The magic of Q festival πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Have you heard about Q festival?

Do you live in the North East?

Would you like to visit the North East?  If you answered yes or no to this question then you need to read this blog and I bet you will want to visit the North East after reading this. So…… Q Festival?

As you know I am always on the look out to make my life a little more magical, so imagine my shock when I realised that there was to be an amazing festival, full of magical opportunities taking place on my doorstep this summer. 

What is Q festival? 

This summer, on the beautiful banks of the Tyne, a stunning Speigeltent (don’t worry I didn’t know what they were either, but OMG it looks spectacular)  will play host to a number of events for adults and families  from 14th July to 6th August and they all look amazing! 

The Speigeltent will be located on Gateshead Quayside at Baltic Square and I am already super excited to organise which events we will be attending as a family or on a night out with Gareth or my lovely friends.

So whether you want to have some fun with the kids, go on a date night with your partner or organise a night out with your buds, there is literally something for everyone on at the Q festival. Whilst reading through the events list, I am thinking in my head that I want to do this, I want to do that… in fact, I pretty much want to do everything! so if you’re looking for me this summer, you’ll find me at the Speigel.

What is there for kids?

The answer to that question is absolutely loads! Obviously, one of the things I am most excited about is the Dumbo Screenage. “A fun, friendly and immersive screening of a much loved Disney classic!” I would absolutely LOVE  to see some of you guys there and spend some time with you all. Could there be any better way to watch Dumbo than in a circus themed Speigeltent where you can buy circus food? I think not and I just cant wait! Get tickets here for Dumbo.

The Dumbo screening is just one of the many children’s events taking place. There is also dance classes, yoga, Artventures, Storytelling, Board games and a Baby rave (OMG – Sooooo excited about this!) To find out full events for family see here βœ¨

Is there anything for adults?

The kids can’t have all of the fun, can they? There are also a number of very exciting events for adults over the summer at Q festival. 

There’s a Ceilidh. I would love to take my parents to this with my mam being Irish. 

There is an evening of creativity called Drink, Draw, Jammin and Paint for any of you artistic types or maybe you just want to try something new. 

There is also a number of talks covering various topics including blogging, costume design and theatre, There’s a Gin festival, Quiz , Ping Pong a Gaming event, some creative workshops and a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory screening but a psychedelic version. See full details for adults see here βœ¨

As well as all of the above, Jesterval, (the North East Comedy festival) will be running alongside Q Festival. Some of the most exciting and finest comedians working in the UK today alongside the best of our local talent will be performing at Jesterval this summer. See Full details here  βœ¨

Will there be food and drink?

Who would ask a question like that? Oops totally guilty! I mean, the first question that came to mind whilst wrting this was ” Is there a bar? and the second was “Will there be any new food to try?” and the answer to both of these is yes!!! Woopee! 

The website states that there will be two bars, one inside the Spiegeltent and nother outdoor bar in the beer garden. It then states that “some of the regions favourite street food pop-ups will be on site providing lush foodie noms across the festival,including Scream for Pizza, The Little Fishy, French Pop Up, Green Guerila, Flipin Fast, The Waffle company and more”

My mouth is watering already!

Doesn’t it all sound amazing? And this is only a snap shot of what is happening at Q festival. 

If you want to pop over and have a look at all of the events yourself you can find the website here. 

 The highlights for me are the Dumbo screeing (obvs), Willy Wonka screeing, The baby rave, the Ceilidh, Jesterval and the blogging workshop. However, I think what I am most looking forward to is seeing the beautiful Speigeltent down at the quayside for the first time. 

So whether you want to visit to become a bit of a culture vulture, have a fun family day out,  see top class comediens or just pop down for a drink with friends, Q festival has everything! 
See told you that you will want to visit the North East now!  If you do get tickets, let me know and hopefully I will see you there. To book tickets for any of the events from here  βœ¨

Keep magical and I’ll meet you at the Spiegel.

