the children! Almost all of the volunteers are retired and the service simply would not run without them. I am lucky that I am able to make a living from social media, otherwise I would have no choice but to try to get a paid job, but for the time being, I am grateful to have this experience.

Many projects including the one that I work at would also not be available without they donations from people. So, if you have the chance then donate to the homeless, less privileged or vulnerable in your community.

Volunteering is perfect for people who want experience in a particular career, feel a little lonely or lost or are struggling to get a job. You can volunteer in many different services and if it is some particular service that you are interested in then just give them a call or send an e-mail to get more information. I leave the project each week feeling happy that I have contributed in some way to helping people. It has brought some much needed balance to my life. I would love to help anyone who was looking for advice on how to get started in volunteering, just let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


The Magic of Frozen 2

*This review does not contain spoilers!

I thought it was really important to share my thoughts on Frozen 2 with all of you. It’s fair to say that Frozen Mania has hit our household in the past few weeks. ( I’ve been dressing like this every day) 😆

I LOVE  Frozen and in the run up to the release of Frozen 2, I have spent a lot of time watching the movie and playing the soundtrack on repeat… Oh and also belting out a few songs along the way!

But… I love Frozen 2 even more! (is that ok?) Gareth still prefers the original – we had a bi debate about it!

Honestly, it is just wonderful.

I realised how much Elsa and Anna remind me of my two boys – maybe that’s why I feel such an affinity with it? I was so excited to see the movie with my family after such a big build up and it really did not disappoint. The boys, Gareth and myself were completely transfixed to the screen from start to finish, which is not always an easy feat with a three year old.  I loved seeing such special characters back on the big screen sharing another part of the Frozen adventure with us.

I have read some reviews saying that they felt that Frozen 2 was a little darker than the original. I did not really feel the same. There were a few “scary” moments but they were quickly replaced with something so funny that you end up laughing out loud!

I actually thought that found myself laughing more in Frozen 2 than I did in the original, Olaf was the star of the show! I was actually laughing so loudly that Gareth nudged me to stop. One of my favourite moments was Kristoff’s ballad and lets just say Michael Bolton l eat your heart out! It is sooo good! honestly, I am sitting here grinning at the thought of it!

Overall its a 10 out of 10 for me. I think that the team should very proud of the storyline, the animation, the characters, the soundtrack! They have created a movie that will be loved by families all over the world and I for one, CAN NOT wait to see it again!

Let me know below if you enjoyed the movie too?

Love Roisin x




NEW Bar Restaurant at Newcastle Central Station

AD (Meal was gifted in return for honest review)

I was invited to try out the new bar restaurant that has just opened at Newcastle Central Station. Destination 1850 is located at the entrance to the station and OMG what a fantastic place. I visited with my mam on a lunchtime, not really sure what to expect.

We were seated behind the bar area and my mam was worried about being cold, but they have heated seats. The have a full menu on offer serving a variety of different meals, from Pizza’s, Loaded Fries to salads.  They also serve hot drinks and alcoholic drinks alongside pastries, cakes and cocktails. They pretty much serve everything.

we decided on bread and olives to start, then I opted for the Katsu Chicken Loaded Fries and my mam chose the Prawn Thai style salad. Honestly, the food is unbelievably tasty and the presentation was beautiful. The Loaded Fries cost £6.95 and they were HUGE. I would probably recommend sharing them with someone. The salad cost £8.50 and again the flavours were superb, my mam loved the crispy onions best and she finished the whole bowl.

They also serve all of their food as take away in case you wanted to grab something to take on the train with you and they have a breakfast menu too.

I can hand on heart say that this meal was one of the best I have tastes in a long time, the quality, flavour and presentation were perfect and I will 100% be visiting again.


When good things happen…💗

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would share a long overdue life update. I really wish that I could get into writing my blog on a more regular basis as I always find it so theraputic. I think that the last time I spoke to you in this way was back in March of this year and I was in a really strange place at the time.  I was going through a whole range of emotions back then, both personally and with my social media. I experienced some negativity online and I felt a little lost in life generally.

I spoke to you all about deciding to go back to work, I think. I applied for lots of different jobs, back in schools, working with vulnerable members of society. I just hoped to do something where I wold feel that I was helping people again. I had a few rejections, some interviews and I was actually offered one job. Then, I really started to think about what I want in life and what is most important to me and that is my FAMILY.

