Q and A – what would you like to know about me? 🌟💫✨

Hey guys – I hope that you at all having a lovely Sunday? It’s really sunny here in Newcastle today which we really weren’t expecting so that was a nice surprise. I thought that for today’s blog I would give you guys the opportunity to ask me a few questions. 

I thought that this would be easy but I actually found it very hard. I think that my opinions and I interests change all of the time so it was hard to answer some of the questions. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a question! They are fab! ✨

  1. Who would my dream character meet be? This is a really easy one for me as I have longed to meet this person for a long time. It would be the Beast, so hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World and this could happen. 
  2. Which is my favourite Disney film? Ahhh this is actually a hard question as it has changed over the years. But I will answer what my favourite Disney film is right now and I am going to have to be totally honest and say it’s Moana. I don’t know why but Moana just really struck a chord with me. I just love the film and the soundtrack is outstanding! So right at this moment, Moana is my favourite Disney film. 
  3. What is your favourite Pixar movie?  It would have to be Toy Story 1. I think it is such a fantastic, ageless film that is so much fun and so many people can relate to! 
  4. Which is your favourite Disney Princess?  Belle! I think she is such a wonderful role model to young girls. I think that Emma Watson did a fantastic job in her portrayal at Belle! I also love Beauty and the Beast so much too and I would watch it over and over again. 
  5. Most relatable Disney character and why? Wow, what a tough question! I think I would have to say Mrs Potts. I have been a mam since I was 18 years old ( I was very young) and I get so much joy from being a parent. I also generally have a very caring nature and I have worked as a head of year in a high school since I was 23 so I have spent most of my life looking after and helping people. I think that Mrs Potts seems to always be looking out for and caring for people so yeah – I think she is the character that I most relate to. 
  6. What Disney Princess do you think we need next? I would really like to see Disney do a movie based on a modern day princess. It would be interesting to see how they would do that! Or an African princess would be amazing too ✨
  7. Do you like Fantasia? I do like Fantasia – it’s actually been a couple of years since I saw it. I think it is a very different sort of Disney film – very artistic ✨
  8. Where is a good place to buy Beauty and the Beast inspired clothes? I would recommend Emp Official  – See here – They have some fab Beauty and the Beast pieces. 
  9. Was there a part in a Disney film that scared you as a child? One of my earliest memories was watching Bambi in a neighbours house when I was a little girl. I broke my heart when Bambi’s mother dies! It was the first time I ever saw the film and I just remember crying for a long time and not wanting to watch Bambi again… obviously I have since then… 
  10. Whats your favourite Disney mug? You will have to wait till Tuesday for this as I have my Top 10 mugs ready to go live then… sorry 😐 
  11. What is your least favourite Disney song and film? This is really tough because honestly I am so easily pleased! I always try and see the best in everything, although I am sure that some of you may think that I am just saying that. However, if you ask my closest friends and family then they would tell you that I like everything! So I would say that there is not one film I don’t like.. 
  12. Which Disney character would I like to voice if I had the opportunity? Is there any Geordie characters?… just kidding! I would like to voice someone like a friend of one of the Princesses like if Cinderella or Belle had a human best friend with a Geordie accent Yeah, I would like to be her ✨
  13. Who is my favourite Disney sidekick? Again, another toughie! Wow… the thing I love most about sidekicks in general is they are so damn funny. They give the film the comedy moments that are so important in Disney films which at times can be quite intense. My favourite ever would have to be Gus Gus! And honestly, I don’t know why other that he is so cute and lovely ✨
  14. Which Disney interest would you choose? Eugene Fitzherbert! Aka – Flynn Rider! I find his incredibly funny and I find his character so endearing. 