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨








Want to stay somewhere magical? Check out Canopy and Stars πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

So you know I’m always on a search to find magic in the UK, well I stumbled across this company when looking for somewhere special for Gareth and myself to spend our fifth wedding anniversary. I was blown away by the imaginative, unique and magical properties that were available on this site. It is called Canopy and Stars and it is a UK based company, however they now have hundreds of properties in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The accommodations are primarily a glamping type and most appear to be set in beautiful, tranquil countryside. 

The properties are very distinctive and unique and each of them have something wondrous to offer. Ranging from a cottage in the Woods, safari tents, treehouse and even a crane! See website here Canopy and Stars

I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you all! I still haven’t decided which one to book yet ✨

Maggies Wagon, Devon – I mean, how pretty is this? It’s like the perfect wagon for a princess and how amazing would your instagram pictures be! Love it ✨See here for more info ✨

Lost Meadow Treepod, Cornwall – this totally gives me Swiss Family Robison meets Tomorrowland feels! I love the fact that it looks so futuristic yet it is located in this beautiful natural environment ✨ See here for more info ✨

Mackies Bell Tent, Warwickshire – I love the look of these Bell tents! They remind me of Pocahontas although I’m not quite sure why?  How cute is the little dining area? ✨See here for more info ✨

The Arkette, Wiltshire – now this place just screams Lord of the Rings to me and as well as being a Disney fan, I also love Lord of the Rings! Isn’t it so cute? See here for more info ✨

Canopy and Stars crane 29, Bristol – I adore this modern take on the treehouse! The crane interior is stunning and again such a unique and magical place to stay. Plus imagine staying in the first of a kind – innovative as well as spectacular ✨see here for more details.

The Waiting Room, Northumberland ✨ I am a huge advocate for the North East and this little beauty is set in the wonderful Northumbrian countryside. Who wouldn’t want to stay in an renovated 80 year old Victorian waiting room! see here For more info ✨

Hartland pod, Geodome, Devon – now this is futuristic and looks so much fun! I didn’t even know that accommodation like this exsisted! I totally need to visit ✨See here for more info ✨

Carmen at Copper Beach glade ✨ now I’m sure that you can guess which Disney film these beauties remind me of! Esmeralda wouldn’t look out of place staying in one of these caravans. I have always admired travellers and the freedom they have to explore the world – would love to stay in one of these for the evening – See here for more details ✨

Swallow safari tent, East Lothian ✨Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I know, these safari tents totally remind me of Tarzan. What a unique way to spend your evening,glamping in one of these safari tents – see here for more details ✨


Old Mill Treehouse, Somerset – I have to admit that it was the looking for treehouse accommodation that led me to this company! They have quite as few and some look particularly magical. I mean, how wonderful to have an opportunity to sleep in a tree house. This is just one of many that they have on the site – see here for details. 

Brook House hobbit hut – you should see his CUTE this little place is? It totally reminds me of Snow White and the seven dwarfs ✨ See here for more details.

So I hope that you agree that there are some pretty magical places to be found in the UK and the Beauty is that you don’t have to do all of the searching yourself. Canopy and Stars has done all of the hard work for you. I would advise that you pop over to the website – see here to visit the site as there are so many and this is only a tiny fraction of what is available!

Thanks for reading and keep magical!

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Saying Goodbye to the Magical Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Did you ever visit the Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique? 

Sadly I received an e-mail yesterday telling me that it had closed its doors for the last time. This must have been so sad for the wonderful godmothers who worked there and brought so much magic to the lives of children and families alike. 

For those of  you who don’t know,  the Boutique was situated in Harrods in London. It shared the same floor as the Disney Cafe and the Harrods Disney Store.

We felt incredibly privileged back in February when the Disney Store invited us for the Knights experience. Well, they invited James but I think we all enjoyed it just as much as him! 

It is truly a magical experience and we were so lucky to have been allowed to do it before they closed their doors. Prior to the invitation, I actually had no idea that the Boutique actually catered for boys. I knew about it and had often hovered around outside in the hope of getting a peek inside. So I was delighted to know that I could take James there. 

