What the change from Disney Store UK to Shop Disney means to us Disney fans!

So if you haven’t already heard the news, Disney Store UK recently announced that they would be changing their website from Disney Store UK to Shop Disney UK on 1st August 2018.

So what does this actually mean?

I believe that the US Disney Stores made this change almost two years ago and if, like me you often peruse the US website saying “ahh I love this, I love that!” it now means that there will hopefully be a wider range of offerings now here in the U.K. So Shop Disney UK will become our one stop shopping destination for all of us Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars fans., we will still be able to buy our favourite, exclusive Disney Store offerings which quite often send us all into a frenzy! We will now find a new range of brands that might slip into our shopping bag! I have heard that the stores themselves will remain as Disney Store UK but it is only the website that be renamed.

Will we be able to buy Park merchandise?

I believe that there will be a more varied range of Parks merchandise available on the new website. Which means that if you visit Disneyland Paris and are not able to carry everything home ( this happens to me all of the time) then you can offer online and you could even buy Parks merchandise before you go ( I’m thinking of Disney outfit planning and buying Minnie ears in advance) – I am unsure whether merchandise from Disney World will also be available.

Will there be other brands available like Shop Disney US?

Yes, I believe that there will be other brands added to the website. Which is very exciting as this means that all of our favourite Disney brands will be available in one place! If you look on the Shop Disney website they have a number of “other brands” available on their website so I am hoping that this will be the same here in the U.K.

So I am excited to see the changes being made today and hope that there are some brands on there that I am hoping to see. Which brand would you most like to see? Comment below 💙

I have used my own pictures and have no idea what actually will be available here in the U.K.! Hoping for the Rose Gold bag though 💛

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