The most instagramable bar in Newcastle? (especially for a Disney fan)

Strolling along Grey Street, I happen to stumble upon the most Instagramable bar in the Toon. When I say stumble, I mean I intentionally headed in the direction of Grey Street to check out the first bar ever to give me butterflies ( yes I’m that sad 😆)

It did not disappoint.

This Alice in Wonderland themed bar – “Those Who Know” has replaced the popular Christmas bar that appeared through the festive season and is situated at the bottom of Grey Street.

As soon as you enter, you can feel the magic. It was almost like I was stepping off Grey Street and into a magical Geordie Wonderland.

From the Lewis Carroll quotes, the stunning floral decorations, the cute Alice bows worn by staff to the giant Alice. The owners have succeeded in created a bar that makes you smile. It is full of treasures that you don’t want to miss and photo opportunities that would look fab on instagram.

The Alice themed cocktail menu looks spectacular serving delights such as “Tumble down the Rabbit Hole” to “The Sunshine Caterpillar” and I believe that they are 2 for 1 throughout January.

Sadly, this is only a temporary fixture in the greatest city in the World… I’m biased I know 😬

In fact I might just make it my new workspace whilst in town. I hope the two lovely girls behind the bar don’t mind?

I bloody LOVE it! Watch the full video here 🌟💫✨

Roisin x

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