We arrived at the boutique and we were a little early so they gave James a magic beeper to let him know when he was to return. Upon our return we were met by our incredibly lovely fairy godmother who stayed in character throughout the experience.

James then spoke with Merlin and had a magic wand, we wondered down those Fairytale corridors in wonder, it was far bigger than I could have imagined. Our fairy godmother explained that James was to become a knight and his outfit was being prepared by the mice ( I’m thinking Jaq and Gus Gus)

We then entered the Boutique itself and it was truly spectacular, pink everywhere and images for our favourite Disney movies scattered around. 

James was then told that his Knights outfit was ready and that he could change! I’m not going to lie, when I took him into the room and saw the outfit, I was blown away. It was gorgeous and such amazing quality. 

Then, one he put the outfit on, I shed a tear… I am so sad I know. But honestly he looked so handsome. I thought he looked like a real prince from a film. 

After he had the outfit on there was still loads to come. He then had his hair styles and given his own dragon ( face painted) to name. James loved it and so did we. I had a little explore at this point as I was truly blown away by the magic of the place. Each little are was inspired by a different princess which was a lovely touch. 

I loved all of these little touches. I was thinking about which Princess I would had liked to be and I would have to go with Belle. There was a little girl having the princess experience whilst we were there and she looks adorable, I didn’t think asking for a photo would have been appropriate. 

So once James transformation was complete, he went through to a different area to be knighted. He was given a certificate and every day Knights tee to take home and well and commemorative photograph. 

The Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique at Harrods was a true piece of Disney magic in the heart of London. A place that people could visit to have a little sprinkle of fairy dust without having to visits the parks. The Godmothers were professional and wonderful in their roles and the UK is going to miss this little corner of enchantment. It would be amazing if Disney could open something like this again in the UK as it would definitely be something that we, as a family would visit in a heartbeat. When we visit Disneyland Paris later this year, Knight James shall be wearing all of  his regalia with pride and remembering the fun we had with you all that day. 

You will be missed, Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique – you were truely magical!

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

When you lose sight of what is important πŸ’«πŸŒŸβœ¨

Some of you may have seen my post yesterday about feeling a little down in the dumps. It wasn’t just one particular issue that was making me feel that way but a combination of things that were eating away at me. 

So I have made a decision. 

I started Disneyfind as a hobby, I started Disneyfind because I love Disney and I felt that there was a need to share Disney products with other Disney fans because at that moment in time, there was nothing like that available. 

I have watched it grow, in wonder and awe sometimes. I have watched it grow from the few hundred followers that I had at the start to the just shy of 150k followers that I have now and do you know what I am really proud of my achievements! And no I didn’t buy any followers, a question I have also been asked.

I didn’t set out to gain so many followers and I didn’t set out to make money from it. However as time passed, I have thought that perhaps I could make a living from it. I thought it would be perfect as it would allow me to spend time with my family and also do something that I love. However, what scared me the most about this is perhaps it would change how I felt about it. 

I have come across some people who suggest that I  must get paid a fortune from what I do! I don’t… I have made a little money and I have been sent some wonderful gifts but not even enough to pay for the amount to Disney products I buy myself. 

I don’t think that some people understand why I do disneyfind. Especially close friends and family! They often say “but you are getting paid for that?” and I say no and they just can’t get their head sound that. I tried to explain to people that “it doesn’t work like that!” But I don’t know how it works? Does anyone? I honestly wish I could sit down with someone who could explain to me exactly how it all works! But who do you ask? How do you know what to do to make a living from social media? If anyone reads this and can actually give me good, honest advise, I would be so grateful! 

Then sometimes you see other people and compare yourself to them. That’s natural too and sometimes a very good thing as it can spur you on to be better. I often look at other accounts and think why are companies working with them and not working with me, what am I doing wrong? 

I don’t think I am actually doing anything wrong.

Disneyfind is my passion, I love Disney and I adore finding new products to share with everyone and see the joy that it brings others.

But because of these thoughts and comments from others, I almost ( and I mean almost) believed it myself! I started to get a little bitter about what I was posting  and thinking that I am making these companies a fortune and getting nothing in return. In some cases this is probably very true! 