  15. If you could jump into the world of Disney which film would it be and why? Again, sooooo hard! I think I would say Peter Pan. I love the idea of Neverland and never growing up. Also, there is just so much magic in Peter Pan with the fairies, mermaids, pirates, it has a bit of everything ✨
  16. What is your best bargain find? I would say that it would have to be my Beauty and the Beast snowglobe which we picked up for £40 on e bay ✨
  17. What’s your favourite store for Disney find other than Disney Store? Primark, great products, reasonable prices and the best part is that NEW stock is added every day! 100% my fave ✨
  18. What kickstarted your love of Disney and how did you get your man on it? Ha ha – good question, first of, Gareth needs no encouragement as he loves it just as much as me! So luckily I married a kindered spirit. Now for my love of Disney:- I love Disney because of my Auntie and Uncle, they took me to Disneyland Paris when I was eleven years old in the year that it opened. I will forever be grateful that they opened my eyes to the Magic that Disney can bring✨
  19. What is your most treasured Disney memory? This answer is related to the above question. I will never forget the first time I visited Disneyland Paris with my auntie Janice, Uncle Charles and my cousins Chris and Barry. We went for a week and stayed on Davy Crocket campsite! Me and Chris wore a Donald hat each and we had the most amazing time ever. I remember seeing the parade and thinking it was the most magical experience on earth. I lost my aunt this year and my cousin a few years ago so this memory is more than special to me! It is what keeps them close to me all of the time. 
  20. Who is your favourite Disney villain and why? All villains have a certain vulnerability that I find endearing but I think that Scar would have to be my favourite! He actually reminds me of my brother with his scarsm and quick witted responses so yeah it would be Scar! 
  21. When you started this account did you do it just for fun? Yes, 100% – I had no idea just how popular it would become. It has been a total shock to me and everyone else! I started it because I wanted to share my love for Disney and then it just escalated… 
  22. Who is the most underrated Princess? In my eyes it is Esmeralda / she is gorgeous and such a strong woman who I feel should be celebrated more! I love Huncback of Notre Damn and I wish they would bring some merchandise out for this. 
  23. Who is your favourite Disney character and why? Mrs Potts and I honestly can’t pin point exactly why but she is my absolute fave! 
  24. Which are your favourite Minnie ears? This is my favourite pair and it is for a sentimental reason! My auntie bought them for my hen party and sadly she passed away this year. 
  25. Have you been to all of the Disney parks? No, I have only ever visited Disneyland Paris.
  26. What is your favourite Disney Primark buy? My Mickey Mouse backpack! I would be lost without it as I take it everywhere
  27. What is your favourite Disney Clintons piece? My Mickey and Minnie couples glasses that I have a cheeky JD and coke in  on a Saturday night! Love them 
  28. Do you think Beauty and the Beast will win many Oscars next year? Yes, I believe it will! I thought that the Live Action version was outstanding and I have seen it three times and every time I enjoy it even more. I can’t wait to get it on DVD in June. 
  29. What do you think has been the key to your success? I think there have been a few factors as to why my page has been so successful. Firstly, I was one of the first Disney merchandise pages. In fact, I had no idea that anyone else was doing something like this, so I think people followed as it was a novelty. Also, I am very particular about what I which images I use on the page which I think helps. I also work really hard on it, so I try and get merchandise as soon as it appears either on line or in store so that people know that they will find out about it straight away! 
  30. How did you come up with the idea to create Disneyfind? When I was on maternity leave with James. I was looking for baby Disney stuff but it was really hard to find so I thought about creating a page to share didn’t things I had found! I actually wanted to call it Disney finder but that name was already taken. I am so glad that it’s now called disneyfind! 
  31. How many Disney items do you have? Far too many to count!! x 

