Top ten magical items in Primark this week 🌟💫✨

Before I launch into my Top 10, I feel that it is very important to say something to you all. I know from many comments that I get on my instagram posts that some of you feel so frustrated that you can’t always buy the products that I post from Primark.
I bet that lots of you have cursed me for posting stuff that you can’t pick up in your local stores. Honestly, I understand your annoyance, there is nothing worse than seeing a product and thinking to yourself that you really need it and then popping to your local Primark and thinking “that blinking Disneyfind – posting stuff that we can’t get!”

I think with Primark it really is just luck of the draw sometimes. I think I am very lucky as I believe Newcastle is the second largest store in the UK ( could be wrong though so don’t quote me on that!) So, due to the size of our store we pretty much get everything in here. I would never post things to annoy you all, I just want to share the magic and let you all know what is out there! I also think sometimes when you can’t buy something it makes you want it more….

I also want to let you guys know that there are some alternative ways of buying these products – this also may be good for some of my folllwers who live overseas. There are some pages on facebook that do Primark Disney pick ups. My favourite group is the Disney Primark group. I know that some people sell Primark products on eBay also.

So… back to my TOP TEN – I thought it would be good to use this blog not just for Disney but also items that feel magical to me and remember this is my choice, you may disagree but the world would be a boring old place if we all thought the same.

All of the items I post were found in Primark this morning. You can always check on Primark website to see more ✨✨✨

NUMBER 10 – Belle Tote Bag

This Belle tote back is only £3 and has a different view of Belle on the back. Beauty and the Beast is so in demand with the launch of the Live Action film and it is one of my personal favourites. There were only a few left in this style.

NUMBER 9 – Fluffy Princess heels 

Now these shoes fit for a Princess if ever I saw them! Today was the first time that I spotted these beauties in store. I love the mermaid feel to the straps. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to walk in these now but back in my hey Day ( ok- I was a bit of a party animal) I would LOVE to wear these and feel like a princess 👑

NUMBER 8 – Team Good and Bad socks

Whether you are Team Good or Team Bad – there is no denying that these invisible socks are cute! Only £2.50 for the pack of two you can change your invisible socks depending on your mood ✨

NUMBER 7 – Shimmering Fairytale skirt

I LOVE this style of skirt and with the colours and shimmer in this one it gives such magical vibes. I’m not sure if these skirts suit my shape as I am quite curvy but I am definitely trying it on next time I am in store and if it looks nice, buying it! The skirt cost £11

NUMBER 6 – Boys Mickey Mouse short set 

This set was only £5 and I will def be buying it for Joseph and James if they do it in his size! Totally cute and perfect for summer

 NUMBER 5 – Marie fluffy socks 

These little cuties have been hitting the headlines for weeks and I think we can all guess why. Marie is a favourite of so many of you guys! These slippers look so cute and who can resist a bit of pink! Not me 💗

NUMBER 4 – Princess Pom Pom keyring 

Actually Aoife ( my 17 year old daughter) told me about this just this morning. So I thought I would get her a little treat seen as she has been working so hard on her final piece for college. We have seen these Pom Poms bag charms popping up all over the high street over the past few months but this one just stands out a bit with the crown on top! It cost £3 – Thanks Aoife 🌟

NUMBER 3 – Girls Minnie Mouse swimsuit

This little swim suit caught my eye whilst I was browsing the girls department today. It is just soooooo cute! The little sun hat is my favourite with Minnie ears on top and I love the fact that it has both Minnie and Daisy. The swimsuit costs £8.

NUMBER 2 Bambi bedding set 

Isn’t it just gorgeous? I loved it from the minute I saw it on Primark website Find it here I really hoped that they would release this set on king size but that size has not arrived at my local Primark. Out of all the bedding sets released this is definitely my favourite. I love the neutral colours and the fact it is just so damn pretty! I bought the cushion which I use on my outdoor furniture. The bedding set costs £18 – the mug £5, cushion £6. To see the whole collection  find it here – Bambi collection

NUMBER 1 – Dumbo baby comforter 

I was not expecting to find this little treasure today! Jospeh loves to rub materials against his face when he is trying to get to sleep. I actually bought a Mickey comforter from the Disney store for him on Friday which I also love. This Dumbo is just so cute and you can tell by his little face that he loves it already! It was only £4 and they also had a Dumbo blanket to go with the rest of this baby collection 🐘

I really hope you enjoyed my first Top Ten at Primark blog! Let me know if you would like me to do this every week. I will also be focusing on a different high street store each week on a different day. Thanks for being amazing and keep magical!

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

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