A little bit about me!


Hey there!

Thank you for popping over to read my page! My name is Roisin and I have three children, Aoife (20) , James (6)  and Joseph (3) and we live in Glorious Newcastle Upon Tyne.  I worked in education for thirteen years, working as a Head of Year and a Family Liaison Worker. Whilst on maternity leave with James, I started a Disney Instagram page on which I use to find and share Disney products that I had spotted in stores. My page just grew and grew and as it did, I started sharing other aspects of my life.

I left work in November 2017 and decided to continue with my Disney social media channels so that I could spend more time with my family. I still share Disney products on both my Instagram and Facebook but also share other parts of my life and adventures with my family.

Every day has been a learning curve and its exciting to find out how this whole social media world works. I have been invited to some fantastic events and given lots of wonderful opportunities, but most of all it has allowed me to be there for my family whilst the boys are so young. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more or would like to work with me. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Roisin x