So I started to thinking that I should start making changes and in turn putting loads of pressure on myself. And it started to get me down a little. 

Will that make me stop?

It nearly did but then I had a revelation and some very sound advice from my eternally supportive husband.

 Do it because you love it! 

That’s what he said and do you know what? That’s precisely what I will do. If it is going to happen, then it will happen but why should I turn something I really love into a negative enterprise. What I have been doing over the past few years has worked so far.  I have an army of fantastic followers, I have made some lovely friends. The thing that makes me the most happy is how kind and genuine you all are towards me. When you send me lovely message or tell me you have enjoyed something I have posted, it makes me feel so happy!  I have bought and been given lots of beautiful Disney products. 

This may seem like a really self indulgent blog, but please don’t take it that way! I just wanted to share with you all exactly how I have been feeling because I really felt a little lost. So when I post, blog or vlog please remember that I am doing it because I love it and for no other reason. 

Keep magical and thank you for being great. 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Magical ideas for Fathers Day πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

So we have just been sitting in the car and James asked when is Mothers Day. I asked him why and he said so I can get mammy some flowers… bless him – he is just so sweet. 

Then Gareth chipped in reminding us all that it is Fathers Day very shortly! Well obviously I hadn’t forgotten about it. Fathers Day is only two weeks away on Sunday 18th June. 

I noticed whilst I’ve been disney finding in town recently that there are quite a few good offers available on stuff that you could potentially buy for Father’s Day gifts. Now, before any of you accuse me to being stereotypical. Gareth loves Star Wars and Marvel and this is mainly what is available for men at the moment. Although Topman, ASOS and HM have quite a lot of Mickey and friends merchandise, which is great to see. 

So here are just a few ideas of little gifts that you might want to buy for Father’s Day. I also wanted to add that I couldn’t buy any of this stuff for my dad as he just isn’t into it! However, Clintons have a wide range of other Father’s Day goodies which might be more suitable for some. Find all of the range here Clintons✨


Clintons have a half price sale of most of their Star Wars range! I picked up a couple of bits for Gareth from here but I won’t say which bits as I am sure he is an avid reader of these blogs ( I blinking hope so anyways!) and I don’t want to spoil it for him…. 

Jedi Poncho Β£2 – perfect for a trip to a theme park or an upcoming trip to Disney let’s say! 

BB8 mug Β£4

Star Wars journal – Β£3.50 

HULk apron – Β£4 ( I think) 

Dearth Vadar magnet 99p 

These other pieces are also from Clintons but they were not reduced.

HMV – i was actually quite surprised by how much memorabilia HMV has in store now. I don’t know about you guys but it is one of my most favourite stores! There’s something retro about it and it has always been my go to place for DVD’s and CD’s. We are quite lucky that we managed to keep our HMV in Newcastle when a number of them closed down. 

They have loads of fun little gifts that would be perfect for Father’s Day! I actually bought Gareth the Yoda door mat for his birthday this year. I really like the Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape one though – it’s really cool 😎 find the full range here HMV

Star Wars DVD’s – range of prices

Star Wars book Β£9.99 

Carrie Fisher book -see below 

Guardians of the Galaxy door mat – Β£14.99

Where’s Wookie book Β£2.99 


I have to admit, I have been a little disappointed with the character men’s wear at Primark of late. They used to do fab Disney tee’s like toy story and Mickey but they only really stock Marvel and Star Wars now. 

However on the positive side, the tee’s that I came across were lovely and would be a perfect gift for Father’s Day 

Star Wars socks Β£6

Darth Vadar tee Β£6

Star Wars tee Β£6

Marvel socks Β£6

Marvel tee Β£6 

Disney Store 

I actually remember when this Star Wars MXYZ range arrived in the Disney Store. I recall that I thought it was just the most adorable art. Lots of pieces from this collection are reduced at the moment and I couldn’t help but pick the notebook up for myself. Find the full range here Disney Store βœ¨

Star Wars notebook Β£3.49 

I pad case Β£4.49

Star Wars ear phones Β£9.99

I phone cover Β£6.99 

So, I hope this may have helped some of you a little. You might even want some of these things for yourself. I also just wanted to share the fab UP range from Clintons which is for granddads. I think this whole range is super cute and I bought the mug for my dad. 

