(Ad) The wonderful Miss Mindy is coming to the UK and you can meet her….🌟💫✨

I am super excited to share with you all that the fabulous Miss Mindy is coming to the UK, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet such an inspiring and talented artist and you can too for FREE!

Miss Mindy will be visiting the Lakes International Comics festival in Kendal on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October. During this time she will be showcasing her incredible new collection – World of Miss Mindy presents Disney, a collaboration with Gift Giving all Wrapped Up. There may even be an opportunity to have some pieces signed too….eek!

I know that many of you are Miss Mindy fans as I recall the reaction when her products were released in the past. If you are not familiar with Miss Mindy then you need to read more. Miss Mindy’s art is unique and distinguishable from other Disney collectibles due to her individual style.

Miss Mindy describes her art as “cartoon Folk Art”, she stems from a creative family, her husband and sister are also artist. I also read that she inherited her flair for art from her Grandmother who was an ink and  paint girl for Walt Disney Studios in the 1930’s and 1940’s – how amazing is that and she actually worked on the original Snow White and Pinnochio!

The World of Miss Mindy presents Disney collection reimagines some of our much loved Disney characters in an updated look. The collection includes some incredibly popular characters and Miss Mindy’s interpretation has something quite magical about it! I particulary love Jack Skellington (plus Zero, Ariel and Mickey) The collection will be released here in the UK in late October.

So if you would like to meet such an iconic Disney artist then pop along…. I can’t actually wait!

Hope to see you there.

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

What the change from Disney Store UK to Shop Disney means to us Disney fans!

So if you haven’t already heard the news, Disney Store UK recently announced that they would be changing their website from Disney Store UK to Shop Disney UK on 1st August 2018.

So what does this actually mean?

I believe that the US Disney Stores made this change almost two years ago and if, like me you often peruse the US website saying “ahh I love this, I love that!” it now means that there will hopefully be a wider range of offerings now here in the U.K. So Shop Disney UK will become our one stop shopping destination for all of us Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars fans., we will still be able to buy our favourite, exclusive Disney Store offerings which quite often send us all into a frenzy! We will now find a new range of brands that might slip into our shopping bag! I have heard that the stores themselves will remain as Disney Store UK but it is only the website that be renamed.

Will we be able to buy Park merchandise?

I believe that there will be a more varied range of Parks merchandise available on the new website. Which means that if you visit Disneyland Paris and are not able to carry everything home ( this happens to me all of the time) then you can offer online and you could even buy Parks merchandise before you go ( I’m thinking of Disney outfit planning and buying Minnie ears in advance) – I am unsure whether merchandise from Disney World will also be available.

Will there be other brands available like Shop Disney US?

Yes, I believe that there will be other brands added to the website. Which is very exciting as this means that all of our favourite Disney brands will be available in one place! If you look on the Shop Disney website they have a number of “other brands” available on their website so I am hoping that this will be the same here in the U.K.

So I am excited to see the changes being made today and hope that there are some brands on there that I am hoping to see. Which brand would you most like to see? Comment below 💙

I have used my own pictures and have no idea what actually will be available here in the U.K.! Hoping for the Rose Gold bag though 💛

TEN reasons why our trip to Florida was a unique educational experience for our children ❤️

Ok, so we didn’t book our trip to Florida for the educational value. We booked our trip as I am a die hard Disney fan and I have dreamed of visiting Walt Disney World since I was a little girl. I was looking forward to meeting the characters, experiencing the rides and most importantly sharing the magic of Disney with my family. What I didn’t expect was that so many parts of our trip would be valuable educational experiences that I think will stay with the boys and us forever.

Education is very important to me having worked in a High School for twelve years. I am a mum of three Aoife ( 18) James (4) and Joseph (20 months) Aoife is currently studying Fashion at University in London and didn’t want to come away with us so it was just my husband and boys that went on the trip. Although school is a massively important aspect of education, I also believe that the foundations for learning start at home and that parents and families have such an important role to play in shaping the minds of our little people.

I believe that experiences are just as important in shaping the minds of children as classroom teaching. this can be through travel, visiting museums, planting seeds or just exploring whenever and wherever you can. I have done this with all three of my children, even when I was on my own with Aoife, I used it save up to go on little trips together, just the two of us and we would visit places like London or York and explore.

So whilst planning our trip to Florida, if I’m being really honest, I didn’t consider an educational element to the trip. James loves dinosaurs so I wanted to include as many dinosaur related experiences as possible. However, my planning was more about which rides we wanted to fast pass, which restaurants we would I eat in, what we would wear etc… I did not think beforehand that the trip would leave have such a profound effect on me in terms of how much all members of the family learned from it.

