The most MAGICAL Fairytale footwear from Asics 🍎

I can hardly believe that Snow White celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. To celebrate ASICS Tiger has teamed up with Disney to launch a collection that could have come straight out of a fairytale.

This collection is released in the UK TODAY – ASICS Japan have a created a range of footwear that captures the magic of the original Disney Princess. There is a Snow White and and an Evil Queen design and I have to admit that I love them both! The Snow White design features her red cape on top of the shoe and the Burgundy ribbon is detachable. The insole has an apple to bring together the whole Snow White effect.

The Evil queen has a large crown on is tongue and the insole is purple to bring together the villain feel to the trainer.

Both of these trainers are released today. Find them Here

The Seven Dwarf collection is simply adorable and is themed around all seven of the dwarfs: sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, sleepy, bashful, sneezy, Dopey and doc. The colours match up to the colour of the original dwarf and the insole includes a design of the character. I really want to get a pair for James. The Seven Dwarf collection is released early next week.

So, if like me you like to add a little magic to every part of your life, then I am sure you will want a pair as much as I do! I think we all agree that they are a gorgeous collection of fairytale footwear.

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