Highlights of our trip to Disneyland Paris with MagicBreaks πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

It has been just over a week since we arrived home from Disneyland Paris and I have a major case of the Disney blues. Our trip was so filled with happiness, joy, magic and most importantly family time. It just takes a little bit of time to adjust to being back home and back to reality.

I have visited Disneyland Paris five times over the years, my first visit being in the summer of 1992 which was the year that Disneyland Paris opened. so it was lovely to visit for the 25th Anniversary celebrations this year with all of my family, Gareth, Aoife, James and Joseph.

I say it every time but I honestly feel like it just gets better each time we visit and we always discover so many new experiences so each of our visits have a real freshness to them. I loved that MagicBreaks offer a FREE phone call from Mickey Mouse with each booking to announce your stay. Β James loved this as we booked the call just a few days before our trip and he couldn’t believe that Mickey called him about his visit to Disneyland Paris.

So, we booked our trip through MagicBreaks a few months ago, the deposits are low and they allow you to pay in instalments which can very helpful if you need to budget your payments. This was the third time we have booked through them on a visit Β to Disneyland Paris and I have to admit that the trip ran smoothly from our initial booking until the end of our trip. I thought it would be good to share the highlights of our trip with you all. I will be doing a number of blogposts over the next few weeks about Disneyland Paris with more detail on each of our highlights.

✨The start of the Christmas Season✨

So, when we booked the trip we had no idea that we would be there for the start of the Christmas Season and I am so glad that we were. I mean it is magical at any time of year but to see the park all dressed up for the Christmas Season really was something special. We entered the park during Extra Magic Hours on the morning that Christmas officially started in the park and it was so beautiful to see the tree and all of the decorations in front of us, I have to admit that I shed a little tear. I would highly recommend visiting the park during the Christmas Season.

✨Sharing Rides with all of the family. ✨

Obviously, the age range in my family is quite varied. Aoife is eighteen, James is Four and Joseph is one, so one of my biggest worries was that one of us would be spending all of our time looking after Joseph whilst the others went on rides. I hadn’t really done any research prior to the trip to see if Joseph could go on any rides and if I’m being really honest, I kind of expected him not to be allowed to go on any. I was wrong! It was so lovely to go on lots of rides as a whole family, Joseph enjoyed The flying Carpets, Buzz Lightyear laser blast, Slinky Dog, Ratatouille and Pirates of the Carribean to name but a few. I think that this was such a special experience that we will always remember and Joseph really did enjoy them especially the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

It was also really lovely to see how excited Aoife was to be able to take her little brothers on the rides with her. James was tall enough to ride some of the pretty big ones and Aoife was very happy to oblige to take him on Big Thunder Mountain and the Tower of Terror for his first time.

✨The Parades✨

For some reason, I think we only managed to see one parade during our last visit to Disneyland Paris. I wasn’t sure what the boys would think of them but they loved them and so did Gareth and I. They are just so magical and it is such a wonderful opportunity to see so many characters. I love hearing the children and some adults shouting out for the characters in their own languages. Again, we were lucky enough to see both the Christmas Parade and the Disney Stars on parade and we loved them both.

Disney themed Restaurants

I LOVE THEM! We managed to book into three of the themed restaurants during our visit this time and they are just another magical extra that you can add to your trip. We always try and find new experiences each time we go to Disneyland Paris and we booked into Chez Remy, Captain Jacks and Auberge De Cendrillon, none of which we have ever visited before. I will do a more detailed blog on the restaurant visits. I just think it is so special to have the opportunity to sit in a restaurant and feel like you could be starring in a Disney movie yourself. I also think that the character interactions are just wonderful and create such a buzz amongst all of the guests. We found the food to be gorgeous although I have to admit that Auberge De Cendrillon was head and shoulders above the rest.

✨Visiting Primark at Val’DEurope✨

So this is technically not in Disneyland Paris but I would highly reccomend visiting Primark at Va’dEurope. It is so easy to access from the parks and the hotels and definitely worth a visit, if like me you love to find some Disney bargains at Primark. It had so many different items than those found in the UK and has an area specifically for Disney. Detailed blog post of my visit to follow.

✨Newport Bay Hotel✨

This was our second stay at Newport Bay and it was even more exciting on this visit as on our last the hotel had been undergoing renovation work in preparation for the 25th Anniversary celebrations. It was also that little bit extra special as we were very kindly upgraded to Compass Club. For those of you who don’t know, Compass Club is an extra that you can pay for private reception, tea and espresso facilities in your room, room service available for dinner. You also have access to an Exclusive lounge offering American breakfast (included in your package), soft drinks and afternoon snacks. Β I love staying at Newport Bay, it is such. lovely hotel and the cast members are fantastic. I loved that there were character meet and greets in the hotel each day and I loved the Disney Store in the hotel. I mean imagine waking up every morning and knowing that you can buy lots of Disney goodies just downstairs! The bar area was also very nice and I loved the view from our room as it overlooked the lake and we could even see the top of the castle from our bedroom window.

✨Character Meals✨

If you can afford to, I would highly recommend character meals as this is such a special way to meet characters in a relaxed and fun environment. Having Joseph with us meant that it was not really possible to queue for character meets in the park as it just wouldn’t have been fair on him. So I am so pleased that MagicBreaks booked a character breakfast for us at Plaza Gardens. It was a buffet style breakfast in a gorgeous dining room and the characters make their way around the room. We were lucky to meet Mickey, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger.

We also managed to book a table at Auberge De Cendrillon and oh my goodness… It was spectacular! From start to finish, our experience was something special, we were attended to with such attention, the food was stunning and the Princesses and the mice were straight out of a fairytale.

✨Fireworks and Illuminations✨

The illuminations take place as the park closes each evening. I was really looking forward to seeing them on this visit as I was hoping they would be something special due to the celebrations. We were not disappointed and I am not ashamed to say that I cried my eyes out. They are simply beautiful and I love to see so many people collectively enjoying the magic of Disney, I loved every second of it as did the rest of the family.

Again, we were very lucky to visit Disneyland Paris during their fireworks event. The display that took place over the lake was so good. I don’t actually think that I have seen such a spectacular display before and as our room overlooked the lake we had a perfect view.

Our break away was perfect and I could not fault the service provided by MagicBreaks They updated us regularly with information in the lead up to our trip which I feel added a great deal of excitement. We found it very easy and simple to book online and we found the staff knowledgable, friendly and and experienced. This makes a huge difference when you are travelling somewhere like Disneyland Paris as they are on hand to offer advice and answer questions abut your trip. They also offer some other magical extras alongside the phone call from Mickey Mouse. They offer 15% discount at both Earl of Sandwich and Planet Hollywood and they send out a FREE magical activity book for the children.

I really want to go back again next year although I will need to try and persuade Gareth as he generally likes a two year break! Luckily MagicBreaks offer some amazing deals and have preferential prices with transport partners such as Eurostar and Eurotunnel so hopefully I might be able to find us a good deal!Plus the Season of Force is on again next year and both Gareth and James said that the Star Wars features were their favourite. So I am sure I could persuade him…. fingers crossed! To see some of the AMAZING Black Friday deals they have on offer – have a peek here

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. We had such a brilliant trip and I can’t wait to share some other Disneyland Paris blog posts with you all.

Keep magical

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

*this post was created in collaboration with MagicBreaks

3 thoughts on “Highlights of our trip to Disneyland Paris with MagicBreaks πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨”

  1. Lovely post, I’m a newbie to the whole Disney thing, making our first visit to DLP at half term so reading blogs for tips and tricks. So excited, hope we enjoy our visit as much as you did yours!


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