We arrived at the Art of Animation resort and the learning experience started there! We were walking to our hotel room for the first time and James points to a sign near the lake. It has an alligator and snake on it. James explains to me that this means there might be Alligator or snakes in the lake. I actually had no idea that this may have been the case but James told me that rattle snakes live in florida. We then went to our room and researched what types of Alligators and Snakes May live in Florida and what we needed to do if we encounter them.

This was only a tiny snippet of how much we learned during our trip. All of the parks have an aspect of educational value however it was two parks in particular that I believe offer the most valuable learning experiences . If you have been to Walt Disney World you will probably know that they are Epcot and Animal Kingdom and they were our favourite parks as a family to visit.

I thought I would share my TOP TEN educational experiences at Walt Disney World with you all.

1) Kilimanjaro Safaris

We did the Safari twice, in the morning and the evening and I am so pleased that we did. The Safari takes place on an an open sided jeep and drives through an area created to replicate the a savannah of East Africa. On the day time Safari we saw Elephants, Crocs, Giraffes, Hippos amongst others and the whole family were in wonder at being so close to these stunning animals. I was worried about the evening Safari as I thought it would be difficult to see the animals. However, it was a very different experience to our daytime visit. I was actually a bit scared… but Gareth and the boys loved it and we saw the Lions which we hadn’t during the day and James hasn’t stopped talking about that fact since.

2) Epcot World Showcase

It is just amazing!I mean where else in the world can you watch an Italian street entertainer, listen to a Canadian band and pick up some British Fish and Chips within an hour? James was fascinated by it. He was continuously asking questions about things he was seeing and he was over the moon that he had his photo taken beside the Eiffel Tower. We actually didn’t have enough time to explore the “world” as we much as we would have liked. I know that many people said to me that there weren’t many rides here and that’s why they disliked it. In all honestly, it doesn’t need rides, for us it was a welcome, relaxing break and again another opportunity to for the little ones to gain knowledge of the world. I also believe that there are Kidcot stops around the world where children can collect stamps and create a personalised souvenir. We will definitely be doing this if we get the chance to visit again.

3) Spaceship Earth – so I had no idea that the big Golf Ball was a ride! I hadn’t really given it much thought at all. We managed to walk straight on it during magic hours and we loved it. It takes you on a time travel of how communication and knowledge has developed from the time of the first humans. No one had mentioned Spaceship Earth to us so we had no idea what to expect but we loved it. James asked so many questions afterwards like “why were people writing on walls” what is papyrus?” And he embraced the interactive side of the ride.

4) The American Adventure

Again, no one has mentioned The American Adventure to us. I have never seen it on anyone’s Instagram or heard anything about it. We just kind of stumbled past it on our last day and Gareth suggested we went inside to cool down… what a wonderful experience we had! We missed two fast passes but it was absolutely worth it. The experience we had was in two parts. Firstly the Liberty Singers sang some traditional American songs. They were unbelievably talented and the boys were entrances by them. Then we went on to the theatre to watch a stage show of American history which was fascinating, more so for me and Gareth and I think important for the kids to see considering we were visiting America!

4) It’s a Small World

We were familiar with this ride as I have visited it many times at Disneyland Paris. However, this was the first time that the boys have gone. They LOVED it and James spent the whole ride asking “which country is that? how do you know? Why are they wearing that?”

Again, it’s just another example of how a 10 minute Attraction can start a conversation that will stay with a young person.

5) The seas with Nemo and friend

Again, this was one attraction that no one had actually mentioned to me before our trip. So I just assumed it was another story telling ride through Finding Nemo. So we were shocked ha thrilled to discover that there was an actual aquarium inside! I actually almost cried to see the boys excitement when they watched the fish, turtles and sharks swimming by. They would have happily spent hours viewing the aquarium but we had a fast pass to visit. We did however go back to visit them on our last day to say goodbye!

6) Gorilla Falls exploration trail

This was another attraction that we stumbled upon at Animal Kingdom. I don’t think we even realised we were following the trail until we ended up in the bird area. We headed here straight after the Safari and we are super glad that we did. The boys love animals and the happiness on James face when he saw creatures such as an African Bull Frog that he has never seen in person was priceless. He pointed at some strange looking creature and told me that they were Mole Rats? He is four… I have no idea how he knew this but he was correct and so thrilled to see them up close and personal. There is also an area where you can look for birds that are shown on a guide and it was inspiring to see James hunt around the area for a specific species.