Phew! That was very tough… I hope you enjoyed it though! Have a magical Monday…

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

Must have MERMAID essentials this summer 🌟💫✨

So, seen as the sun is shining today, James is playing in the paddling pool and Jospeh put his toes on grass for the first time, I started thinking about summer and thought I would do a little round up of Mermaid summer essentials. ( I wrote this on Thursday and it is raining today but still…) 

We all love mermaids! And why wouldn’t we? They are such magical, mythical creatures who are always portrayed with such beauty. I always associate them with such vibrate, shimmering colours as well and they just remind me of fun for some reason. 

There are mermaids everywhere at the moment and I for one love it! Why shouldn’t we embrace mythical creatures like mermaids, unicorns and fairies? The real world can be a scary place at times and I think that this kind of merchandise can make us feel happy and bring such joy and it’s great that you don’t have to be 6 years old to buy merchandise that reflects our love for such things. 

When I think of mermaids, I have to admit that a certain red headed princess instantly springs to mind! She is the official mascot for all mermaids everywhere in my eyes and I know she is very popular with you all too! 

So let’s get started, just click on the image to buy 🌟💫✨

These Fab Mermaid sliders are £20 from ASOS and wouldn’t be a perfect holiday essential for when you lovely mermaids feel like using your legs ✨

These pretty mermaid socks only £3.50 from Top Shop – love the pastel colours and I believe there is also a shimmer to them too! 

This jacket is totally amazing. I could totally imagine wearing this at a festival back in the day! It is £45 from ASOS ✨

Mermaid silhouette cushion is £4 and from Primark. I have actually bought this and absolutely love it! It’s the perfect size to pop on a bed just to add a little magic ✨

Add a little mermaid glow to your fave with this pretty powder which is only £5.99 from ASOS ✨

These mermaid tassel dresses would add from Boo Hoo and only £15 – a perfect pool cover up for the summer or even hanging out in the garden! It comes in black and white ✨

Cute shell pocket mirror which is only £1 from Primark – perfect to slip into your handbag and make sure you are looking like a magical mermaid all day and night ✨

I love this tee from River Island and it would be perfect to wear with a pair of jeans or shorts -£20 from River Island ✨

You an even swim like a mermaid in this fabulous mermaid tail float from New Look for £27.99 ✨

There a fab company called Mermpola – find them here and they sell all under the sea related goodies! My favourite is this unisex tentical tee for £34.99 but check them out thei have lots of fab buys ✨

Every Mermaid needs to keep her hair perfect and this brush is perfect for that job! Only £5.99 from New Look✨ 

Mermaid style purse from Top Shop for £28 

This Ariel sequinned top from Primark is lovely and I think will be very popular! The sequins change from silver to green – it costs £6 ✨

And finally no mermaid essentials list  would be complete without adding a trusty sidekick! Pick up your own little Guppy for only £7.99 at Disney Store✨ 
I hope this makes your hunt for mermaid goodies a little easier! If you enjoyed this blog then please share! Have a magical Summer ✨ 

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

FRIDAY faves at Disney Store 🌟💫✨

I was hoping to get this blog posted at about 10 this morning but life had other plans! I have just managed to sneak downstairs after spending an hour singing to Jospeh in an attempt to get him to sleep! I’ve sang Part of that world, Tale as old as time,  Under the sea and Beautiful boy by John Lennon at least twenty times, he finally caved… and bare in mind this was with James on the other side of me requesting these songs… ahhhh!!! (Gareth is out tonight so it’s not normally this difficult! 

Anyhoo…. back to the reason for the post! 

Do you have a wish list at the Disney Store? I do and I seem to add to it every week as there is always such lovely merchandise appearing all of the time. So what I thought I would do is share with you my favourites every Friday. 

I also thought it might be a good place to share NEW collections in more detail and give my thoughts and opinions on them. I sometimes feel like it’s hard to express my opinions on instagram as I would rather that people make their own decisions about products where as it is quite nice for me to have a space to do this now. 

So here is my first Friday faves✨ click on image to see online 

EMILE plush £8.99

Is he not adorable? I think Ratatouille is a fabulous film and it’s actually one of James favourites too! Emile is my favourite character in it too so I would just love this little cutie, also Ratatouille reminds me so much of Disneyland Paris so I might wait till I go there to get him✨

BE OUR GUEST dinner set for four – £209.99

I can barely look at these sometimes, I want them so badly! ( embarrassingly so true!) I saw these on instagram before they arrived on the UK site and I thought they were wonderful. And we REALLY NEED NEW PLATES ( Gareth this is for you in case you read this!) they are quite expensive but they would last forever so please they can be a joint birthday and Christmas gift 😉✨

MXYZ Cheshire Cat stationary set £9.99

This little stationary set is Super cute. You actually get quite a lot inside it to plus I love that it comes in this case so it keeps everything all in one place as I am forever losing stuff! In fact I really like a lot of of the MXYZ Cheshire Cat range but this is the piece I would like the most! ✨ 

