Why TGI Fridays is the perfect family restaurant to visit this Christmas 🎄

IMG_9705After our visit to Santa at intu Metrocentre (see previous post) we visited TGI Fridays for an early Christmas celebration and we were highly impressed with every aspect of our experience. Having visited Santa earlier in the day and then made a start on our Christmas shopping, we were all ready for a bite to eat and a little time to rest our legs.


I didn’t actually realise that there was a TGI Fridays in the Metrocentre so we were incredibly happy when we realised that there was as it has always been on of our favourite places to visit as a family. We arrived and were shown to our table and immediately we were incredibly excited to see the table all set up for a Christmas celebration. We had crackers, party props and Christmas hats and even balloon swords, much to James excitement. The kids were so happy, actually that’s a lie the big kids were more excited.


Once we were settled and in our seats, Christmas hats on and crackers opened. We were introduced to our server, he explained that there was a Christmas menu but that we could also choose from the regular menu. Both Gareth and I opted for the Christmas menu.


For starters, I ordered the Sesame Jack Frost Chicken strips  and Gareth ordered the Nachos with Chilli Beef, we were planning to share but I have to admit I loved the Chicken strips so much that I was a little reluctant to share. They were so crispy and tasty and the flavour was delicious. Gareth’s Nachos were lovely and all of the flavours mixed together was incredibly fresh but the Chicken strips were definitely the winner for me.

James was given carrot, apple and cucumber sticks as a starter and we ordered James (who is four) a cheese and tomato pizza which both him and Joseph (one year old) gobbled down.  The waiter did explain that ordinarily the Cheese and Tomato pizza would have had mozzarella balls on top, but as James is such a fussy eater we asked if a ‘normal’ cheese could be put on top. Our server was more than happy to oblige and changed the pizza for him.

For our mains, Gareth ordered the full rack of Spare Ribs with was served with fries and a corn on the cob. I ordered the New York strip with was an 8oz sirloin steak served with fries and I opted for the bleu cheese and peppercorn sauce. Both meals were tasty and the presentation was superb but I think the Spare Ribs would win in a taste contest.

We were so stuffed from our mains that we couldn’t manage desserts so we ordered  two of the Chocolate Orange popcorn brownies as takeaway, which we later enjoyed whilst watching an episode of Peaky blinders. The brownies were stunning, so flavoursome and tasty and it is certainly something that I would order again. We asked for a plain vanilla ice cream for James which he demolished. I did have a little space for a cocktail thought and you can add a Christmas themed cocktail for only £3.99 which I couldn’t resist especially as it was Grinch themed. It was gorgeous and just wanted I needed to refresh my palette as it has a mint flavour to it and reminded me of mint vienetta which I used to eat as a child. 10 out of 10 for the cocktail!


The three course Christmas menu was £22.99  and there were five options to choose from for the starter and seven main courses to choose from, which can be very difficult when you like everything on the menu.

We were very impressed with our visit to TGI Fridays in the metro centre. The service was excellent, there was a high volume of staff on hand at all times, willing to help with any requests that are made. The restaurant itself it lovely and has a real fresh and new feel to it, which made the dining experience even more exciting for us and the kids.

Eating out with young children can be difficult, especially with Jospeh who has just turned one, he was crying and wanted to be in and out of the high chair. In some places this can be stressful as you feel like everyone is looking at you. Whereas, in TGI’s, we did not feel like this at all. It is such a large, bustling restaurant that no one seemed to notice the madness that was taking place on our table. We have eaten at TGI many times before as it is our favourite place to go as a treat for a family Would have to say though that this was by far our most favourite dining experience at any TGI’s as the Christmas element to it made it so much fun. We will certainly be visiting it again and I highly recommend if you want a little treat as a family.  We will definetly be returning again.


*this post was written in collaboration with TGI Fridays, our meal was complimentary in return for an honest post about our experience.

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