7) Living with the Land

We managed to jump straight on Living with the Land when we arrived early at Epcot one morning. Living with the Land is a boat tour that travels through the Greenhouses at Epcot and it explains how Scientists work to develop a sustainable approach to farming and how farming has developed over the ages. For the first four days this was James favourite ride ( till he rode Everest! – very different I know!)

8) Soarin

Ahhhhh where do I start? Mine and Gareth’s absolute favourite ride at Walt Disney World. It was both exhilarating, fun and thought provoking! Soarin takes you on a journey across the world where you encounter Orcas ( James told me this), Polar Bears, fly across the Great Wall of China and soar across Mount Everest. It was such an exciting attraction for a young mind and again opened a floodgate is questions. It also ignited a need to travel in both me and my husband and it makes you want to see these places in person. Although, it did actually feel like you were there in person. We were in the front row on our first ride and I had no idea just how high we we’re traveling until I was in row three on our second turn. Love love love Soarin!

9) Carasoul of Progress

This was another surprise! We were just pottering around Tomorrowland waiting for our fastpass for Monsters Inc Laugh floor to arrive when we spotted the Carousel of Progress. I had a quick look online and when I saw that it was apparently Walt’s favourite attraction, I was very excited to try it. The boys sat throughout the whole show and were transfixed ( with the dog mainly). We also had “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow stuck in our heads for a long while after. I actually felt very emotional on this ride and shed a little tear as it reminded me so much of Walt! The fact that it takes you through a time travel of innovation is so interesting and nostalgic! Not only that but the fact that the whole theatre rotates was so exiting… for all of us!

10) Dinoland

Our budding Palaeontologist loved exploring Dinoland and pointing out all of the species to us! There is also a Dinosaur boneyard which he could have quite happily spent all day digging for fossils. There was also the Dino bash taking place whilst we were there which was a lot of fun!

So to summarise, we had a great holiday at Walt Disney World and this was only a fraction of the experience and knowledge that we learned during our trip. I haven’t even touched on the transport systems, local wildlife and learning about different climates and currencies. So although a great deal of our holiday was thrill seeking and cuddling some of our favourite characters. I was shocked at just how much we all learned and I think that I have told so many people in person just how impressed I was with the education aspect to it!

I know this might not be everyone’s idea of fun but for us I believe this is what made our trip extra special.

Let me know if there are any other bits of information or knowledge you have gained during any of your trips?

Thanks for reading!

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

I let my child watch Nursery Rhymes on my phone and NO that does not make me a bad parent! ❤️

I feel compelled to write this post today after an experience that I just had on the bus. In fact no, not just from my experience today but the past few times I have traveled on the bus with my baby son Joseph. I feel like I need to say something on behalf of myself and other parents who may have had similar experiences.

So, Joseph is my third child! I have an 18 year old daughter ( yes I was a young mother, but a very good one – thank you very much!), a four year old son and Joseph who is 18 months old. Joseph and I travel on the bus quite regularly and I am pretty annoyed and fed up by some of the comments I have heard over the past few weeks!

  • “He’s a handful”
  • “He looks like hard work”
  • “Oooohh he has a temper on him.”
  • “It’s terrible seeing children staring at a phone while their mother ignores them.”
  • “I hate seeing these kids staring at screens all day long.”
  • “I remember when a rattle used to be enough.”

So to every Tom, Dick or Mary that feels the need to comment on other people’s parenting skills, maybe you should think twice in future. There’s no denying that Joseph is hard work, he hates sitting in his buggy on the bus and he gets very distressed about it. It’s also hard, as a parent when you know that everyone on that bus is staring at you and judging you. As I mentioned earlier, Jospeh is my third child and neither of my other two would have uttered a sound on a bus journey and they didn’t even need a rattle to keep them quiet, they just sat!

Jospeh is different and yes sometimes when he is getting very distressed I let him watch nursery rhymes on my phone. This is not because I can’t be bothered talk with him? Like one pleasant old lady told me, neither is it for my own benefit! At home he has distractions, his toys, books and a room and garden that he loves to explore and have his own freedom. He never watches my phone at home as it is simply not needed.

Most days when you see me on the bus I will be traveling home from a museum, play group, park or library where I have spent time talking to Joseph, teaching him words, showing him animals and being the best parent I can be.

I also feel that technology and watching educational programmes can be an integral part of the learning process for children these days. My eldest son has gained so much knowledge about Dinosaurs and Science from watching educational cartoons and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

So, for any other parents out there, please just do what you think is right! Most parents are just trying to do their best and making these unhelpful remarks does no good to anyone. I am learning as I grow older that you can never please everyone. They complain when he cries and they complain when I do all I can to keep him entertained. Just keep doing what you think is right!