Thanks so much for popping over and taking the time to read this!

Have a magical Father’s Day πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Love Roisin ✨

My most magical handmade pieces πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Do you buy handmade gifts online? 

There are so many wonderfully, talented people that I have only found out about from doing Disneyfind. They make and sell the most amazing handmade gifts and I have to admit that sometimes I prefer handmade pieces to store buys. I feel like they are made lovingly by people so they always seem that little more special. I also think that it is very important to support these small businesses as many people work so hard to make a living from selling their marvellous handmade goods.

In this blog I hope to share with you some of my favourite handmade pieces that I have either bought or been gifted over the past few years. I have made so many lovely friends who make or craft their own products and I just wanted to share with you a few of my favourites. (I am sorry if I haven’t posted all of my favourite stores only this blog would be way too long! So I am planning to do a follow up post in the next few weeks.)

Most of these pieces are from the sellers personal account and some are from Etsy. 

I only actually found out about Etsy when I started this page and some of my friends had never heard of it when I mentioned it to them. For those of you who have never heard of it, Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell original, antique and handmade pieces – see here Etsy.  It’s fabulous for personalised or unique gifts for yourself or for a loved one. 

 I will put a link in to their instagram page and you can usually access the store via their bio. 

Hope you enjoy and any questions please feel free to message me via instagram. 

How FAB are these? The lovely NELLIBUB sent me these lovely paper name signs for my three children! They are wonderful and so perfect for brightening up their bedrooms. They do custom made designs so you can request any character that you like. They recently made the cutest little Moana sign. 

Isn’t this just perfect? Such a beautiful keepsake for Joseph to have and I can’t believe that they even put his weight and time of birth on it. The lovely Handmade by Kirsty sent this to me as a surprise when Joseph was born and I will treasure this gift forever! They have some lovely Father’s Day gifts on there at the moment ✨

I LOVE this top! It was sent to me by the and I think it may be my new favourite tee! You all know how much I LOVE Moana so it is so lovely to have something Moana related in my wardrobe. They also do very cute baseball tops with other Disney characters! Perfect ✨

This is brilliant isn’t it? I thought this would be perfect for Gareth to take to work, he refused though! It is from Tea Definitely one of my favourite mugs! ✨

Oh you pretty things Is a fab company! They do these lovely surprise boxes based on a particular theme or a mix of various Disney bits! My favourite piece in the box is always the original art work by Lauren. I actually have her Castle print up on my bedroom wall! 

This is such a simple little piece but by far one of my most favourite! It is from Magic by Mimi which is run by the lovely Claudia who has been incredibly kind to me over the years. I also bought my little Alice in Wonderland fairy door from her too! She makes wooden Disney signs and they are all original! Go and check her out ✨ 

I know right? This cushion is the best! I was sent this gorgeous couples cushion a few years ago and it is most definitely one of my favourite Disney pieces! I love that it has mine and Gareth’s names on it and it’s just nice to have a little Disney magic on our bed! Love it! You can find it here at Bebela Store. They also sent me a wonderful personalised Dumbo cushion when Jospeh was born. 

Isn’t this Beauty and the Beast bunting FAB? Belle from Closet Geek online sent me this and I loved having this bunting up when Beauty and the Beast was released. Belle makes some wonderful pieces but her children’s clothes are wonderful! If I had a little girl I would be buying so many of the character dresses from her! ✨ 

Quite possibly my most favourite handmade gift is from the incredibly talented Enchanted Rose.  She makes the most lovely Disney inspired brooches with characters such as Marie from Aristocats, Rufus from the Rescuers, Cheshire Cat and the Genie! They are handmade and simply beautiful! Go and check them out ✨ 