Winnie the Pooh romper suit 

The little girls outfits at Disney Store are gorgeous and there is also a lot of choice. I particularly like the girls Winnie the Pooh collection – lots of pretty dresses and other little suits. Go and take a peek if you haven’t seen it already – See here

Pirates of the Caribbean compact mirror – £9.99 

I am loving all of the NEW Pirates merchandise at Disney Store at the moment but this is the piece I am after! I love that they have introduced a few of these compact mirrors – I have the Cinderella one and I think that these mirrors may be something I would like to collect in the future✨

Mary Poppins PLUSH -£18.95 

Isn’t she lovely!?  My plush collection is growing but I would love to add Mary to it! I can’t wait to see the next Mary Poppins movie and I especially can’t wait to the merchandise – it’s so exciting ✨

Star Wars backpack 

I really like this Star Wars backpack, I think the design is great and it really stood out when I was in store. I am really looking forward to watching Star Wars with James as I think he will love it but Gareth thinks he is a little too young at the moment ✨ 

Dancing baby Groot 

I fell in love with this dancing baby Groot when I spotted him in store and I love the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy! I don’t know what it is about this little guys eyes but anyway… I really wanted to bring him home! I haven’t seen Vol 2 yet but hoping to very soon✨

Disney Store 30th Anniversary snowglobe 

Did you know that snowglobes are my favourite? I am sure that most of you will know that I collect them! I have space on my shelves for four more and I am so tempted by this! I love that it has so many of the characters but more importantly I love that it celebrates 30 years of my favourite ever Store! ✨

Mary Poppins mug £12.99
And finally, the mug of the moment! How could I not add this Beauty to my wish list! I will be getting this mug in fact… I have just ordered it… it’s just so pretty ✨

So thank you so much if you have taken the time to read this! Please let me know if you have enjoyed it by leaving a comment on my instagram. 

Now, I am going to have a bath and chill as I have not stopped since 6 this morning! Hoping you all have a magical weekend… 

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

Attending a MAGICAL beauty event at Urban Decay 🌟💫✨

I know what you are thinking? Why am I attending a beauty event? Do you know that is exactly what I thought when I was invited by the lovely Laura at Ellefluence. And can I just say that I have had such a great night.

Tonight I attended the launch for the NEW Jean Michael Basquiat range at Urban Decay in Newcastle with my GORGEOUS Disney friend Sarah Louise Porter and I had the best time ever! 

I am not a makeup girl by any means… I can barely put mascara on properly and I could count on one hand the number of times that I have had my make up done  properly ( by a make up artist) but tonight I really felt inspired! 

Makeup can make you feel fabulous and do so much for your confidence. I wear the basics, foundation, powder and mascara but that’s about as far as it goes… but tonight I was SOOO impressed by the makeup artists at Urban Decay! They were inspiring and completely made me think about what I could potentially try in the future. Before I attended event I wondered how I could relate it to my page but I totally could! The make up was colourful, magical and made me feel happy, just like Disney plus there were sprinkles of fairy dust everywhere! 
Also there was total MERMAID vibes from the make up artist, in particular the lovely Kelly Louise Pink ( see below) and I just fell in love with how much her lips reminded me of my favourite mythical creature ​

​The Jean Michael Basquiat range is lovely and incredibly arty! The event was lovely and it was great to hear the story behind the artist and the isnpiration for the range, I found it really interesting. You could tell just how passionate the makeup artists are about their products and I loved how flamboyant and colourful their own make up was. I found it really interesting plus the purple cocktails were very lovely! Also each of the pieces are inspired by his art and they have Wall hangings on the back to the make up so you can have your own piece of his art!!

I had to leave in a rush so never had the opportunity to purchase anything tonight but popping over in the morning to buy some pieces from the collection which I will share on my instagram page! 

So I thoroughly enjoyed my first Beauty event and it just goes to prove that you can find magic anywhere! You can find the collection here Urban Decay

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

NEW Disney unisex baby range from Matalan 🐭 

He looks so bloody cute, Doesn’t he? ( I know i’m incredibly biased and have no shame!)   Matalan  very kindly sent me some pieces from the NEW unisex baby range and I just wanted to share some of it with you all. 