Sorry for the rant and the fact that this is far different from any of my other posts but I just really did feel so strongly about this. I also know that some people may disagree with this and that is fine.


Roisin x

We are going to Walt Disney World!

Dreams really do come true!

The title of this post speaks for itself and I am thrilled to tell you all that we have booked a holiday to Walt Disney World on the 11th June for two weeks so that means we only have 25 days to go – OMG!

If you have followed Disneyfind for a while now, you will know that I have never visited Florida and it has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My cousins visited with their families when we were little and I remember thinking how far away it was and how magical the place seemed and now I am finally going. I have also found myself over the years looking at other Disney accounts and seeing their photos and finding it is so hard to imagine that I would one day visit myself.

Pic credit Vickie Thompson

Before I start this post I just want to let you all know that we paid for our own trip. In a way I am glad that we have for our first trip ( not that we would have said no to a freebie like 😆) but I now feel that I can give you an honest review of the whole experience from the booking, the planning to the holiday itself and I don’t feel compelled to write anything other than my own opinions.

So, we had always planned to go to Florida but we thought we would wait until the boys were a little bit older so they could get the most from the experience. However, we had a few tough months as a family with one thing or another and we decided that if we could get a decent price then we would go for it. The only downside to this trip is that Aoife decided that she didn’t want to come which does upset me a bit but I also know what she is like and I don’t think two weeks in Florida with her family is really her cup of tea ( crazy – I know?) We also decided that the timing was good as James is still in nursery ( non compulsory education) and we don’t yet have to pay for Joseph and I am not working (in a restrictive job) and I know that one day I will be again.

Pic credit Vickie Thompson

So we started looking around for a holiday and I have to admit that initially we were shocked by some of the prices we were quoted. As we live in Newcastle there is only one direct flight and that is through TUI so naturally we started pricing the holiday through TUI and for two weeks staying at All Sports with dining plan was coming in at about 9k and I have to be honest Gareth just thought this was too much and despite my desperation to book the trip, I was inclined to agree.

We also went into the TUI travel agent and didn’t have a great experience. Gareth is the kind of person that “needs to know everything” , especially if he is paying that much money. We went in to talk with the travel agent and left feeling less informed than when we went in. One particularly shocking moment was when Gareth asked what the difference was between the three car insurances and the lady said “it has more ticks 🙈” so I am sure you can see it wasn’t an especially positive experience.

I kind of resigned myself to the fact that this trip wasn’t going to happen when i decided to do a little more research. I looked back through my Instagram posts on all of the previous questions I had asked and I decided to look at some of the suggestions.

We definitely wanted to travel from Newcastle as with the two little ones we didn’t want to have to add travel to Manchester or Glasgow. The return flight to Florida from Newcastle was 1k which isn’t too bad at all. I thought it would have been a lot more, especially given the fact that we only booked 6 weeks before travel.

Then I saw that someone recommended Attraction Tickets Direct to me, so I had a little look on their page where you can also book Disney hotels alongside your park tickets for both Universal and Disney, so I checked the availability for our trip. We decided to look at doing a week at a Disney hotel and then a week elsewhere as this seemed a much cheaper option. I know that this wouldn’t be for everyone as some people wouldn’t enjoy the hassle but we are pretty chilled as a family and if anything it’s fun to have different experiences.

So we found a week at Art of Animation for four of us with Disney dining plan and park tickets for two weeks and it was £2.5k which is brilliant compared to what we were being quoted with other companies. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this offer as Art of Animation had been fully booked for all of the time I had tried to book previously and it was actually the hotel that I most wanted to stay at.

Finally, we needed to book our final week and I think you all know just how much James loved Jurassic Park so we looked to see how much it would be to stay at Universal. We looked on Expedia and found that it was £950 for our second week to stay at Cabana Bay and I actually think that Gareth and James are more excited about the second week than the first ( bet they change there mind though!)

So there we have it! We managed to book the whole trip for almost half the price that we were quoted from TUI and other bigger companies that we looked into. The experience that we have had so far with ATD has been superb, I initially didn’t book a dining plan for Gareth (oops) and they were so helpful replying to my e-mails and sorting it out straight away. I feel like they have a really personal approach to their business and thus far that has shined through on the dealings I have had with them.

So if you are considering a trip to Florida next year, I would really recommend checking out the prices at ATD . I have looked for the same time next year for the four of us and it is only £1610 for All Sports and this includes FREE Disney Dining plan and a gift card for $300 – and once park tickets are added the total would be £2787 which is a great price! Having compared it with some other companies, ATD seem to be coming in a lot less expensive and with more perks. Here is the website for ATD

So YEY the trip was booked, I then had to get to grips with the whole booking with My Disney experience, but I’ll save that for my next blog post, it has been an enjoyable experience so far, although it has slightly taken over my life 😆

All things Disney and me -WK3


Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to pop over and read this.