How lovely is this? If you follow me on instagram then you might know I joined slimming world recently. I started well losing a stone but haven’t been sticking to it lately! The lovely Pamela from Sparkle Hearts makes some lovely Disney inspired pieces. I also have some of her gorgeous wine glasses ✨

This gorgeous light box was sent to me by the lovely Vikki from VLT designs! Vickie makes such gorgeous Disney light boxes with a range of characters. ✨

Finally, one of my most favourite things! The lovely Leeann made me this gorgeous wooden name sign made up with my favourite Disney characters. Leeann does custom orders! Go and check her out here Little moments by Leeann βœ¨

I hope you enjoyed this blog 

Keep magical 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Top tips for adding Disney magic to any break away πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Ok, so total honesty from me here! I love holidays and breaks away but I am always thinking “ahh wouldn’t it be nice to be at Disney!” So although those thoughts might creep into my mind, I would never allow it to ruin my holiday. So what I tend to do is add a little magic in my own way and here’s  my top tips on how to add a little magic to any holiday πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨ 

TIP ONE – Use Disney luggage 

So whether you are staying in a five star hotel or camping to your heart content in the countryside, my first tip is to pack your bikinis, hats, knickers or thermals in some Disney luggage! And let me tell you… it doesn’t have to be expensive to buy either. I picked up this Stitch bag from a market in Manchester for only Β£20 and I have also seen them on eBay for about the same price! My Mickey backpack is Primark, Woody Vans bag and my lovely Mrs Potts bag created by Enchanted Rose 

Gareth did comment that I may have brought too many bags but I thought… no way! You never know when they might come in handy ✨

TIP TWO – Listen to some Disney music ✨

We all know that a rendition of “you’ve got a friend in me” or a family singalong to just a “spoonful of sugar” would brighten up anyone’s day so always, and I mean always have some access to Disney tunes. Whether it be on your smart phone, in your car or on Disney life UK! This tip is a must! You definitely don’t want to be missing out on your husband belting out “Let it Go” ✨

TIP THREE – associate everything and anything with Disney! 

(These are actual quotes from last week – all made by me! ) 

“Center Parcs reminds me so much of Pete’s Dragon”

“These beaches just reminds me so much of the little mermaid”

“Total Alice in Wonderland vibes!” 

“Couldn’t you just totally imagine Louis ( from Princess and a frog) popping up here?”

“Ah my god, that girl looks so much like Pocahontas” 

Am I the only one that does this? Surely not? I just can’t help it and I don’t know if it’s just because I am constantly thinking about Disney or it just comes out. But I do this all of the time, it’s not only reserved for holidays! 

TIP FOUR – Dress your mother, dog, cat, child and obviously yourself in Disney clothes at all times! 

This is one of my favourite tips by far. I dressed both me and the boys in Disney every day and I loved it! Gareth wouldn’t play along… what a cheek! So whether you are Disneybounding or indulge in a pair of cheeky Disney socks… dressing in some form of Disney makes you feel good ✨

TIP FIVE – hone in on the only Disney items in the whole town and convince yourself ( and your partner) that you REALLY need them ✨

This just happened naturally, I didn’t even need to look, they just appeared before my eyes and then I totally convinced myself that I needed them all, well the Pooh beat stationary in particular. 

TIP SIX – take a Disney mug with you! Is this one too controversial? A step too far perhaps? I know some people couldn’t imagine taking a mug in case it broke but I just love drinking from Disney mugs that I had to bring it! ✨

TIP SEVEN – Bring Minnie Ears 

This is an essential really? I mean even if you don’t bother with all the above – just bring your Minnie ears. What better way to instantly feel connected to Disney than to be wearing it with pride on your head! Plus they come in so handy for makeup application! 

TIP EIGHT – Be happy and enjoy every moment! 

So what? Your not in Disney, it really isn’t the end of the world. Life is about creating your own magic and spending time with the people you love and making special memories… so this is the most important tip I have for you all. Have fun, laugh, embrace NEW experiences and opportunities because live is for living and there is so much beauty for our eyes to see in this world! ( but do all this wearing Minnie ears obviously!) 🐭

Keep the magic alive guys… 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Harry Potter at Primark πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

There’s something pretty magical about Wizards, spells and mystical creatures? Harry Potter has all of the ingredients to add a little magic into anyone’s life! 

