A day in the life of Disneyfind πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Does Disneyfind keep me busy? 

<!– TradeDoubler site verification 2966254 –>This was a little question I was asked by someone last week so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a rough guide to how my day usually plays out.

5am and I am abruptly awoken by a little gurgling baby to the left of me, I attempt to manoeuvre myself from under James leg to lift said baby and try and shush him back to sleep ( he never does) and that’s when I realise that there are FOUR PEOPLE in this bed again! 

So Gareth and I take turns ( but it’s mostly me if I’m being honest) to get up with Jospeh and take him downstairs whilst the other gets some much needed sleep. Joseph is then put in his jumperoo to (reluctantly) have some fun! He normally lasts about 30 minutes and then I let him have a little play with his toys on the mat.

During this time I have a little look at instagram, Facebook, my e-mails and blog. I usually use this time to reply to any messages and screen shot any images I might want to use later in the day. I also scroll through various websites to see what is available online. 

Just before seven I hear the patter of tiny feet and little handsome James appears at the door. He likes to have a little cuddle with me before getting ready for nursery. So we snuggle under the blanket and watch today’s installment of PJ Masks, Sophia the First, Blaze or Paw Patrol. 

I then make the boys breakfast, Jospeh eats twice as much as James and is never full! Then Gareth comes downstairs. He usually gets James into his nursery uniform, eats his breakfast. 

I then get Jospeh ready, let him crawl around my bedroom, get myself ready, which Disney top shall I choose today? No time for makeup during the week! Gareth and James then give us a kiss goodbye. 
I then run around like a mad woman making sure I have bottles βœ”οΈ nappies βœ”οΈ wipesβœ”οΈ rattleβœ”οΈ bibsβœ”οΈ snacks for joe βœ”οΈ snacks for me πŸ™ˆβœ”οΈ spare clothes for Jospeh (ultimate disaster prep)βœ”οΈ bus pass βœ”οΈ bank card βœ”οΈ mobile phoneβœ”οΈ 

Aoife is still lying in bed at this point by the way! My 17 year old has just finished college and is currently looking for ( so she says!!!) a part time job! So if anyone is looking for a lovely girl to work for them for the summer then get in touch! She usually works at Newcastle United but obviously football season has finished. 
So…. me and Joe then make a mad rush for the door! Run for the no 38 bus (it’s always coming round that blinking corner) but once we are on the bus we are into our Disneyfind business mode. 

So we jump of the bus and head straight to Primark! I’ve worked out a route inside the Newcastle store, yip I am that sad! I start on lower ground, check pyjamas βœ”οΈ wander past men’s and see if any new bits βœ”οΈ head to ground floor and see if there are any new ladies clothes βœ”οΈ onto first floor to see if there are any new bags, shoes, socks βœ”οΈ then up to second floor and see the home range and kids βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

I can’t actually describe how happy it makes me when I find new products, but it really does. I always think, “ahh they are going to love this” or sometimes I let out an actual squeal of delight! Like I just get so much joy from finding new Disney products and I know that that might sound stupid to some people. However, it is my passion and because I am such a massive Disney fan myself I often want to buy the products too which isn’t good at all for my bank balance. 
 We then finish with our Primark run we then get the thing that keeps me going!!! My skinny flat white at Costa βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ 

Whilst drinking my coffee, Jospeh is quite often asleep so I try to do some posts and have a little look at what is going on in the digital world of Disney. I love that there is a Costa in Primark, it makes my life so easy especially now we have gotten into a real routine. 

Now what happens next depends on which day it is as Monday, Thursday and Friday I pick James up from nursery but on Tuesdays and Wednesday are different. 

So if I am picking James up, We usually pop to Disney store, Clintons and other stores that stock Disney goods if I have time before I head off to collect him. It also depends on the time of year as sometimes Disney Store has NEW stock in but sometimes there is a period where there isn’t very much. So during these quieter periods I would only pop into DisneyStore twice a week. Luckily, the staff know me quite well now so they don’t think I’m crazy! The staff at the pop up store in Newcastle are wonderful and it has such a lovely feel to it!  

Then we jump on the bus and pick up James from nursery. I then spend the afternoon with him, this is quality time so I tend not to post. I will take him to a soft play, Centre for Life ( we have an annual pass and I highly reccomend it), Beach, to a park, Science museum or Hancock museum. Or we meet up with friends, but this is definitely the time that I use to have fun with the boys. 

On a Tuesday I take Jospeh to baby yoga and on Wednesday we go to baby song so we sometimes would pop into town after this to see if anything new has hit the shelves! 

We are usually home for about 4pm and the boys spend a couple of hours playing before Gareth arrives after 6pm. Then I make dinner for us all. We usually eat about 6.30 then let the boys play  or Gareth entertains them with his guitar or piano (he’s recently learned the Jurassic park theme tube much to James delight, so he’s a bit of a hero) 

Then we either put the boys in the bath and then straight to bed. We take turns with each, James likes to do number games or read several books and Joseph loves a bott bott and a cuddle.

Then, I have a bath, yes I have one every night as it’s the best way for me to relax and destress. For the rest of the evening I am pretty much attached to my phone as I feel that this is the best time to catch up in the virtual Disney world, share finds or do my latest blog. 
I always try to get this finished by ten so that I can switch of for a bit before bed. Then I watch to for an hour and hopefully fall asleep and dream of all things Disney 🌟

So, to summerize my life isn’t particularly glamorous but I love it. I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from doing Disneyfind but also having that time to spend with my family. I don’t really do much work at the weekend either as I feel that my time with my family is far more important. I do, however look upon Disneyfind as a job of sorts and I totally believe that one day I can do this full time.  So to answer the original question – yes, Disneyfind does keep me very busy but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So keep dreaming and hopefully one day your dreams will come true πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

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