This week I would like to share with you:-

  • Where you can visit the home that inspired JM Barrie to write Peter Pan.
  • Give you a sneak peek at some of my Disneybound ideas for Walt Disney World.
  • Let you know how I hope to share my Disney trip with you all.

How are you all?

I am so happy that this sunny weather has decided to stick around for a little bit. I feel like I have had a really productive week in my personal life. I don’t know about you but over the year, my cupboards just build up with crap (Gareth actually calls me the crap collector…) The problem is that I feel so attached to things and they all have a special meaning to me so its super hard to throw anything out! However, we need to make space so I am actually putting a few bits and bobs on eBay and giving some to the charity shop. It was really difficult to part with some of the boys Disney clothes but I’m happy to know that someone else can enjoy them.


I have kept up my fitness this week (hi five to me!)  and even added in a HIIT workout at home although not going to lie it was hard at times having Joseph sitting on my head! On a serious note though, its amazing how exercising has made be feel so happy and positive about life in general. I think that it is so east to get stuck in a rut at times and over winter I was feeling quite isolated form the world generally. I think that is probably due to the fact that I have worked my whole life and enjoyed the relationships that I had with my colleagues so only having Joseph to converse with was hard. I’m in a better place though now although I am unsure whether that is from the sun, exercise or just thinking positively, perhaps its a mixture of all three.


We travel to Walt Disney World in 27 days…. OMG – its coming round so fast and before that I have Joseph’s christening to organise. It is Jungle Book themed and I can’t wait to share the cake and other bits with you from the day.

I am also going to visit my brother in London for the weekend, he is treating me and we are staying at the Dorchester ( eek!) I am just wondering if I should start packing for Disney World now? I actually feel like I should. I am very lucky to have all of these special things to look forward to and its so important to count your blessings!

As I mentioned last week, I have planned a few Disneybound outfits which have been so much fun to plan.  Can you guess who the boys are going to be one day? Poor James and Joseph….. I hope they aren’s too mad with me when they grow up for taking advantage of their cuteness?

Also can you get who I may be bounding as with this bag? I also wanted to know your thoughts on this? I am hoping to write a daily blog whilst at Disney. I do appreciate that I will probably be exhausted and may not be able to keep up with writing it each day but I am going to try my hardest to make it happen. I just think it would be good to share it with you all whilst everything will be fresh in my mind. What do you think? Is this a little too crazy?

I also enjoyed meeting up with my lovely friend Sarah at the Metrocentre fashion event, which was great fun and I have received lots Magic Mail recently which again I am very grateful for.


So in the world of Disney this week!

Did you know that you can visit the birthplace of JM Barrie? It is located in Kirriemuir, Angus which is just North of Dundee. I know this may seem rather far to travel for one place but I just thought I would share in case any of you were planning a trip to Scotland and wanted to add a little Disney Magic into this.

At the house you will be given an introduction to J M Barrie and his home. They will then invite you to take a self-guided tour – each room has information sheets but you are free to ask staff any questions about the property or the man

Find out about the story behind Barrie’s christening shawl and the origins of the name Wendy. You will also find a Peter Pan playground and statue.  Find more information here JM Barrie’s birthplace    

It is only open of specific dates and times so make sure you check those out before planning a wee trip.

Han Solo…..

Han Solo is released in the UK 25th May.  It sees the introduction of Alden Ehrenreich who will take on the role made famous by the wonderful Harrison Ford. Gareth is very excited about this as he is a big Star Wars fan so we are hoping we can make it to the cinema as soon after release as we can but honestly trying to get a babysitter is HARD WORK!

Anyhoo,  the Han Solo range arrived at Disney store last week and it is all super retro. I love the bag and the mug and the whole range has a 70’s vibe for me! Find the full range here.


Primark FIND OF THE WEEK is these lovely adult Mickey Mouse dungarees which are priced at £15. I absolutely love them but I just would’t be able to wear them (big thighs and all that!) but they are super cute and I love all of the detail on them.

