Want to stay somewhere magical? Check out Canopy and Stars πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

So you know I’m always on a search to find magic in the UK, well I stumbled across this company when looking for somewhere special for Gareth and myself to spend our fifth wedding anniversary. I was blown away by the imaginative, unique and magical properties that were available on this site. It is called Canopy and Stars and it is a UK based company, however they now have hundreds of properties in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The accommodations are primarily a glamping type and most appear to be set in beautiful, tranquil countryside. 

The properties are very distinctive and unique and each of them have something wondrous to offer. Ranging from a cottage in the Woods, safari tents, treehouse and even a crane! See website here Canopy and Stars

I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you all! I still haven’t decided which one to book yet ✨

Maggies Wagon, Devon – I mean, how pretty is this? It’s like the perfect wagon for a princess and how amazing would your instagram pictures be! Love it ✨See here for more info ✨

Lost Meadow Treepod, Cornwall – this totally gives me Swiss Family Robison meets Tomorrowland feels! I love the fact that it looks so futuristic yet it is located in this beautiful natural environment ✨ See here for more info ✨

Mackies Bell Tent, Warwickshire – I love the look of these Bell tents! They remind me of Pocahontas although I’m not quite sure why?  How cute is the little dining area? ✨See here for more info ✨

The Arkette, Wiltshire – now this place just screams Lord of the Rings to me and as well as being a Disney fan, I also love Lord of the Rings! Isn’t it so cute? See here for more info ✨

Canopy and Stars crane 29, Bristol – I adore this modern take on the treehouse! The crane interior is stunning and again such a unique and magical place to stay. Plus imagine staying in the first of a kind – innovative as well as spectacular ✨see here for more details.

The Waiting Room, Northumberland ✨ I am a huge advocate for the North East and this little beauty is set in the wonderful Northumbrian countryside. Who wouldn’t want to stay in an renovated 80 year old Victorian waiting room! see here For more info ✨

Hartland pod, Geodome, Devon – now this is futuristic and looks so much fun! I didn’t even know that accommodation like this exsisted! I totally need to visit ✨See here for more info ✨

Carmen at Copper Beach glade ✨ now I’m sure that you can guess which Disney film these beauties remind me of! Esmeralda wouldn’t look out of place staying in one of these caravans. I have always admired travellers and the freedom they have to explore the world – would love to stay in one of these for the evening – See here for more details ✨

Swallow safari tent, East Lothian ✨Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I know, these safari tents totally remind me of Tarzan. What a unique way to spend your evening,glamping in one of these safari tents – see here for more details ✨


Old Mill Treehouse, Somerset – I have to admit that it was the looking for treehouse accommodation that led me to this company! They have quite as few and some look particularly magical. I mean, how wonderful to have an opportunity to sleep in a tree house. This is just one of many that they have on the site – see here for details. 

Brook House hobbit hut – you should see his CUTE this little place is? It totally reminds me of Snow White and the seven dwarfs ✨ See here for more details.

So I hope that you agree that there are some pretty magical places to be found in the UK and the Beauty is that you don’t have to do all of the searching yourself. Canopy and Stars has done all of the hard work for you. I would advise that you pop over to the website – see here to visit the site as there are so many and this is only a tiny fraction of what is available!

Thanks for reading and keep magical!

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

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