FRIDAY faves at Disney Store πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

I was hoping to get this blog posted at about 10 this morning but life had other plans! I have just managed to sneak downstairs after spending an hour singing to Jospeh in an attempt to get him to sleep! I’ve sang Part of that world, Tale as old as time,  Under the sea and Beautiful boy by John Lennon at least twenty times, he finally caved… and bare in mind this was with James on the other side of me requesting these songs… ahhhh!!! (Gareth is out tonight so it’s not normally this difficult! 

Anyhoo…. back to the reason for the post! 

Do you have a wish list at the Disney Store? I do and I seem to add to it every week as there is always such lovely merchandise appearing all of the time. So what I thought I would do is share with you my favourites every Friday. 

I also thought it might be a good place to share NEW collections in more detail and give my thoughts and opinions on them. I sometimes feel like it’s hard to express my opinions on instagram as I would rather that people make their own decisions about products where as it is quite nice for me to have a space to do this now. 

So here is my first Friday faves✨ click on image to see online 

EMILE plush Β£8.99

Is he not adorable? I think Ratatouille is a fabulous film and it’s actually one of James favourites too! Emile is my favourite character in it too so I would just love this little cutie, also Ratatouille reminds me so much of Disneyland Paris so I might wait till I go there to get him✨

BE OUR GUEST dinner set for four – Β£209.99

I can barely look at these sometimes, I want them so badly! ( embarrassingly so true!) I saw these on instagram before they arrived on the UK site and I thought they were wonderful. And we REALLY NEED NEW PLATES ( Gareth this is for you in case you read this!) they are quite expensive but they would last forever so please they can be a joint birthday and Christmas gift πŸ˜‰βœ¨

MXYZ Cheshire Cat stationary set Β£9.99

This little stationary set is Super cute. You actually get quite a lot inside it to plus I love that it comes in this case so it keeps everything all in one place as I am forever losing stuff! In fact I really like a lot of of the MXYZ Cheshire Cat range but this is the piece I would like the most! ✨ 

Winnie the Pooh romper suit 

The little girls outfits at Disney Store are gorgeous and there is also a lot of choice. I particularly like the girls Winnie the Pooh collection – lots of pretty dresses and other little suits. Go and take a peek if you haven’t seen it already – See here✨

Pirates of the Caribbean compact mirror – Β£9.99 

I am loving all of the NEW Pirates merchandise at Disney Store at the moment but this is the piece I am after! I love that they have introduced a few of these compact mirrors – I have the Cinderella one and I think that these mirrors may be something I would like to collect in the future✨

Mary Poppins PLUSH -Β£18.95 

Isn’t she lovely!?  My plush collection is growing but I would love to add Mary to it! I can’t wait to see the next Mary Poppins movie and I especially can’t wait to the merchandise – it’s so exciting ✨

Star Wars backpack 

I really like this Star Wars backpack, I think the design is great and it really stood out when I was in store. I am really looking forward to watching Star Wars with James as I think he will love it but Gareth thinks he is a little too young at the moment ✨ 

Dancing baby Groot 

I fell in love with this dancing baby Groot when I spotted him in store and I love the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy! I don’t know what it is about this little guys eyes but anyway… I really wanted to bring him home! I haven’t seen Vol 2 yet but hoping to very soon✨

Disney Store 30th Anniversary snowglobe 

Did you know that snowglobes are my favourite? I am sure that most of you will know that I collect them! I have space on my shelves for four more and I am so tempted by this! I love that it has so many of the characters but more importantly I love that it celebrates 30 years of my favourite ever Store! ✨

Mary Poppins mug Β£12.99
And finally, the mug of the moment! How could I not add this Beauty to my wish list! I will be getting this mug in fact… I have just ordered it… it’s just so pretty ✨

So thank you so much if you have taken the time to read this! Please let me know if you have enjoyed it by leaving a comment on my instagram. 

Now, I am going to have a bath and chill as I have not stopped since 6 this morning! Hoping you all have a magical weekend… 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

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