I love the Disney baby range at Matalan and have already bought Joseph the Finding Nemo dungarees – See here and The Mickey swimsuit and Nemo one. Click on image to buy.

I would definitely say that Matalan is one of the main places I shop at for character clothes for the boys! I find the designs really tasteful and the quality is amazing. 

I love the age that Joseph is at right now. He was such hard work for the first six months but now he is just a little angel and so happy all of the time so taking these picture and spending a little one to one time with him was a pleasure. 

Matalan sent me a pack of two jogging bottoms (£8)  a pack of two long sleeved vests(£8) and a gorgeous babygro with a bib (£8) 

I absolutely LOVE the designs on all of these pieces and also love that you can mix and match the bodysuits and jogging bottoms. My favourite pieces are the outfit that he has on below. 

The artwork on the babygro and bob is so lovely – see in more detail below! 

 I also like that it is black and white so it’s suitable for both girls and boys. Also, I have already been asked twice where I had bought his outfit from so that is always a good sign. 

I hope that you enjoyed this – thank you so much for popping over! This range will be available is now available in store and online – find it  here To see the full character range available now See here !Have a magical Wesnesday…. 

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

Finding Magic in Alnwick 🌟💫✨

Have you ever heard of Alnwick? If not then you are really missing out and if you have then I’m sure that you know that magic I am talking about! Alnwick is a little town 34 miles from Newcastle Upon Tyne and it took us just over 40 minutes to drive there.  I really want to share with you all about our recent visit and explain why I think it is so special.

Can you imagine a place that incorporates the adventure of Swiss family Robinson?, Visit gardens that would not be out of place in a Princess movie? Admire the castle that was actually used in the Harry Potter movie as Hogwarts and visit a book shop that you could quite imagine Belle hanging out in? I think you need to visit Alnwick! 

There were four main parts of Alnwick that we visited but the town as a whole is quite spectacular and there is something there for people of all ages. On this particular trip we visited the Tree houseThe GardensThe Castle and the most amazing Second hand book shop.

It is free to visit the Tree House and it is great fun for both adults and children. With wobbly bridges and fun frames built in amongst the trees it has a real Swiss family Robinson feel to it. The fairy lights give it a real sense of wonder and enchantment and if you get an opportunity the restaurant inside the treehouse looks superb! We haven’t eaten here yet but hoping to try it out some time this year. The treehouse also has a cafe called the Potting Shed where you can pick up a cuppa and a cake or maybe some light lunch for you or the little ones.


So we had visited the Alnwick Gardens last year and we became friends of the gardens which cost about £45 for the year for two adults and three children ( totally worthwhile by the way!) You can also get a ticket that incorporates the castle which we will certainly be doing next time.

The gardens are out of this world and absolutely huge. You could easily spend a day here and actually each time I go back I find something new to do. From the water fountains to the kids tractors, the garden of swings and the fairytale trail there is so much to do for kids both big and small.

I’m going to be really honest and say the fairytale trail is my favourite part of the gardens. We have done it twice and it just doesn’t lose it’s magic! There are lots of Disney related parts and when we went last year the kids dressed up which was an extra special touch!

You could spend hours on the beautiful swing garden where all of the family can swing to their hearts content and marvel at the spectacular views. 

My friend and I escaped for half an hour without the kids to visit the poison garden (don’t worry! )Their dads were left in charge although I did watch in horror as Jospeh rolled away from a Gareth in his pram but luckily a lady caught him! I wouldn’t recommend the poison garden for children under 5 as I feel they might lose interest. It’s great  for older children though as the tour itself was very informative.

This is literally only a snap shot of what you can do in the gardens as there is so much to do and there is such a stunning array of flowers. 

So yeah you need to visit the North East guys! Oh and I forgot to add that there is even a fish and chip shop so if you forget a packed lunch or you never really get round to making one then you’ll all still have a chance to eat!


Castles form the centrepiece for so many of my favourite Disney films, from Sleeping Beauty to Tangled and my personal favourite the castle from Beauty and the Beast.

