OH BOY – you are going to LOVE the Mickey and Minnie home collection at Primark ðŸ­

So I am sure you haven’t a missed the FABULOUS Disney homeware ranges that have been released by Primark over the last year. We have already been lucky enough to see Bambi, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Jungle Book and now my all time favourite Mickey and Minnie. 

I mean come on! It’s where is all started isn’t it? Who would have though all of these years later ( he turns 90 next year! ) that the same little Mouse would still be loved by so many people all over the world. So yes, the Mickey and Minnie home collection has arrived and it is pretty awesome. Primark keep adding little pieces and they just seem to get better and better! 

Here is what you can find in stores or my house…. ha ha! 

Mickey and Minnie mug £5 each

Mickey cushion and throw £4 and £6

And I actually used these to create my own Disney sofa 🐭 

Mickey coffee Mug £4

Mickey Dreamcatcher £5 

Mickey “write on me” Lightbox – £12 

Mini Mickey and Minnie lights – £5 each 

Hanging Sign £2

It’s all so lovely isn’t it? I mean I know I am Disney crazy and do go to extremes but this range is so tasteful, all greys and traditional Mickey and Minnie pieces that would just add a little magic to any home. 

I also have heard that we should be getting some bedding soon but so far that hasn’t arrived in the UK! Here is a peek at some taken by Emily from London Disney at the Val D’Europe Primark store. 

So go on and pop down to your local Primark and pick up some Mickey and Minnie pieces to make your home that little more magical! I just hope they add more…. 

Love Roisin ❤️

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