AD – Our verdict of the NEW Veggie Happy Meal at McDonalds ❤️

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! This is one of my first blog posts of 2019 and I have made it one of my aims to try and write a lot more in 2019.


You may have seen from my recent post that one of our resolutions is to try and eat less meat this year. I am not Vegan, Vegetarian or Pescatarian BUT I want to try and eat less meat for two reasons. Firstly, having sampled a number of vegan dishes last year, I was so impressed by how bloody tasty they are… some were (dare I say it) tastier than meat! Secondly, I just want more options for both me and my family. Vegetables are cheaper than meat and last longer in my opinion so I hope to make more vegetable soups, curries, chillies etc. I guess I’ve also been influenced by friends and family as Gareth’s sisters and stepmom are Vegan and they make such beautiful dishes and Sarah Louise Porter meals sometimes look nicer than mine when we have eaten together.

We were delighted to be invited by McDonald’s and BritMums to sample the new Veggie wrap Happy Meal. It is the first ever Vegetarian Happy Meal and it was launched in the UK on 3rd January.  As a parent, I want my children to feel confident enough to tell me if they dislike something, I remember the days of not being allowed to leave the table till I finished everything on my plate!) Luckily James was very excited about tasting the wrap, as you know he is a massive Dinosaur lover so he describes his food choices in Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore terms and on this occasion he was pretending to be a Herbivore. Ordinarily, James would opt for a Hamburger Happy Meal and would demolish it in minutes.

So we visited our local McDonald’s in Newcastle as a family and James helped me to order the new Veggie wrap meal and the rest of our order for table service. I use table service on every visit now and it makes such a difference with Boss Baby (my two year old, Joseph). In past experiences I had always struggled ordering the food, carrying the tray whilst juggling two little ones, so I give Table Service a big old THUMBS UP.


The order arrived and as we are trying a healthier approach to eating we ordered it with Pineapple and water (Did you know that McDonald’s did Pineapple????). The Pineapple was so juicy and delicious and I will definitely be ordering it again. The wrap itself is made with red Pepper and Pesto Goujon with Tomato Ketchup and Shredded Lettuce in a soft Tortilla wrap, can I just say that the wrap is bloody gorgeous, I can’t describe the taste but the flavours were lovely.


James enjoyed tasting the wrap and ate it all, however he did say that he prefers a Hamburger. The Veggie wrap is another option for us now though which is pretty awesome. He rated the

wrap 8/10 but gave the Pineapple slice 10/10.

We certainly enjoyed our tasting visit and will definitely be back for more. Good Job, McDonald’s

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Roisin 😊

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