Must have MERMAID essentials this summer πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

So, seen as the sun is shining today, James is playing in the paddling pool and Jospeh put his toes on grass for the first time, I started thinking about summer and thought I would do a little round up of Mermaid summer essentials. ( I wrote this on Thursday and it is raining today but still…) 

We all love mermaids! And why wouldn’t we? They are such magical, mythical creatures who are always portrayed with such beauty. I always associate them with such vibrate, shimmering colours as well and they just remind me of fun for some reason. 

There are mermaids everywhere at the moment and I for one love it! Why shouldn’t we embrace mythical creatures like mermaids, unicorns and fairies? The real world can be a scary place at times and I think that this kind of merchandise can make us feel happy and bring such joy and it’s great that you don’t have to be 6 years old to buy merchandise that reflects our love for such things. 

When I think of mermaids, I have to admit that a certain red headed princess instantly springs to mind! She is the official mascot for all mermaids everywhere in my eyes and I know she is very popular with you all too! 

So let’s get started, just click on the image to buy πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

These Fab Mermaid sliders are Β£20 from ASOS and wouldn’t be a perfect holiday essential for when you lovely mermaids feel like using your legs ✨

These pretty mermaid socks only Β£3.50 from Top Shop – love the pastel colours and I believe there is also a shimmer to them too! 

This jacket is totally amazing. I could totally imagine wearing this at a festival back in the day! It is £45 from ASOS ✨

Mermaid silhouette cushion is Β£4 and from Primark. I have actually bought this and absolutely love it! It’s the perfect size to pop on a bed just to add a little magic ✨

Add a little mermaid glow to your fave with this pretty powder which is only £5.99 from ASOS ✨

These mermaid tassel dresses would add from Boo Hoo and only Β£15 – a perfect pool cover up for the summer or even hanging out in the garden! It comes in black and white ✨

Cute shell pocket mirror which is only Β£1 from Primark – perfect to slip into your handbag and make sure you are looking like a magical mermaid all day and night ✨

I love this tee from River Island and it would be perfect to wear with a pair of jeans or shorts -£20 from River Island ✨

You an even swim like a mermaid in this fabulous mermaid tail float from New Look for £27.99 ✨

There a fab company called Mermpola – find them here and they sell all under the sea related goodies! My favourite is this unisex tentical tee for Β£34.99 but check them out thei have lots of fab buys ✨

Every Mermaid needs to keep her hair perfect and this brush is perfect for that job! Only Β£5.99 from New Look✨ 

Mermaid style purse from Top Shop for Β£28 

This Ariel sequinned top from Primark is lovely and I think will be very popular! The sequins change from silver to green – it costs Β£6 ✨

And finally no mermaid essentials list  would be complete without adding a trusty sidekick! Pick up your own little Guppy for only Β£7.99 at Disney Store✨ 
I hope this makes your hunt for mermaid goodies a little easier! If you enjoyed this blog then please share! Have a magical Summer ✨ 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

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