My first visit to Wylam BreweriesʉϬ

Growing up I always wondered what that big building was in the middle of the Town Moor.

For those of you not from Newcastle, the Town Moor is a giant field just outside of Newcastle city centre adjoining a park called Exhibition Park. You will often find a herd of cows strolling around there, except for once a year in June when it is turned into Europes biggest funfair, known locally as the Hoppings. 

So, that building…. Well in between Exhibition Park and the Town Moor there has always stood a big, unique looking building. I don’t think I ever received clarity on what that building was for, I’m sure I thought it was a military museum of some description. Anyway, at least I will now be able to tell my children what that building is when they ask me! It’s the Wylam Brewery guys and it’s bloody fantastic. Find it Here âœ¨

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was allowed out on DURING THE DAY, to DRINK alcohol with my FRIENDS! The reason this is in capital letters is this is an incredibly rare occurance since the boys arrived. It was my best friends birthday and when she told me that we were going to the Wylam Brewery, I was really excited! 
I have heard such great reviews about the place so I was intrigued to try it out for myself. Sonia picked me up in a taxi and we arrrived there about 3. It was raining at this point so we were a little gutted that the taxi was not allowed to drive up to the venue. ( soooo not used to wearing heels! ) It’s really strange actually as there is. Doorman at the gate to the park, stopping vehicles. 

It was only a five minute walk to the Brewery itself and it’s quite a nice walk through the park. So once we arrived we had a little look around the Brewery itself and it did not disappoint! It has been renovated to a very high standard and I would describe the place as pretty cool. It kind of has Amsterdam vibes to me, I think it’s that sparsely decorated yet trendy feel to the place. There is a bar area with seats etc and then a big hall type venue in the centre, with a DJ on. 

Now, Sonia and myself are not big lager or ale drinkers, so we were a little unsure what to order! Prosecco and cocktails are more out style but we thought when in Rome and all that. 

So I went to the bar and asked the barmaid to reccomend a tipple and she said told us to try  Jakehead so we did and I have to admit I really liked it – a little bit more than Sonia who I think was craving some prosecco. 

Our other friends then joined us at this point and one of them brought along their cute baby. It was really interesting to see actually as the venue is very much suitable for people of all ages.  There were a number of families there alongside groups or friends both old and young enjoying a day out at the Brewery. 

We went to the Brewery on a Saturday afternoon and we had been planning to grab some food but we didn’t realise that there was a BBQ on. At first, I wasn’t really feeling the idea of a BBQ until I ventured outside and saw what’s kind of food they were offering. It was literally the best BBQ I have ever seen. You go to the ticket office and pay £5 for a voucher. Then outside there are a number of food stalls offering their delights. Sonia is vegetarian but she also struggled to choose which stand to visit. 
I ended up going for the steak and it was lush! Such tasty, gorgeous food and the rest of the girls enjoyed theirs too. We then ordered a bottle of prosecco, the only drawback being that you had to drink out of plastic cups as most people were outside in the garden area enjoying the sun. 

Two of the girls and baby Joe headed off and it was just Sonia, Michelle and myself. We were going to head into town but there was such a magical vibe that we decided to grab a couple more drinks and the Brewery and sit out on the grass in the garden. It was packed but it didn’t feel overcrowded at all. I have to admit though the Brewery has such a wonderful feel to it and essentially it was just a group of likeminded people out enjoying the Bank  Holiday sun. 

We finally decided to head into town at about 7 and as we were leaving it looked like a DJ was about to play a set in the big hall, we were tempted to stay! At this point though we were pretty worse for wear and probably had over indulged a little bit too much! 

So to summerize, Wylam Breweries was fantastic and I cant wait to go back either with friends or with my family to experience it again. Also if you are thinking of visiting Newcastle then I would highly reccomend a trip here if you like a nice drink in cool surroundings with lots of lovely people. 

Oh and I heard that they do a super Sunday dinner, that’s on my list of things to do very shortly. Also, just to note that it is only open from Thursday to Sunday’s so it might be worthwhile checking the website Here in case there are any events or for extra information. 

Thanks for reading and keep magical 🌟💫✨

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