Alnwick Castle is simply spectacular and it was actually used as Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter Movies. It has also served at a backdrop for a number of television and Film productions  see here  I absolutely LOVE Castles, I find them so fascinating and magical. It’s almost like time has stood still and you can transport yourself back and imagine the people that lived there throughout the years. So if, like me  you enjoy visiting castles then you are going to fall in love with  Alnwick Castle.

On this visit we didn’t venture inside the castle but spent a good hour or so admiring it from outside and enjoying the stunning views that envelope it. There are a number of activities inside the castle for children including broomstick training and a Knights quest so we can’t wait to experience this. There is also lots of fun things for adults to do especially if you are interested in History. We will hopefully be heading back up in the next few weeks so will share that with you all.


So where do I start with Barter Books? I don’t think I have the words to do justice to such an awesome place. I first visited this second hand bookshop about two years ago after seeing a picure of it on someones facebook and I will never forget the feeling I got when I walked through those doors.  

It’s almost like stepping onto the film set of a live action Disney movie… it really is that magical! I’m not sure whether it’s the lighting, the smell of the old books or the noise of people quietly chatting or turning pages but it has the most wonderful ambience. 

It’s also great for kids, there is also a wide selection of books for children and teens. I left Gareth reading to the boys whilst I had a wander about looking at the books and taking in the atmosphere! James absolutely loved the model train set that runs above the book shelves. He thought that was amazing and so did I to be honest. 

I have told Gareth that I want to spend the day there again soon, on my own! ( sorry family) but I just can’t think of anything better than losing the day reading a good book, sitting by one of the open fires in this beautiful setting! Oh and there is also a little coffee shop so you can get watered and fed too! To find out more about Barter Book – See here

So, I hope that you enjoyed this blog and if you did then please let me know! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! 

Have a magical day….

Love Roisin 

Top ten magical items in Primark this week 🌟💫✨

Before I launch into my Top 10, I feel that it is very important to say something to you all. I know from many comments that I get on my instagram posts that some of you feel so frustrated that you can’t always buy the products that I post from Primark.
I bet that lots of you have cursed me for posting stuff that you can’t pick up in your local stores. Honestly, I understand your annoyance, there is nothing worse than seeing a product and thinking to yourself that you really need it and then popping to your local Primark and thinking “that blinking Disneyfind – posting stuff that we can’t get!”

I think with Primark it really is just luck of the draw sometimes. I think I am very lucky as I believe Newcastle is the second largest store in the UK ( could be wrong though so don’t quote me on that!) So, due to the size of our store we pretty much get everything in here. I would never post things to annoy you all, I just want to share the magic and let you all know what is out there! I also think sometimes when you can’t buy something it makes you want it more….

I also want to let you guys know that there are some alternative ways of buying these products – this also may be good for some of my folllwers who live overseas. There are some pages on facebook that do Primark Disney pick ups. My favourite group is the Disney Primark group. I know that some people sell Primark products on eBay also.

So… back to my TOP TEN – I thought it would be good to use this blog not just for Disney but also items that feel magical to me and remember this is my choice, you may disagree but the world would be a boring old place if we all thought the same.

All of the items I post were found in Primark this morning. You can always check on Primark website to see more ✨✨✨

NUMBER 10 – Belle Tote Bag

This Belle tote back is only £3 and has a different view of Belle on the back. Beauty and the Beast is so in demand with the launch of the Live Action film and it is one of my personal favourites. There were only a few left in this style.

NUMBER 9 – Fluffy Princess heels 

Now these shoes fit for a Princess if ever I saw them! Today was the first time that I spotted these beauties in store. I love the mermaid feel to the straps. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to walk in these now but back in my hey Day ( ok- I was a bit of a party animal) I would LOVE to wear these and feel like a princess 👑

NUMBER 8 – Team Good and Bad socks

Whether you are Team Good or Team Bad – there is no denying that these invisible socks are cute! Only £2.50 for the pack of two you can change your invisible socks depending on your mood ✨

NUMBER 7 – Shimmering Fairytale skirt

I LOVE this style of skirt and with the colours and shimmer in this one it gives such magical vibes. I’m not sure if these skirts suit my shape as I am quite curvy but I am definitely trying it on next time I am in store and if it looks nice, buying it! The skirt cost £11