I missed out on so much when Aoife was growing up because I worked full time as a Head of Year in a High School in Newcastle. I never ever took her to school or picked her up. I was only allowed to attend one school event a year and that was usually sports day, because I needed to be at the school I worked in. I recently spoke to Aoife about all of this because I felt so guilty and I was worried that she felt she had missed out in any way. I am well aware that Aoife had a very different upbringing to the boys, but the same amount of love from me and her dad. Aoife said that she has never felt that she missed out because we had lots of adventures at the weekends or on school holidays.My mam and dad worked full time back then so I was also very lucky that I had a good support system with her dads family who looked after her every day after school.

The difference is that I didn’t have a choice back then. I had to work full time because no one else was going to pay the rent or make sure that we had food every night. I had to work full time like many parents because I had to pay for everything on my own. I am in a different situation now, we are lucky that Gareth has a good job and don’t get me wrong there are times when we have to be careful with money like all families but life is a lot more organised than it was when Aoife was little.

So, I spoke with Gareth and decided that now I have a chance to take the boys to and from school and also run my social media, I should take the opportunity. I would probably have to use my whole part time pay for Joseph’s nursery costs and I had no idea who would look after then during the school holidays whilst I was at work. If I could make a success of my social media then that would be a bonus but we would have to be a bit more careful with our finances. I also decided to start making a few changes in my life whereby I felt like I was helping people. I feel so much betters for this. Then the strangest thing happened…..

You now that old saying “you can wait ages for a bus and then they all come along at once?” That is probably the best way to explain what has happened recently. I struggled for a long time on social media, wondering if I was doing something wrong. Then suddenly, I started to gets e-mails from brands offering me opportunities that I would have never believed would be open to me. I know how lucky we have been to experience these opportunities over the past few months. I can promise you that my boys will never take any of them for granted.  I know that it could all stop tomorrow so I just decided to embrace it.

We have had a wonderfully, crazy few weeks and I think I have just been a little shocked. I don’t think we could maintain going away so much as I wouldn’t want the boys missing their parties or clubs at the weekend.

So I wanted to write this post for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to say a big, huge, ginormous THANK YOU for supporting me and my family over the past five years. It still amazes me how kind, friendly and encouraging you have all been. Secondly, I just wanted to remind you all not to give up! If you have dreams, goals or aspirations then keep striving to achieve them. I think we all go through times where we feel disheartened o disattified but I honestly believe in Walts quote ” If you can dream it, you can do it!”

You never know what is around the corner.

Thank you for everything.

Roisin x

I spotted this spooky collection on Shop Disney website and I really hope it is coming to the U.K. 💜

No Halloween is complete for me without a viewing of Hocus Pocus and growing up it was one of mine and my brothers favourite movies ( we watched it all year long)

Whilst strolling through the US Shop Disney website, I spotted this Hocus Pocus collection and I just hope that it is arriving in the U.K. this year.

If the Sanderson Sisters put a spell on you then you will love this collection too! The US collection includes a notebook, Spirit Jersey, Pins, Tsum tsums, Mug and some other apparel.

P.s. I will be bringing the mug home with me! It’s mine mine mine! 😬

NEW Disney dog collection is adorable 🐶

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for. I was very lucky to get a sneak peek at the NEW Disney dog collection when I was invited to a preview event and you all loved it!

Guess what? It’s now available both online and in store from Monday 29th July and it is the cutest collection ever.

The collection features some of our most loved pups, from Doug, Max, Lady, Bolt and Percy to name but a few. The collection has goodies for your pups and also for us humans… eek!

From Dog bowls to Spirit Jerseys – this wooftastic collection has everything for your canine needs.

All pics from @ohmydisney

My thoughts on Dumbo 🐘

I know I am week behind but we finally managed a cinema date to see Dumbo today.

It’s my nieces birthday so we took James and her little boy Jaidon to Cineworld in Newcastle to watch the remake of one of my favourite Disney films, Dumbo.

The original movie holds a special place in my heart as I have always loved the bond between Mrs Jumbo and Dumbo. I think part of the reason is I was parent at such a young age so I felt that I could relate to it. I also feel as though Dumbo is one of Disney’s most iconically adorable characters.

So here are my thoughts on the movie….

I didn’t really know what to expect with Dumbo, I had imagined that it may be quite dark with Tim Burton directing. I was also worried that I may not like the new Dumbo as I had with his predecessor. I was wrong on both fronts.