Disney Store OFFERS this week:-

  • £10 for selected soft toy dolls
  • 2 for £5 on Ufufy
  • 25% OFF selected Star Wars
  • up to 25% OFF selected costumes
  • up to 25% OFF Marvel
  • £10 for selected Animator Littles
  • £10 selected Cars twin packs
  • FREE personalisation on towels
  • £5 for Toybox figures
  • Sunglasses for £2.99 when you spend £10

Find all Disney Store offers here – OFFERS

This week I would like to feature Rock Paper Sisters which are a Disney inspired brand that I absolutely love. They create a range of cute Disney tees from all of our favourite Disney movies. I wore the Hercules inspired one to the metro centre event but I also love all that they have available. Here is their website – Rock Paper Sisters


Finally a few dates to remember

18th May – Mickey Memories release in the UK

21st May – Incredibles 2 range arrives online and in store at Disney Store

21st May – Coco is released in UK on DVD

25th May – General release Alice in Wonderland Cath Kidston range

25th May – Han Solo released in the UK

Thank you once again for popping over and  I hope you enjoyed this weeks post?

There are so many exciting things to look forward to – what are you most looking forward to? And finally I will be announcing the WINNER of the Puppy Dog Pals giveaway on my Instagram later tonight.

Love Roisin x

Puppy Dog Pals Giveaway 🐶

I have teamed up with Disney Store to offer you a chance to WIN  this adorable range of of products from Puppy dog Pals. Have you guys seen it yet? The boys absolutely love it, especially Joseph and the range is just so cute, every time we go into Disney Store  he toddles straight over.

To enter, you need to pop over to my instagram page and do the following:-

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COMMENT which Disney related name you would give a puppy if you had one?

Good Luck and the WINNER will be announced this week via my blog!

Roisin x

All things Disney and me – WK 2 🌟💫✨

Hi everyone,

Thank you once again for popping over to my blog and for taking the time to read these ramblings.

I hope that you all had a lovely week? This week’s blog post is a similar layout to last week although I have a few new topics to cover and also have a very EXCITING giveaway to announce.

What about this weather?

OMG – it has been glorious and I know that it’s not just me that has been enjoying the exceptional weather over the weekend here in the U.K.

We have done so much in the house, we sorted out loads of bags for charity and had a big clear out which needed to be done. We also had a couple of trips to the beach but the best thing about this weather is having the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine in the garden and eat Al Fresco! I just don’t want it to end. Also, is it just me or is everyone WAY happier with a bit of sunshine! As I speak I am sitting in the garden whilst the boys take penalty shots, but the grey clouds are gathering… boo!

I have also been trying to plan our outfits for Disney World, I didn’t even know this was “a thing”. I have never been the most organised person in the world and I have never planned outfits as such. I normally just shove loads of random bits in the suitcase for me and the kids. However, I want to make this trip super special as it is like a dream come true for me so I am going to try my best to plan outfits for each day… fingers crossed! I am also hoping to do a few Disney bound outfits whilst I am there. Again, I haven’t really done this before so it’s all quite new to me but there are loads of inspirational pictures online. I have only Disneybounded once (see below)  and I was 8 months pregnant with Joseph and I attended the UK Disneybound picnic – which was fun but my outfit choice was a bit random ( ha ha – yeah that’s actually a good description of me!) Can you guess who I was?


We go to Walt Disney World in 32 days – like I can’t actually believe this is happening. Also, just wondering if any of you would like me to write a blog on how we booked and who with etc as we actually managed to pick up a pretty good deal! Let me know if this is something you would like me to do!

I feel really excited and happy about things this week which is a big change from last and I honestly think that is down to doing more excercise and the weather has helped. I joined a group called Skinny Pigs with my niece Brittany last week and it’s like circuit training and I feel like it has really started me on the right track! I also lost 2.5lbs at Slimming World , I just have to keep it up and not have multiple cheat days like I usually do!

Sooo lets see what is going on in the world of Disney in the U.K. this week….


First of all I have an incredibly exciting giveaway to announce, I have teamed up with Disney Store to offer you a chance to WIN  this adorable range of of products from Puppy dog Pals. Have you guys seen it yet? The boys absolutely love it, especially Joseph and the range is just so cute, every time we go into Disney Store  he toddles straight over.

To enter, you need to pop over to my instagram page and do the following:-

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TAG two friends

COMMENT which Disney related name you would give a puppy if you had one?

The WINNER will be announced on next weeks blogpost and will be chosen at random. The Giveaway is only open to those in the UK and Ireland.  Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Kylie Emby on winning the Chamilia Ariel and Flounder jewellery set.

Did you see by post today with the NEW Stitch and Angel collection from Disney Store? I am loving the vibrancy of it all and think I might need to pick up the blanket and backpack – so cute! Find the full collection here ❤️

My Disney in the U.K. feature this week is a company called CUPCAKES2LOVE which is based in Doncaster and they do the most spectacular themed afternoon teas! I might just have to pop along to Doncaster to try the latest Lion King one! They also did The Greatest Showman! LOVE IT! Find their Facebook page here – Cupcakes2love

My Primark FIND OF THE WEEK is actually from the Men’s department and it’s this brilliant Avengers Tee! I think it’s really striking and love that it has all of the characters on it! Not bad for £6 either!

