Just a little personal message β€οΈ

I just wanted to touch base with you all. I feel like I have been a little bit in limbo over the past few weeks, worrying that people weren’t enjoying my page, overthinking far too much and generally just not enjoying Disneyfind as much as I have in the past.

I think that a bad side to social media is that it is far too easy to try and compare yourself to other people, to worry that people don’t like what you are posting or to overthink everything.

It’s so easy to see people’s success and question “what am I doing wrong?” But honestly I don’t think that anyone can do something wrong if they believe in something and have their own ideas.

I also felt like I wanted to make my page more unique and special to me, so adding more colour and using my own photo were some changes that I made which I’m happy with, but I don’t want to change Disneyfind into something completely different.

And before anyone thinks… stop feeling sorry for yourself, you are lucky! I know I am and I am eternally grateful for all of the success that I have had but I also think it’s normal to feel a bit unsure at times.

In May, Disneyfind will be four years old! Wow, what are the chances that I am still doing something that started for a little bit of fun but that has grown on such a huge scale. I never had any intentions of this page attracting this many followers and I definitely didn’t do it for any financial or material gain, that just happened organically because I love Disney and sharing my finds and experiences with all of you.

But, I think I really needed a bit of time to step back and think about why I started it, why so many people enjoyed it and not lose sight of that.

I am honestly so overwhelmed and grateful that so many of you continue to enjoy my page and that I still get messages from people saying that they feel confident knowing that there are other adult Disney fans out that and that my page has helped them with this.

I have met so many lovely people through Disneyfind and I feel very lucky to be in the position that I am, doing something I love.

I just wanted to say a big, massive, humongous thank you to you all. Thank you for spurring me on when I feel a bit rubbish ( which we all do at times, it’s normal), thank you for sharing my love of Disney and most importantly thank you for reminding me why I started this page – because you all liked it!

So for anyone out there starting or growing an Instagram, you will have times when you lose your way or you start to question your content etc, but, if you really believe in what you create and enjoy what you, that is most important thing!

Thanks again and sorry for the outpouring, I just think I needed to get it off my chest.

Love Roisin

4 thoughts on “Just a little personal message β€οΈ”

  1. This is such a lovely post. I am constantly finding myself comparing myself to other Instagrammers – and it’s been happening more lately with people that have been emerging with the intentions just to gain followers. You’re right in that there is a bad side of social media and that is it.
    I totally agree with you about taking a step back – I have done this a few times and have always come back feeling much better and much more motivated to make my page the best that I can possibly make it. I love your page and I’m excited to see where it takes you in 2018 and I’m super lucky that I’ve been able to meet you through Instagram! Keep doing what you’re doing lovely, because you’re rocking it! X


    1. Ahhh Shauna – that got me πŸ™ˆ shed a little tear with those lovely words but I get the feeling that you know exactly where I am coming from and I appreciate that a lot! I think it’s always best to remember why you started it in the first place when you feel like that – gives you a little kick up the bum! Thank you x

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