When you lose sight of what is important πŸ’«πŸŒŸβœ¨

Some of you may have seen my post yesterday about feeling a little down in the dumps. It wasn’t just one particular issue that was making me feel that way but a combination of things that were eating away at me. 

So I have made a decision. 

I started Disneyfind as a hobby, I started Disneyfind because I love Disney and I felt that there was a need to share Disney products with other Disney fans because at that moment in time, there was nothing like that available. 

I have watched it grow, in wonder and awe sometimes. I have watched it grow from the few hundred followers that I had at the start to the just shy of 150k followers that I have now and do you know what I am really proud of my achievements! And no I didn’t buy any followers, a question I have also been asked.

I didn’t set out to gain so many followers and I didn’t set out to make money from it. However as time passed, I have thought that perhaps I could make a living from it. I thought it would be perfect as it would allow me to spend time with my family and also do something that I love. However, what scared me the most about this is perhaps it would change how I felt about it. 

I have come across some people who suggest that I  must get paid a fortune from what I do! I don’t… I have made a little money and I have been sent some wonderful gifts but not even enough to pay for the amount to Disney products I buy myself. 

I don’t think that some people understand why I do disneyfind. Especially close friends and family! They often say “but you are getting paid for that?” and I say no and they just can’t get their head sound that. I tried to explain to people that “it doesn’t work like that!” But I don’t know how it works? Does anyone? I honestly wish I could sit down with someone who could explain to me exactly how it all works! But who do you ask? How do you know what to do to make a living from social media? If anyone reads this and can actually give me good, honest advise, I would be so grateful! 

Then sometimes you see other people and compare yourself to them. That’s natural too and sometimes a very good thing as it can spur you on to be better. I often look at other accounts and think why are companies working with them and not working with me, what am I doing wrong? 

I don’t think I am actually doing anything wrong.

Disneyfind is my passion, I love Disney and I adore finding new products to share with everyone and see the joy that it brings others.

But because of these thoughts and comments from others, I almost ( and I mean almost) believed it myself! I started to get a little bitter about what I was posting  and thinking that I am making these companies a fortune and getting nothing in return. In some cases this is probably very true! 

So I started to thinking that I should start making changes and in turn putting loads of pressure on myself. And it started to get me down a little. 

Will that make me stop?

It nearly did but then I had a revelation and some very sound advice from my eternally supportive husband.

 Do it because you love it! 

That’s what he said and do you know what? That’s precisely what I will do. If it is going to happen, then it will happen but why should I turn something I really love into a negative enterprise. What I have been doing over the past few years has worked so far.  I have an army of fantastic followers, I have made some lovely friends. The thing that makes me the most happy is how kind and genuine you all are towards me. When you send me lovely message or tell me you have enjoyed something I have posted, it makes me feel so happy!  I have bought and been given lots of beautiful Disney products. 

This may seem like a really self indulgent blog, but please don’t take it that way! I just wanted to share with you all exactly how I have been feeling because I really felt a little lost. So when I post, blog or vlog please remember that I am doing it because I love it and for no other reason. 

Keep magical and thank you for being great. 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

7 thoughts on “When you lose sight of what is important πŸ’«πŸŒŸβœ¨”

  1. I love Disneyfind! So selfishly want you to continue! Honestly, it brightens up my day seeing your posts pop up on Facebook, (It doesn’t do much for my bank balance!) and your kids are so adorable.
    Doing it because you love it sounds sensible to me πŸ‘ If you wanted maybe you could try some linky’s with other blogs to increase traffic then you could try getting some paid ads on your site?


  2. How you felt is how all of us on social media has felt at some point. And your husband is so right, doing it because you love it is so important.
    I’m so glad you have a blog now, as I’ve been excited to get to know more about you and how you feel about Disney.


  3. It’s so easy to get sucked in by the game and put too much pressure on yourself isn’t it :-/

    Love your finds on IG stories – always make me smile 😁


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