I let my child watch Nursery Rhymes on my phone and NO that does not make me a bad parent! ❤️

I feel compelled to write this post today after an experience that I just had on the bus. In fact no, not just from my experience today but the past few times I have traveled on the bus with my baby son Joseph. I feel like I need to say something on behalf of myself and other parents who may have had similar experiences.

So, Joseph is my third child! I have an 18 year old daughter ( yes I was a young mother, but a very good one – thank you very much!), a four year old son and Joseph who is 18 months old. Joseph and I travel on the bus quite regularly and I am pretty annoyed and fed up by some of the comments I have heard over the past few weeks!

  • “He’s a handful”
  • “He looks like hard work”
  • “Oooohh he has a temper on him.”
  • “It’s terrible seeing children staring at a phone while their mother ignores them.”
  • “I hate seeing these kids staring at screens all day long.”
  • “I remember when a rattle used to be enough.”

So to every Tom, Dick or Mary that feels the need to comment on other people’s parenting skills, maybe you should think twice in future. There’s no denying that Joseph is hard work, he hates sitting in his buggy on the bus and he gets very distressed about it. It’s also hard, as a parent when you know that everyone on that bus is staring at you and judging you. As I mentioned earlier, Jospeh is my third child and neither of my other two would have uttered a sound on a bus journey and they didn’t even need a rattle to keep them quiet, they just sat!

Jospeh is different and yes sometimes when he is getting very distressed I let him watch nursery rhymes on my phone. This is not because I can’t be bothered talk with him? Like one pleasant old lady told me, neither is it for my own benefit! At home he has distractions, his toys, books and a room and garden that he loves to explore and have his own freedom. He never watches my phone at home as it is simply not needed.

Most days when you see me on the bus I will be traveling home from a museum, play group, park or library where I have spent time talking to Joseph, teaching him words, showing him animals and being the best parent I can be.

I also feel that technology and watching educational programmes can be an integral part of the learning process for children these days. My eldest son has gained so much knowledge about Dinosaurs and Science from watching educational cartoons and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

So, for any other parents out there, please just do what you think is right! Most parents are just trying to do their best and making these unhelpful remarks does no good to anyone. I am learning as I grow older that you can never please everyone. They complain when he cries and they complain when I do all I can to keep him entertained. Just keep doing what you think is right!

Sorry for the rant and the fact that this is far different from any of my other posts but I just really did feel so strongly about this. I also know that some people may disagree with this and that is fine.


Roisin x

5 thoughts on “I let my child watch Nursery Rhymes on my phone and NO that does not make me a bad parent! ❤️”

  1. Yes! I hate the judgey people, luckily I don’t need to use a bus as we have a car, which btw my nearly 2 year old watches films on the tablet in or she screams blue murder, but if I did have to get a bus it would be a nightmare, she hates being in a buggy, it’s like murder for her, and she doesn’t sit still so I would also let her watch things on my phone. Thankfully I’m not of the mind where I give a dam what others think but I feel for people that are influenced by others. Why can’t we all just mind our own business?

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  2. I’m a proud mum of 3 grown up daughter’s. That’s 3 very sensible, well rounded, polite, fully comprehensive, totally loving daughter’s. All of which have had their fair share of technological entertainment through their early years. Why do people assume that allowing your child to use technology as entertainment (more over, educational entertainment) that you must be a “bad parent” and don’t interact with your child? I’ve always supported this kind of occasional addition to parenting as children will one day grow up to be adults emersed in technology, so early interaction is a bonus! My girls would always ask questions or I myself would ask them about what they were watching and together we would enjoy the activity together. Never once did I “ignore” my children and use technology as a useful “childminder”!
    As for those people who feel the need to criticise others actions, perhaps they should keep their opinions to themselves unless they have full knowledge of the facts and are free from any kind of faults themselves.

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    1. Thank you – it really bothers me, hence the reason that I wrote this post. My eldest son has learned so much from watching programmes about dinosaurs! Thank you for sharing this with me – it makes me feel so much better x

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  3. HI You are a great mom !!! You do so much for your kids, going to museums, playing with them and do lots of fun stuff !!!
    So let them talk, you are a super mom !!! Love xxx

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