So, to start this blog I just want to say that I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world. I think that the books and films are amazing but I don’t have as much passion or knowledge for it as I do for Disney! 
However, I could see how EXCITED many of you were when I posted the image of the signs and the cushion and I thought that this may be a good place to let you know about other Harry Potter merchandise available in Primark because it is all pretty amazing ✨ 

So I’ll start with the homeware range and then show you what fashion there is for ladies and men. I was a little shocked to see that I couldn’t find anything for kids. I may have missed it though so it might be worth checking for yourselves. 

The cushion and sign are pretty amazing! The sign costs Β£5 and the cushion is Β£6 and is also reversible – it has Marauder’s map on the other side. 

Love the set of 3 tea towels for Β£5 

The bedding sets are again reversible, I only spotted single Β£13 and Double Β£18. I didn’t spot this in King Size but you would need to check in store if you would like to find out. 

They also had this cute Wizards Welcome sign for only Β£2. 

I think this has been in a while but the Harry Potter throw for Β£6 was still available in store today!

This hoodie was the only Harry Potter related merchandise that I spotted in the men’s department. It was Β£10 but I really like this and it is totally unisex so it could be worn by anyone. 
There are sooooo many Harry tees and tops in Primark. This is most of them but not all. 

I liked this one the best ✨

I can’t actually believe how much choice is available in the Harry Potter range at Primark! 

I really like these House tees and Gryffindor and Slytherin come with detailing on the back – see below ✨

Which team are you on? All tees and tops were either £6 or £8 ✨

They also had these cute shorts for Β£4

Finally I only spotted one pair of Harry Potter pyjamas although I know in the past I have seen a lot more. Here are the pair that they had in store today? 

I really hope you enjoyed this and if this is something that you would like for me to do more regularly then please send me a message, comment on the blog or on my page. I would really appreciate some feedback. 

Thank you so much…. 

Keep magical

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Top Ten favourite mugs in my collection ο»ΏπŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

I know that so many of you will relate to this but please, how DIFFICULT is it to resist a Disney mug? They are just so gorgeous and so useful! Especially if, like me you love tea and coffee? My mug addiction actually started fairly recently unlike my snowglobe collection ( which started 20 + years ago and is still going strong!) 

I actually think that Aoife may be to blame for this as she started to buy them for me for birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day! Now, I just can’t restrain myself… Gareth has actually told me I can’t buy any more mugs but I know I will! In fact I have a list of about six that I really, really want… ( sorry Gareth) 

There isn’t really any particular theme to my collection. I pretty much just buy the mugs that I like and I use all of them! I know some people think I am crazy for this… 

I do have favourites though and I thought it might be nice to share the Top Ten mugs from my collection with you all. 


I bought this mug in the sale at Disney Store a few years ago and it is my favourite shaped mug. Jessie was Aoife’s favourite character when she was a little girl so I think that is part of the reason that I lobe it so much ✨


This is actually Aoife’s mug and Sulley is her all time favourite character. It reminds me of Aoife and the countless times I have made Hot Chocolate for her in it! I think this style is perfect for Hot Chocolate.


If you follow me on instagram I think you may already know just how much I LOVE Moana and I think that this mug is just gorgeous with Maui’s hook on it. 


I adore this mug and what I like most about it is different versions of Belle by various artist. It’s always nice to see different interpretations of Disney characters, especially when it is Belle! I wouldn’t tend to use this one as much to drink out of for to the shape but it is definitely one of my most visually beautiful mugs. 


Well, we have all seen pictures of this little guy! My gosh, what a commotion he has caused…. I know I have seen differing opinions of this Chip mug but personally, I think he is adorable. I think that Primark have really captured the cheeky personality that I would associate with Chip! I just hope that everyone manages to get their hands on one! 