NUMBER 6 – Boys Mickey Mouse short set 

This set was only £5 and I will def be buying it for Joseph and James if they do it in his size! Totally cute and perfect for summer

 NUMBER 5 – Marie fluffy socks 

These little cuties have been hitting the headlines for weeks and I think we can all guess why. Marie is a favourite of so many of you guys! These slippers look so cute and who can resist a bit of pink! Not me 💗

NUMBER 4 – Princess Pom Pom keyring 

Actually Aoife ( my 17 year old daughter) told me about this just this morning. So I thought I would get her a little treat seen as she has been working so hard on her final piece for college. We have seen these Pom Poms bag charms popping up all over the high street over the past few months but this one just stands out a bit with the crown on top! It cost £3 – Thanks Aoife 🌟

NUMBER 3 – Girls Minnie Mouse swimsuit

This little swim suit caught my eye whilst I was browsing the girls department today. It is just soooooo cute! The little sun hat is my favourite with Minnie ears on top and I love the fact that it has both Minnie and Daisy. The swimsuit costs £8.

NUMBER 2 Bambi bedding set 

Isn’t it just gorgeous? I loved it from the minute I saw it on Primark website Find it here I really hoped that they would release this set on king size but that size has not arrived at my local Primark. Out of all the bedding sets released this is definitely my favourite. I love the neutral colours and the fact it is just so damn pretty! I bought the cushion which I use on my outdoor furniture. The bedding set costs £18 – the mug £5, cushion £6. To see the whole collection  find it here – Bambi collection

NUMBER 1 – Dumbo baby comforter 

I was not expecting to find this little treasure today! Jospeh loves to rub materials against his face when he is trying to get to sleep. I actually bought a Mickey comforter from the Disney store for him on Friday which I also love. This Dumbo is just so cute and you can tell by his little face that he loves it already! It was only £4 and they also had a Dumbo blanket to go with the rest of this baby collection 🐘

I really hope you enjoyed my first Top Ten at Primark blog! Let me know if you would like me to do this every week. I will also be focusing on a different high street store each week on a different day. Thanks for being amazing and keep magical!

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨

How to add Disney Magic to your life in the UK 🌟💫✨

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

So, for those of you who follow me on instagram you may know that I have just started a new vlog series. To celebrate 30 years of Disney Store, I thought I would set myself a challenge ( I love a little challenge) I have decided that over the next few months I would try and visit all Disney Stores in the UK and Ireland. There are 42 stores in total and I am actually so excited about this adventure. 

I don’t know about you guys but I would just LOVE to be able to visit one of the Disney parks on a more regular basis. But let’s me realistic, it is never going to happen. I live in Newcastle for starters and my nearest park would be Disneyland Paris. The fastest route to Paris is flying but there is no way that we could afford to visit there on a regular basis. So my  hope is that I can show people that you can sometimes find a little Disney magic in the UK. I think people will be surprised by just how many magical experiences and places you can have here in our home towns and cities. 

I asked my followers to complete the following survey Disney magic in the UK and Ireland this was so I could get the inside info on what wonderful experiences there are in your towns and cities. ​


​So, if you are interested then you can pop over and subscribe to my YouTube and share in this exciting adventure with me and my family.

Why am I starting a blog? 🤔

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I have decided to start a blog now? To be honest, I don’t really know that answer to that question myself. I did start one about two years ago, but at that point Disneyfind was quite anonymous and I was not too sure about the kind of content I was going to use. However, over the past year or so, I feel like I’ve allowed for more of my personality to come across on Disneyfind and I guess that naturally this is the next step. 

What to expect from the blog? 🐭

I guess most of the Blog content will be Disney related, but I also feel that it may be a useful place to share other experiences and a little more about myself with you all. 

I think that the beauty of instagram is that it is so simple and people can just see the image where it’s from and make a decision to buy it. I would quite like to use my blog as a way to express my opinion on merchandise, films, Disney news and experiences that I have in more detail and this would seem like the perfect place to do that.