The movie does have dark moments however it also has plenty of magical moments to make you smile and laugh. However, overall the film was not as dark as I had anticipated, rather I found it quite a beautiful film to watch.

From the moment that Dumbo arrived on screen, I fell in love with him. He is simply adorable and you can’t help but others him, his little eyes speak a thousand words.

I was most worried about James reaction if it was a little too sad or scary and I was surprised that he really did enjoy it. I think from the opening seen with Casey Junior captured his attention until the final scene. He did cry ( actually weep) but I just reminded him that there is always a happy ending.

I have read some reviews saying that Tim Burton missed the original message of story. I may be out on my own with this one but I actually like that fact it has a slightly varied storyline. I enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t too sure exactly what was going to happen next. There were still plenty of nods to the original that were done very well. Some made me cry.

I know that some people have criticised some of the actors by I think the casting was fantastic and in particular I loved seeing Danny Devito on the big screen. The child actors were brilliant as was Eva Green but Colin Farrell absolutely stole the show for me. ( I have had the biggest crush on him forever, so I get this is a biased view)

SPOILER Alert 🚨 My favourite moment was when Dumbo flies for the first time. My little nephew squealed and it really was a magical moment.

Overall, it was a wonderful movie and went beyond my expectations. James loved it more than I thought he would and I would totally recommend a visit to the cinema to see it! ❤️

Why I had a little break from Instagram ❤️

I have been thinking about writing this for a while and I feel that this is a good time to share and also to explain why I needed to take a little break from Instagram.

And before I start I just want to say sorry to anyone who was worried about me. That wasn’t my intention, I decided to delete the app totally out of the blue but in retrospect I should I have let you guys know, so sorry about that.

Sooooo, I love social media.

I think that it is an environment that people can share their love and passion for all things. A place that they can build friendships with likeminded people. It can serve as a diary , showcasing memories over the years that make you smile. It can be a place to share pictures with family and friends that you might otherwise not see from year to year.

Sadly, there is another side to social media. It can be a competitive environment in which people seem to turn a bit nasty. It is a place that can make people feel jealous, inadequate and create insecurities. It is a place that nasty “trolls” like to lurk and I have to admit this is a side to social media that I find really hard to deal with.

Throughout my life I have always tried to avoid conflict or confrontation. I’m just not that kind of person. If I have an argument or a disagreement with someone, I need to resolve it there and then. I don’t hold grudges, I find that negative energy or thoughts just eat away at me and I like to feel happy.

It is really hard to avoid conflict and confrontation on social media.

I am certain that there have been people who have disliked me over the years, in my private and professional life, but I have dealt with that by avoiding them. You can’t avoid this on social media. If someone doesn’t like you or agree with you they can let you know that and I think this is what I have struggled with.

I worry for young people in this world of technology. I can’t imagine being a teenager and comparing myself to people online or falling out with friends and having to cope with issues both in real life and online.

So, yeah sorry for the huge explanation but I just needed to take a little time out to do some soul searching and put things in perspective. I have spent the last week with my family, playing with and caring for the boys, speaking to Aoife several times a day, having heart to hearts with Gareth, meeting friends for coffee, cuddling little babies, spending quality time with my parents and just enjoying the simple things in life.

I think it has given me time to realise that I really miss working with young people. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and I’ve had lots of little signs that feel like the universe telling me that I should go back to work.

I have bumped into old students who said lovely things to me and helped me remember how much I enjoyed my job. It is crazy to think I used to give them advice on how to deal with bullies and childish behaviour, yet here I am dealing with it myself online. I have came across old photos and found myself having conversations about working in school. My mam said something completely out of the blue that really hit home. She said ” Just think about what a difference you could make to some young people” and that is what I used to love most about my job.

Don’t worry though I am still going to keep doing Disneyfind, but I think I need the balance of both. Maybe it’s my character or age but I definitely struggle with some aspects of social media. I could never give up Disneyfind all together though as I love doing it. I love that there are so many of you who appreciate what I do and share my love for all of the new Disney products out there. I know that I am so lucky to have the experiences and opportunities that I do but I feel like I need to give something back.

So nothing much will change, I’m back online now and in a much better frame of mind. I will be on the look out for a job but I might not get one… so you might be stuck with me forever! I also wanted to add that having a social media break really can be good for the soul.

Sorry for the huge oversharing but I feel like I’ve been on this crazy journey with you for the last five years and I think it’s only fair that I am honest with you all.

Thanks for reading

Love Roisin ❤️