There are some brilliant offers at Disney Store UK this week and I have already taken advantage of the Lemon cooler bag for £9.99 when you spend over £10 – isn’t it cute? Find it here along with all of these other offers:-

  • 25% OFF selected figure sets
  • £10 for selected soft toy dolls
  • 25% OFF selected Star Wars
  • up to 25% OFF selected costumes
  • up to 25% OFF Marvel
  • £10 for selected Animator Littles
  • £10 selected Cars twin packs
  • FREE personalisation on towels
  • Sunglasses for £2.99 when you spend £10

Find all of this weeks offers here


Finally this week, I would like to share my favourite small business of the week. I love supporting small businesses and we have so many wonderful companies here in the UK who create Disney inspired pieces and I thought this would a good place to share more of them in detail. So this week, I want to share products from the lovely Magic by Mimi which is run by the very talented Claudia. Claudia creates a number of having plaques along with wooden signs, personalised boxes amongst other things. I love the fact that she creates such personal items than you can see have taken time, effort and love to create.


Thank you so much for popping over again this week and I hope to share more about my life and Disney next week. If you would like to be featured or know some UK Disney related  places that I could mention then please get in touch!

Have a great week!

Roisin x

First week of all things Disney and me 🌟💫✨

Hey everyone and thank you for coming over to this blog post. I am really hope to make this kind of post a regular thing (weekly, if possible) just to keep you guys updated on what is happening in the UK with all things Disney but also sharing some things more personal to me.

My reason for doing this?

Well, where do I start? I want to be really honest with you all  and explain to you all how I have been feeling recently. I have been a little bit lost over the past couple of months and I was starting to feel like I was losing a lot of confidence and belief in myself. Then James had been poorly, on and off of for about three months and we had a bit of  scare which put everything into perspective for me.

I started Disneyfind because I love Disney. I just wanted to share my love for Disney with other people  and I think I had forgotten this. So, finally I am back in a good place and enjoying Disneyfind for the right reasons so thank you to all of you who engage with me and send me kind messages. You have no idea what it means to me! I still can’t understand why over 20k of you watch my stories every day but I want you to know that every like, kind message or comment that you make honestly means the world to me.

So now I’ve got the honest part out of the way, I’ll start….

We were in London last weekend for the christening of one of Gareth’s cousins and it was held at the Italian church, which is stunning. It was also fun to get the boys dressed up and to spend some time with Gareth’s family which we don’t see much of as they all live in London. Aoife couldn’t make it as she was meeting her boyfriends family for the first time so that was a bit of a shame.

I also managed to do my first run in forever as I would like to lose a little bit of weight before we go to Florida, which is only in 42 days ( OMG – sorry if I am going on about it too much! I am just so excited) I don’t know about you guys, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight, I find it so difficult otherwise. I don’t want to be skinny but I just want to feel comfortable enough to wear shorts, I think I just generally need to have more confident in myself, which is easier said than done at times. So I’ll keep you updated with  my progress with that one! I am planning to go to a few classes at the gym this week but like I said “watch this space”

So, this past week has been very exciting actually. I was invited to the HQ of Chamilia and treated to afternoon tea there to celebrate the launch of their NEW fine jewellery range. We also launched a giveaway to win the Little Mermaid set and they gave me a few gifts to take away with me, which was very kind. I never take experiences like this for granted and I know that I am very lucky to have such special opportunities. See the full collection here Disney fine jewellery collection

Each week I hope to share the following with you all. Obviously if the post is too long or you don’t enjoy certain aspects of it then please just let me know. Equally, if you are enjoying what I post or have any suggestions of other topics I could cover then also just give me a message or a comment and I will try my best to add them.

  • NEW Disney collections from Disney Store
  • Special offers at Disney Store
  • Disney related place to visit each week
  • Movie releases
  • Primark find of the week
  • NEW collections from other stores
  • Giveaways
  • Any other Disney news

The NEW Disney Eats collection from Disney Store was released last week and it is so good! It is a Mickey and Minnie cooking range aimed at adults and children. In the range there are aprons, cookery hats for both children and adults although I have to admit that the kids products is the cutest. There is also matching whisks, bowls, spoons and spatulas. I love he fact that it is encouraging parents to cook with their little ones. James and I could have done with this range when we attempted to bake cakes on Sunday, if you saw my stories, it was a bit of a disaster. Find the full collection here Disney Eats


This week my chosen place to visit is a Toy Story themed Afternoon Tea at Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire. This themed afternoon Tea is available on selected dates through May and June. It also includes a Disney film in their cinema!  The price is £22.50 for adults and £15 for children. I just wish I lived closer to it! Find full details here.

