Q and A – what would you like to know about me? πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Hey guys – I hope that you at all having a lovely Sunday? It’s really sunny here in Newcastle today which we really weren’t expecting so that was a nice surprise. I thought that for today’s blog I would give you guys the opportunity to ask me a few questions. 

I thought that this would be easy but I actually found it very hard. I think that my opinions and I interests change all of the time so it was hard to answer some of the questions. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a question! They are fab! ✨

  1. Who would my dream character meet be? This is a really easy one for me as I have longed to meet this person for a long time. It would be the Beast, so hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World and this could happen. 
  2. Which is my favourite Disney film? Ahhh this is actually a hard question as it has changed over the years. But I will answer what my favourite Disney film is right now and I am going to have to be totally honest and say it’s Moana. I don’t know why but Moana just really struck a chord with me. I just love the film and the soundtrack is outstanding! So right at this moment, Moana is my favourite Disney film. 
  3. What is your favourite Pixar movie?  It would have to be Toy Story 1. I think it is such a fantastic, ageless film that is so much fun and so many people can relate to! 
  4. Which is your favourite Disney Princess?  Belle! I think she is such a wonderful role model to young girls. I think that Emma Watson did a fantastic job in her portrayal at Belle! I also love Beauty and the Beast so much too and I would watch it over and over again. 
  5. Most relatable Disney character and why? Wow, what a tough question! I think I would have to say Mrs Potts. I have been a mam since I was 18 years old ( I was very young) and I get so much joy from being a parent. I also generally have a very caring nature and I have worked as a head of year in a high school since I was 23 so I have spent most of my life looking after and helping people. I think that Mrs Potts seems to always be looking out for and caring for people so yeah – I think she is the character that I most relate to. 
  6. What Disney Princess do you think we need next? I would really like to see Disney do a movie based on a modern day princess. It would be interesting to see how they would do that! Or an African princess would be amazing too ✨
  7. Do you like Fantasia? I do like Fantasia – it’s actually been a couple of years since I saw it. I think it is a very different sort of Disney film – very artistic ✨
  8. Where is a good place to buy Beauty and the Beast inspired clothes? I would recommend Emp Official  – See here – They have some fab Beauty and the Beast pieces. 
  9. Was there a part in a Disney film that scared you as a child? One of my earliest memories was watching Bambi in a neighbours house when I was a little girl. I broke my heart when Bambi’s mother dies! It was the first time I ever saw the film and I just remember crying for a long time and not wanting to watch Bambi again… obviously I have since then… 
  10. Whats your favourite Disney mug? You will have to wait till Tuesday for this as I have my Top 10 mugs ready to go live then… sorry 😐 
  11. What is your least favourite Disney song and film? This is really tough because honestly I am so easily pleased! I always try and see the best in everything, although I am sure that some of you may think that I am just saying that. However, if you ask my closest friends and family then they would tell you that I like everything! So I would say that there is not one film I don’t like.. 
  12. Which Disney character would I like to voice if I had the opportunity? Is there any Geordie characters?… just kidding! I would like to voice someone like a friend of one of the Princesses like if Cinderella or Belle had a human best friend with a Geordie accent Yeah, I would like to be her ✨
  13. Who is my favourite Disney sidekick? Again, another toughie! Wow… the thing I love most about sidekicks in general is they are so damn funny. They give the film the comedy moments that are so important in Disney films which at times can be quite intense. My favourite ever would have to be Gus Gus! And honestly, I don’t know why other that he is so cute and lovely ✨
  14. Which Disney interest would you choose? Eugene Fitzherbert! Aka – Flynn Rider! I find his incredibly funny and I find his character so endearing. 
  15. If you could jump into the world of Disney which film would it be and why? Again, sooooo hard! I think I would say Peter Pan. I love the idea of Neverland and never growing up. Also, there is just so much magic in Peter Pan with the fairies, mermaids, pirates, it has a bit of everything ✨
  16. What is your best bargain find? I would say that it would have to be my Beauty and the Beast snowglobe which we picked up for £40 on e bay ✨
  17. What’s your favourite store for Disney find other than Disney Store? Primark, great products, reasonable prices and the best part is that NEW stock is added every day! 100% my fave ✨
  18. What kickstarted your love of Disney and how did you get your man on it? Ha ha – good question, first of, Gareth needs no encouragement as he loves it just as much as me! So luckily I married a kindered spirit. Now for my love of Disney:- I love Disney because of my Auntie and Uncle, they took me to Disneyland Paris when I was eleven years old in the year that it opened. I will forever be grateful that they opened my eyes to the Magic that Disney can bring✨
  19. What is your most treasured Disney memory? This answer is related to the above question. I will never forget the first time I visited Disneyland Paris with my auntie Janice, Uncle Charles and my cousins Chris and Barry. We went for a week and stayed on Davy Crocket campsite! Me and Chris wore a Donald hat each and we had the most amazing time ever. I remember seeing the parade and thinking it was the most magical experience on earth. I lost my aunt this year and my cousin a few years ago so this memory is more than special to me! It is what keeps them close to me all of the time. 
  20. Who is your favourite Disney villain and why? All villains have a certain vulnerability that I find endearing but I think that Scar would have to be my favourite! He actually reminds me of my brother with his scarsm and quick witted responses so yeah it would be Scar! 
  21. When you started this account did you do it just for fun? Yes, 100% – I had no idea just how popular it would become. It has been a total shock to me and everyone else! I started it because I wanted to share my love for Disney and then it just escalated… 
  22. Who is the most underrated Princess? In my eyes it is Esmeralda / she is gorgeous and such a strong woman who I feel should be celebrated more! I love Huncback of Notre Damn and I wish they would bring some merchandise out for this. 
  23. Who is your favourite Disney character and why? Mrs Potts and I honestly can’t pin point exactly why but she is my absolute fave! 
  24. Which are your favourite Minnie ears? This is my favourite pair and it is for a sentimental reason! My auntie bought them for my hen party and sadly she passed away this year. 
  25. Have you been to all of the Disney parks? No, I have only ever visited Disneyland Paris.
  26. What is your favourite Disney Primark buy? My Mickey Mouse backpack! I would be lost without it as I take it everywhere
  27. What is your favourite Disney Clintons piece? My Mickey and Minnie couples glasses that I have a cheeky JD and coke in  on a Saturday night! Love them 
  28. Do you think Beauty and the Beast will win many Oscars next year? Yes, I believe it will! I thought that the Live Action version was outstanding and I have seen it three times and every time I enjoy it even more. I can’t wait to get it on DVD in June. 
  29. What do you think has been the key to your success? I think there have been a few factors as to why my page has been so successful. Firstly, I was one of the first Disney merchandise pages. In fact, I had no idea that anyone else was doing something like this, so I think people followed as it was a novelty. Also, I am very particular about what I which images I use on the page which I think helps. I also work really hard on it, so I try and get merchandise as soon as it appears either on line or in store so that people know that they will find out about it straight away! 
  30. How did you come up with the idea to create Disneyfind? When I was on maternity leave with James. I was looking for baby Disney stuff but it was really hard to find so I thought about creating a page to share didn’t things I had found! I actually wanted to call it Disney finder but that name was already taken. I am so glad that it’s now called disneyfind! 
  31. How many Disney items do you have? Far too many to count!! x 

Phew! That was very tough… I hope you enjoyed it though! Have a magical Monday…

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

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