Top tips for adding Disney magic to any break away 🌟💫✨

Ok, so total honesty from me here! I love holidays and breaks away but I am always thinking “ahh wouldn’t it be nice to be at Disney!” So although those thoughts might creep into my mind, I would never allow it to ruin my holiday. So what I tend to do is add a little magic in my own way and here’s  my top tips on how to add a little magic to any holiday 🌟💫✨ 

TIP ONE – Use Disney luggage 

So whether you are staying in a five star hotel or camping to your heart content in the countryside, my first tip is to pack your bikinis, hats, knickers or thermals in some Disney luggage! And let me tell you… it doesn’t have to be expensive to buy either. I picked up this Stitch bag from a market in Manchester for only £20 and I have also seen them on eBay for about the same price! My Mickey backpack is Primark, Woody Vans bag and my lovely Mrs Potts bag created by Enchanted Rose 

Gareth did comment that I may have brought too many bags but I thought… no way! You never know when they might come in handy ✨

TIP TWO – Listen to some Disney music ✨

We all know that a rendition of “you’ve got a friend in me” or a family singalong to just a “spoonful of sugar” would brighten up anyone’s day so always, and I mean always have some access to Disney tunes. Whether it be on your smart phone, in your car or on Disney life UK! This tip is a must! You definitely don’t want to be missing out on your husband belting out “Let it Go” ✨

TIP THREE – associate everything and anything with Disney! 

(These are actual quotes from last week – all made by me! ) 

“Center Parcs reminds me so much of Pete’s Dragon”

“These beaches just reminds me so much of the little mermaid”

“Total Alice in Wonderland vibes!” 

“Couldn’t you just totally imagine Louis ( from Princess and a frog) popping up here?”

“Ah my god, that girl looks so much like Pocahontas” 

Am I the only one that does this? Surely not? I just can’t help it and I don’t know if it’s just because I am constantly thinking about Disney or it just comes out. But I do this all of the time, it’s not only reserved for holidays! 

TIP FOUR – Dress your mother, dog, cat, child and obviously yourself in Disney clothes at all times! 

This is one of my favourite tips by far. I dressed both me and the boys in Disney every day and I loved it! Gareth wouldn’t play along… what a cheek! So whether you are Disneybounding or indulge in a pair of cheeky Disney socks… dressing in some form of Disney makes you feel good ✨

TIP FIVE – hone in on the only Disney items in the whole town and convince yourself ( and your partner) that you REALLY need them ✨

This just happened naturally, I didn’t even need to look, they just appeared before my eyes and then I totally convinced myself that I needed them all, well the Pooh beat stationary in particular. 

TIP SIX – take a Disney mug with you! Is this one too controversial? A step too far perhaps? I know some people couldn’t imagine taking a mug in case it broke but I just love drinking from Disney mugs that I had to bring it! ✨

TIP SEVEN – Bring Minnie Ears 

This is an essential really? I mean even if you don’t bother with all the above – just bring your Minnie ears. What better way to instantly feel connected to Disney than to be wearing it with pride on your head! Plus they come in so handy for makeup application! 

TIP EIGHT – Be happy and enjoy every moment! 

So what? Your not in Disney, it really isn’t the end of the world. Life is about creating your own magic and spending time with the people you love and making special memories… so this is the most important tip I have for you all. Have fun, laugh, embrace NEW experiences and opportunities because live is for living and there is so much beauty for our eyes to see in this world! ( but do all this wearing Minnie ears obviously!) 🐭

Keep the magic alive guys… 

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

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