Also, I would like to use this area to share some of my own Disney collection with you all. I am open to suggestions so if there is anything in particular that you may want me to blog about then please put it below👇🏻

Top 10 Disney favourite Disney parts of my home 🌟💫✨

I didn’t quite plan to have so much Disney in my home but it just kind of happened… do you know what I mean? Like when you think that you need a clock and then you see a Disney clock and think I just have to have that! Well, that happens a lot in our house…..

I am actually very lucky that Gareth is also a big Disney fan as I am sure that some partners might not be quite so accommodating. So slowly but surely our home had become filled with lots of Disney pieces and do you know what? I absolutely LOVE it! I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste and I am sure that some people can’t understand why a 37 year old woman collects snowglobes or buys way too many Disney mugs but I am proud of my home and I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. 

So I thought I would share with you all my TOP TEN Disney pieces in my home. It’s actually very hard to rank them and I change my mind from day to day but here we go! 


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wall art from EBay – I came back from work one day to find that Gareth had bought this and put it beside our alarm system. I love it and I told James that Peter and Tinkerbell add some fairy dust every night to keep us safe 🌟


Olaf toilet sticker from eBay – Gareth also bought this one… I went out for a run a a couple of years ago ( I need to do more of this) and when I came home Gareth had put this on the downstairs toilet. I think it just adds a little fun to the toilet and people always have a little laugh when they see it. 


Disney outdoor area – I took this picture last Summer and I really hope that we get to enjoy our garden as much this summer! We picked up this little children’s patio set from a car boot sale for £10. The little lights are from Matalan and the cushions are from Primark. I love the Mickey Mouse bird house which is actually a Disney Traditions piece that I bought when I was visiting my brother in Antwerp. 


Bedroom Wall Art – I really wanted to add some art to my bedroom as the walls were quite bare and me and Gareth agreed that a Disney wall would be best! So we bought a few frames and used some we already had. We then filled them with some Disney related bits and pieces. This included our wedding invites, a photo of us all at the Disney Store Christmas party, and a picture of our wedding day. I then used some gorgeous prints from various Etsy sellers for the rest. These included:- 

Disney underground print from Disney is always a good idea, the Castle print is from Oh you pretty things, the foil print is from Sweet little Gems


Alice in Wonderland fairy door from Magic by Mimi –  this is one of my most favourite little pieces of magic in our home. I wanted a fairy door for ages and then one day I came across this Alice one and thought it would look perfect in our hall way and it does! 


MY CHOPPING BOARD – I get so many compliments about this chopping board and people are always asking where we bought it. I was very lucky and a very kind friend actually made it for me. I love it so much and it’s amazing that such a simple piece can add so much to my kitchen.


Jospeh’s shelves – Jospeh doesn’t have his own bedroom and hopefully one day the boys will share a room but I really wanted somewhere to display all of the special pieces that belong to him. So here it is – the shelves are from Ikea and they fit this little space perfectly! All of the little personalised  pieces were sent from some fabulous Etsy stores. You can watch my unboxing video here Joseph gifts unboxing 


My lovely kitchen – I just LOVE my kitchen and I do appreciate just how lucky I am. When it was just Aoife and I we lived in a little flat and even though I loved our little flat it is lovely to now have this kitchen . I do enjoy cooking and spend most of my time in here so it’s nice to have some Disney bits around the place. The Mickey signs were bought from BHS a couple of years ago. The Mickey Mouse clock is from eBay and we picked it up for £3.99 – total bargain! 


Our Living area – this is where we pretty much spend all of our time as a family. My brother in law kindly gave us these paintings and I knew they would look perfect here. A few people said that it might be too much and maybe I should just use one but I think they are great! 


Disney snowglobe display – this is my favourite part of our house for the moment! We have lived in this house for about three years now and we have only just managed to get this room sorted. I actually said that there was no Disney in this room but never stuck to that plan! We had these shelves built in to the wall and while Gareth was at work one day I decided to put my snowglobes on them and I think they look perfect ✨✨✨ 

So I hope you enjoyed my top 10 Disney bits? If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments below. Also comment below any suggestions that you may have for further blog posts. You can also see a home tour that I posted on YouTube here Disneyfind home – I am planning to do an updated one very soon

Love Roisin x