All things Disney and me -WK3


Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to pop over and read this.

This week I would like to share with you:-

  • Where you can visit the home that inspired JM Barrie to write Peter Pan.
  • Give you a sneak peek at some of my Disneybound ideas for Walt Disney World.
  • Let you know how I hope to share my Disney trip with you all.

How are you all?

I am so happy that this sunny weather has decided to stick around for a little bit. I feel like I have had a really productive week in my personal life. I don’t know about you but over the year, my cupboards just build up with crap (Gareth actually calls me the crap collector…) The problem is that I feel so attached to things and they all have a special meaning to me so its super hard to throw anything out! However, we need to make space so I am actually putting a few bits and bobs on eBay and giving some to the charity shop. It was really difficult to part with some of the boys Disney clothes but I’m happy to know that someone else can enjoy them.


I have kept up my fitness this week (hi five to me!)  and even added in a HIIT workout at home although not going to lie it was hard at times having Joseph sitting on my head! On a serious note though, its amazing how exercising has made be feel so happy and positive about life in general. I think that it is so east to get stuck in a rut at times and over winter I was feeling quite isolated form the world generally. I think that is probably due to the fact that I have worked my whole life and enjoyed the relationships that I had with my colleagues so only having Joseph to converse with was hard. I’m in a better place though now although I am unsure whether that is from the sun, exercise or just thinking positively, perhaps its a mixture of all three.


We travel to Walt Disney World in 27 days…. OMG – its coming round so fast and before that I have Joseph’s christening to organise. It is Jungle Book themed and I can’t wait to share the cake and other bits with you from the day.

I am also going to visit my brother in London for the weekend, he is treating me and we are staying at the Dorchester ( eek!) I am just wondering if I should start packing for Disney World now? I actually feel like I should. I am very lucky to have all of these special things to look forward to and its so important to count your blessings!

As I mentioned last week, I have planned a few Disneybound outfits which have been so much fun to plan.  Can you guess who the boys are going to be one day? Poor James and Joseph….. I hope they aren’s too mad with me when they grow up for taking advantage of their cuteness?

Also can you get who I may be bounding as with this bag? I also wanted to know your thoughts on this? I am hoping to write a daily blog whilst at Disney. I do appreciate that I will probably be exhausted and may not be able to keep up with writing it each day but I am going to try my hardest to make it happen. I just think it would be good to share it with you all whilst everything will be fresh in my mind. What do you think? Is this a little too crazy?

I also enjoyed meeting up with my lovely friend Sarah at the Metrocentre fashion event, which was great fun and I have received lots Magic Mail recently which again I am very grateful for.


So in the world of Disney this week!

Did you know that you can visit the birthplace of JM Barrie? It is located in Kirriemuir, Angus which is just North of Dundee. I know this may seem rather far to travel for one place but I just thought I would share in case any of you were planning a trip to Scotland and wanted to add a little Disney Magic into this.

At the house you will be given an introduction to J M Barrie and his home. They will then invite you to take a self-guided tour – each room has information sheets but you are free to ask staff any questions about the property or the man

Find out about the story behind Barrie’s christening shawl and the origins of the name Wendy. You will also find a Peter Pan playground and statue.  Find more information here JM Barrie’s birthplace    

It is only open of specific dates and times so make sure you check those out before planning a wee trip.

Han Solo…..

Han Solo is released in the UK 25th May.  It sees the introduction of Alden Ehrenreich who will take on the role made famous by the wonderful Harrison Ford. Gareth is very excited about this as he is a big Star Wars fan so we are hoping we can make it to the cinema as soon after release as we can but honestly trying to get a babysitter is HARD WORK!

Anyhoo,  the Han Solo range arrived at Disney store last week and it is all super retro. I love the bag and the mug and the whole range has a 70’s vibe for me! Find the full range here.


Primark FIND OF THE WEEK is these lovely adult Mickey Mouse dungarees which are priced at £15. I absolutely love them but I just would’t be able to wear them (big thighs and all that!) but they are super cute and I love all of the detail on them.

Disney Store OFFERS this week:-

  • £10 for selected soft toy dolls
  • 2 for £5 on Ufufy
  • 25% OFF selected Star Wars
  • up to 25% OFF selected costumes
  • up to 25% OFF Marvel
  • £10 for selected Animator Littles
  • £10 selected Cars twin packs
  • FREE personalisation on towels
  • £5 for Toybox figures
  • Sunglasses for £2.99 when you spend £10

Find all Disney Store offers here – OFFERS

This week I would like to feature Rock Paper Sisters which are a Disney inspired brand that I absolutely love. They create a range of cute Disney tees from all of our favourite Disney movies. I wore the Hercules inspired one to the metro centre event but I also love all that they have available. Here is their website – Rock Paper Sisters


Finally a few dates to remember

18th May – Mickey Memories release in the UK

21st May – Incredibles 2 range arrives online and in store at Disney Store

21st May – Coco is released in UK on DVD

25th May – General release Alice in Wonderland Cath Kidston range

25th May – Han Solo released in the UK

Thank you once again for popping over and  I hope you enjoyed this weeks post?

There are so many exciting things to look forward to – what are you most looking forward to? And finally I will be announcing the WINNER of the Puppy Dog Pals giveaway on my Instagram later tonight.

Love Roisin x

One thought on “All things Disney and me -WK3”

  1. Daily blog – nooooo!
    The time will go SO fast and the memories you make with your family are the most important thing. Every time I go the two or three weeks just disappear in the blink of an eye. Make a couple of notes before bed each night and then drip feed us some weekly or daily chats about what you loved when you get back.

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