My Primark find of the week are these cute Mnnie Mouse sliders which are perfect for the summer we are all hoping to arrive soon!

Offers from Disney Store UK this week!


  • 25% OFF selected figure sets
  • £10 for selected soft toy dolls
  • 25% OFF selected Star Wars
  • up to 25% OFF selected costumes
  • up to 25% OFF Marvel
  • £10 for selected Animator Littles
  • £10 selected Cars twin packs
  • FREE personalisation on towels

Find all offers this week here:- Offers

This week saw the release of Avengers Infinity War. I am actually so excited to se this movie. I never used to be a big Marvel fan but since I married Gareth that has all changed. Gareth is a huge superhero fan so quite often our chosen Saturday night movie would be a Marvel but I have actually become attached to them myself now! I have enjoyed all of the Avengers movies, Guardians of the Galaxy is now one of my all time favourites and I have a real soft spot for Captain America. So I can’t wait to get a babysitter and manage to go and see it which seems a lot harder these days with both of the boys and no Aoife on hand to help.

This week have also been treated to some images of the upcoming CathKidston x disney collection. I wasn’t too sure whet to expect from the Alice in Wonderland collection but I have been very pleasantly surprised. It is gorgeous, I was also very excited that Cath Kidston followed me on Instagram, which is exciting! My favourite piece from what I have seen so far is the Alice dress.

I hope you have enjoyed my first every weekly blogpost, I am not the greatest writer but I do find that writing can often be very therapeutic and helps me to focus. If you have ideas of anything else I could add then please let me know?

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Roisin x

My very special visit to Chamilia HQ and a sneak peek at the stunning, NEW fine jewellery collection 🌟💫✨

So, something pretty amazing happened this week and I just wanted to share this experience with all of you guys. I feel incredibly lucky to be invited to visit the Chamilia Headquarters for a special Disney lunch. I do realise how lucky I am and I honestly appreciate every experience I have like this.

Chamilia is a brand of both charms and jewellery designed to accessorise with meaning. They also create a range Disney charms, which include a wide variety of our favourite characters brought to life.  As an adult Disney fan it is important for me to wear some Disney every day. What I love about this range is the fact that the pieces are so pretty and subtle and you could wear them to any occasion without being “too Disney” although don’t get me wrong, there are days when I love to be “too Disney”

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Hoults Yard in Newcastle and was met at reception by the very lovely Cathleen. I was taken into the board room, which was gorgeous and on display was a selection of Disney Chamilia collections which were just breathtakingly beautiful. The NEW fine jewellery range was included in the display alongside the promotional posters for the collection.

Cathleen then went to ask the rest of the Marketing team to come and meet with me so we could have Afternoon Tea and discuss the NEW fine jewellery collection.

It was so interesting to hear about the whole process of creating these pieces from the design, working with Disney, creating catalogues, working with retailers and promoting the product. It is incredible how much hard work and organisation goes into the creation of these beautiful Disney pieces.

The team were friendly, kind and interesting and the sandwiches and cakes were delicious but above all it was lovely to see how exquisitely stunning the fine jewellery collection was. It was particularly lovely to see some of my favourite Disney characters brought to life in such a beautiful form.

On the 29th April, Chamilia will be launching NEW necklaces and earrings for the following Princesses: Cinderella (the coach necklace and slipper earrings), Belle (the bell jar necklace and climber earrings), Ariel (the Ariel and Flounder necklace and Flounder earrings), Snow White (character necklace and bird earrings) and Jasmine (character necklace and lamp earrings).

• The other new items being launched on the 29th are: Minnie Mouse necklace and Minnie Bow earrings, Mickey Mouse necklace and Mickey Glove earrings and the Alice character necklace and Cheshire Cat earrings.

I love my Chamilia charm bracelet and I love the fact that they have now ventured into a wider range of Disney jewellery. My favourite from he collection is this beautiful Enchanted Rose necklace. I love the fact that the case opens to reveal the Rose, I am looking forward to wearing this one. As I was leaving, I was presented with some gifts which I will cherish forever. I just can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve next!

Thanks for reading and pop over to my Instagram page tomorrow for a very special giveaway to WIN the Ariel and Flounder set which is super adorable. Also if you want to see all is the Disney collection available at Chamilia then you can find them Here

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