Magical Mondays at Primark πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨Β 

So each Monday I hope to share with you all of the most magical finds in Primark this week! It is actually pouring with rain today and we are off to Centre Parcs for the week.We are really looking forward it though as Gareth hasn’t had a break for over a year! So it will be nice to spend some quality time together. Aoife isn’t coming this time as her final piece for college is due in on Friday and she said that Centre Parcs really isn’t her scene. Too cool for school that girl! 

So back to the task at hand… here are my top 10 magical pieces in Primark today πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

MENS Guardian of the Galaxy top Β£6 

It was actually really nice to look around the men’s department and actually find something for you guys! I feel like there has been a really lack of nice Disney/ Marvel clothes in menswear over the past year. I really like the colours on this and they also had a few Guardians pieces in store ✨

TINKERBELL Slipper socks Β£2.50 

I think that these are very pretty and they also have a little Pom Pom on the back heel. I like this style as they are cosy just to wear around the house instead of slippers ✨

Thumper summer hat for baby girl Β£3 

How pretty is this? There is a lot of Minnie Mouse merchandise for baby girls in store at the moment so it was really nice to see something a little different and how could you not love Thumper πŸ’—

PRINCESS pink sweater Β£10 

I spotted this gorgeous pink sweater as I was leaving Primark today and I just love it! It’s a very vivid pink but I also like the style with the detailing on the back. I will definitely be buying this sweater 

Boys Lightening McQueen set Β£8

I thought this little Lightening McQueen outfit was so cute. It remind me of a basketball style outfit and the quality was really good! Perfect for summer and the release of Cars 3❀️

Guardians of the Galaxy socks set £7✨

Intergalactic bum bag and back pack Β£5

The galactic style on this backpack and bum bag is lovely! It also reminds me of a very dreamlike pattern. LOVE these and the bumbag would be perfect for any festival goers πŸ’— 

URSULA tote bag Β£3 

This tote bag has been around for a few weeks but Ursula is very popular so I am sure she will snapped up in the next few weeks! πŸ’— 

Little Mermaid bedding set 

I think we have all been expecting this one, haven’t we? After the cushion, the hanging sign and the throw… we guessed what would be coming next. I love this and I think it is amazing that Primark have been releasing such gorgeous homeware over the past few months! Please do it in king size! Pic credit to the lovely Gregory Gaige! 

So, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog? If you did and would like to see more then like, comment or share it! Thank you for being amazing and keep magical πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

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