I have not hid my love for Moana from you all! I love the merchandise, soundtrack and the film obviously. I actually bought more merchandise from Moana then I did for any other recent Disney film. This mug is perfect! I love that it has Mona on one side but also Pua and Hei Hei on the other. Again, this is a great shaped mug for me to use. I drink out of this mug almost every day… random fact for you! πŸ˜†


My Top 5 mugs were so hard to rank to be honest and at one point this was definitely my number one! This Cinderella mug was released in 2014 for the Live Action movie and it is so pretty! I really liked the merchandise for Cinderella…I actually wish I had bought some more pieces from it. 


Another Chip mug and this time it is the official Disney Store one. My lovely brother and sister in law brought this back from Walt Disney World for me a couple of year ago and he is a firm favourite in my collection. I am glad that you can now buy him in the UK as I know how frustrating it can be when you desperately want something but it is only available at the parks! 


Some people may be shocked by my number 2 choices! These are the most versatile mugs ever and I never drink out of them! I use these for soup, cereal, fruit salad, pasta, pretty much anything as they are huge. They came as a collection of four but I only managed to pick up two from that collection. I love that they have multiple characters on them! If Disney Stofe make any other this size I would be picking them up. 


My favourite mug is this one! My beautiful Red rose mug from the Art of Belle collection. I love the colours and the simplicity of it and it is my absolute favourite to drink coffee out of. I would love a collection for each princess in this style! 

So I hope you enjoyed my TOP TEN mug collection? Thanks so much for reading and keep drinking from the most magical mugs ever! 

Love Roisin πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

Magical Mondays at Primark πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨Β 

So each Monday I hope to share with you all of the most magical finds in Primark this week! It is actually pouring with rain today and we are off to Centre Parcs for the week.We are really looking forward it though as Gareth hasn’t had a break for over a year! So it will be nice to spend some quality time together. Aoife isn’t coming this time as her final piece for college is due in on Friday and she said that Centre Parcs really isn’t her scene. Too cool for school that girl! 

So back to the task at hand… here are my top 10 magical pieces in Primark today πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨

MENS Guardian of the Galaxy top Β£6 

It was actually really nice to look around the men’s department and actually find something for you guys! I feel like there has been a really lack of nice Disney/ Marvel clothes in menswear over the past year. I really like the colours on this and they also had a few Guardians pieces in store ✨

TINKERBELL Slipper socks Β£2.50 

I think that these are very pretty and they also have a little Pom Pom on the back heel. I like this style as they are cosy just to wear around the house instead of slippers ✨

Thumper summer hat for baby girl Β£3 

How pretty is this? There is a lot of Minnie Mouse merchandise for baby girls in store at the moment so it was really nice to see something a little different and how could you not love Thumper πŸ’—

PRINCESS pink sweater Β£10 

I spotted this gorgeous pink sweater as I was leaving Primark today and I just love it! It’s a very vivid pink but I also like the style with the detailing on the back. I will definitely be buying this sweater 

Boys Lightening McQueen set Β£8

I thought this little Lightening McQueen outfit was so cute. It remind me of a basketball style outfit and the quality was really good! Perfect for summer and the release of Cars 3❀️

Guardians of the Galaxy socks set £7✨

Intergalactic bum bag and back pack Β£5

The galactic style on this backpack and bum bag is lovely! It also reminds me of a very dreamlike pattern. LOVE these and the bumbag would be perfect for any festival goers πŸ’— 

URSULA tote bag Β£3 

This tote bag has been around for a few weeks but Ursula is very popular so I am sure she will snapped up in the next few weeks! πŸ’— 

Little Mermaid bedding set 

I think we have all been expecting this one, haven’t we? After the cushion, the hanging sign and the throw… we guessed what would be coming next. I love this and I think it is amazing that Primark have been releasing such gorgeous homeware over the past few months! Please do it in king size! Pic credit to the lovely Gregory Gaige! 

So, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog? If you did and would like to see more then like, comment or share it! Thank you for being amazing and keep magical πŸŒŸπŸ’«βœ¨