Magical ideas for Fathers Day πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

So we have just been sitting in the car and James asked when is Mothers Day. I asked him why and he said so I can get mammy some flowers… bless him – he is just so sweet. 

Then Gareth chipped in reminding us all that it is Fathers Day very shortly! Well obviously I hadn’t forgotten about it. Fathers Day is only two weeks away on Sunday 18th June. 

I noticed whilst I’ve been disney finding in town recently that there are quite a few good offers available on stuff that you could potentially buy for Father’s Day gifts. Now, before any of you accuse me to being stereotypical. Gareth loves Star Wars and Marvel and this is mainly what is available for men at the moment. Although Topman, ASOS and HM have quite a lot of Mickey and friends merchandise, which is great to see. 

So here are just a few ideas of little gifts that you might want to buy for Father’s Day. I also wanted to add that I couldn’t buy any of this stuff for my dad as he just isn’t into it! However, Clintons have a wide range of other Father’s Day goodies which might be more suitable for some. Find all of the range here Clintons✨


Clintons have a half price sale of most of their Star Wars range! I picked up a couple of bits for Gareth from here but I won’t say which bits as I am sure he is an avid reader of these blogs ( I blinking hope so anyways!) and I don’t want to spoil it for him…. 

Jedi Poncho Β£2 – perfect for a trip to a theme park or an upcoming trip to Disney let’s say! 

BB8 mug Β£4

Star Wars journal – Β£3.50 

HULk apron – Β£4 ( I think) 

Dearth Vadar magnet 99p 

These other pieces are also from Clintons but they were not reduced.

HMV – i was actually quite surprised by how much memorabilia HMV has in store now. I don’t know about you guys but it is one of my most favourite stores! There’s something retro about it and it has always been my go to place for DVD’s and CD’s. We are quite lucky that we managed to keep our HMV in Newcastle when a number of them closed down. 

They have loads of fun little gifts that would be perfect for Father’s Day! I actually bought Gareth the Yoda door mat for his birthday this year. I really like the Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape one though – it’s really cool 😎 find the full range here HMV

Star Wars DVD’s – range of prices

Star Wars book Β£9.99 

Carrie Fisher book -see below 

Guardians of the Galaxy door mat – Β£14.99

Where’s Wookie book Β£2.99 


I have to admit, I have been a little disappointed with the character men’s wear at Primark of late. They used to do fab Disney tee’s like toy story and Mickey but they only really stock Marvel and Star Wars now. 

However on the positive side, the tee’s that I came across were lovely and would be a perfect gift for Father’s Day 

Star Wars socks Β£6

Darth Vadar tee Β£6

Star Wars tee Β£6

Marvel socks Β£6

Marvel tee Β£6 

Disney Store 

I actually remember when this Star Wars MXYZ range arrived in the Disney Store. I recall that I thought it was just the most adorable art. Lots of pieces from this collection are reduced at the moment and I couldn’t help but pick the notebook up for myself. Find the full range here Disney Store βœ¨

Star Wars notebook Β£3.49 

I pad case Β£4.49

Star Wars ear phones Β£9.99

I phone cover Β£6.99 

So, I hope this may have helped some of you a little. You might even want some of these things for yourself. I also just wanted to share the fab UP range from Clintons which is for granddads. I think this whole range is super cute and I bought the mug for my dad. 

Thanks so much for popping over and taking the time to read this!

Have a magical Father’s Day πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Love Roisin ✨

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