Do you know a Grinch who would LOVE this collection ðŸ’š

We all know a Grinch don’t we? And even if we LOVE Christmas, The Grinch is one of those movies that you just have to watch at during the festive period. 

Primark have introduced the cutest Grinch collection for men and women that could melt the meanest of hearts, you could even imagine all of Whoville popping out to their local Primark to get their hands on this cute collection. 

So far in store, I have found, a boxed pyjamas set £12 

A cute little nightshirt £5 

Men’s pyjamas set £10 

The most adorable Grinch slippers £4

And my favourite from the collection – this lovely Grinch dressing gown £16 

Grinch wrapping paper £1.50 a roll 

So if you know a Grinch or LOVE the Grinch then pop down to your local Primark to see the full collection 💚

Let the Grinch steal your heart instead of Christmas this year!

Keep magical 

Roisin 🌟💫✨


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