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04633-01 P2A Character Logo CMYK HRAhhhh this is such an exciting giveaway and I feel so lucky to be able to post this tonight! As you all know, I posted a blog a few weeks ago explaining why we were all so excited about going to see Disney On Ice this year – See blog here ✨ And now you could have the opportunity to see this fabulous show with your family or friends!


I have teamed up with Disney On Ice to offer you this incredible opportunity!
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So there you go, Good Luck guys and stay tuned because I have a very exciting announcement to make next week!
Thanks for popping over and keep magical!

Love Roisin 🌟💫✨


Comics exhibition at Seven Stories 🌟💫✨

Seven Stories is amazing!  

I was invited along last week to review the latest exhibition – Comics! For those of you who don’t know Seven Stories is the National centre for Children’s books and it is based in Newcastle and there is no other place like it in the UK. Set over seven floors, hence the name and it can be found in the lovely Ouseburn area of Newcastle. Each of the floors are dedicated to children’s books, their readers and creators.

There is no doubt that Seven Stories is magical! This was only our third visit to the centre as we came once when James was a baby and again in December for a Christmas event a couple of years ago . I think maybe on the previous two visits James may have been a little young to appreciate the wonders of the exhibition but on this occasion, he really did! He did not want to leave and threw his little three year old self  into all of the activities, events and books that Seven Stories had to offer. 

The Comics exhibition was great fun, it was so interactive, creative and enjoyable for not only James but also for me and most importantly it was something that we enjoyed doing together. 

Here are the details of the Comics exhibition from the website – Seven Stories has gathered together an eclectic mix of original comic art to impress and inspire all comics’ fans. See Desperate Dan and Dennis the Menace as they were drawn in the 1940s and 50s; find old friends like Oor Wullie, Minnie the Minx and Roy of the Rovers; imagine yourself on an adventure with Dan Dare from The Eagle.

The exhibition will feature Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman and Hulk as drawn by British artist Ian Churchill. Ian works for Marvel and DC Comics, America’s largest comic corporations.

Current British comics creators like Kate Brown, Jamie Smart and Laura Ellen Anderson have prepared storyboards, sketches and 3d models to lend to the exhibition as well as giving Seven Stories’ visitors unique insight into their creative processes.

I felt that the exhibition was well laid out, you got a real sense to comic magic from the minute you walked into the exhibit. I also loved that it was a maker exhibition and therefore was incredibly  interactive which I think was important for someone of James age in order to hold their interest. As James is only just learning to read, we travelled through each section of the exhibit and I explained in simple terms to him what it was all about. 

As you travelled through the exhibit each section gave you another layer in creating your own comic storyline. Some of the sections included character, setting, magical objects etc. It was great fun for James to think about which he would like to choose and how his characters could be brought to life. It was actually the first time that I have done anything like this was James and I was astonished by some of the ideas he had. 

There were buttons to press, wheels to spin, costumes to wear and comics to read. James loved the exhibition and we can’t wait to go back again. I do think that the comics exhibition would also be great for older children, I know that my 17 year old daughter would have embraced the creative side of the exhibit and that she would have really enjoyed creating her own cartoon and I think my husband Gareth would have too! 

I know how many of you guys love comics and I just wanted to make you aware of this place and obviously of this exhibition. Oh and in case your interested this was the basic plot line for James comic. 

The story is about a T Rex who is looking for a herd of dinosaurs with his friend, a superhero paleantologist called James ( that’s me mammy, he told me). 

It is set in Dinosaurland and a jungle. Along the way they find some fossils using a magical hammer which finds out where the fossils are. An evil paleantologist is trying to steal his magic hammer.

James and the T Rex find the herd and live happily ever after! 

Not bad for a three year old – eh?  I’m always on the look out for magic and keep posted for my full review of Seven Stories and why I am buying an annual pass when I visit next. 

Thanks for reading.

Roisin x 

Why we all LOVE Disney on Ice 🌟💫✨

04633-01 P2A Character Logo CMYK HRWe all know that at times it can be difficult  to find Disney Magic in the UK! I mean we all love a trip to the Disney Store, visiting the cinema to see the latest Disney release or cuddling up with our family to watch a good old Disney classic. However, if we can’t get to the parks and let’s me realistic here, with a family of five we are lucky if we get to visit once every two years. So….where else can we capture that Disney magic here in the UK? Disney On Ice of course and this year I am super excited for the show and all that it entails.


This year, Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure. Celebrate the most memorable Disney tales with all of your favourite characters . Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy on a journey top the timeless worlds of Disney’s The Lion King, The Little Mermaid , Peter Pan and Frozen. You will enjoy every part of this sensational show  – starting with the chance to warm up with at the fabulously fun Fit to Dance pre-show featuring Zootropolis!

The show run starts on 22nd September at Braehead and ends on 30th December 2017 at 02 in London. It will be visiting Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and London. You can access exact dates from here ✨I will also be announcing some very exciting news over the next few weeks. I have teamed up with Disney On Ice this year and I am able to offer you some amazing prizes, one of which money can’t buy!


How wonderful does all of this sound?

Are you excited yet?

I am and I’ll tell you exactly why! We are very lucky to be going to see Disney On Ice this year at the Newcastle Arena for the opening evening on 3rd October 2017. Which also happens to be the birthday of both of my sons, before you ask, I have no idea how I managed that! So this year Jospeh turns one and James will be four and I can’t think of anywhere else we would rather celebrate it.

So back to the show,  not only does Passport to Adventure include the much loved original characters but it also features some of our favourite classics. The whole show sounds  fantastic but when you come from crazy Disney family, you get super excited about the little Disney details.
As a family, we are always listening to Disney songs in the car so it will be so much fun to hopefully hear some of our favourites at the performance and have a good old sing along. We are particularly looking forward to Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Frozen songs, I mean who doesn’t love belting out a rendition of Let it Go?



I love that fact that it also has the original characters in the performance. Mickey and Minnie are such iconic characters and appeal to all ages, from babies to grandparents. Joseph is only ten months old and he can already recognise Mickey Mouse! I mean he is my son after all…. I’d expect nothing less.

James can’t wait to see the Peter Pan section, when I showed him the image with the crocodile, he was so excited!   He also loves Peter Pan at the minute and has an obsession with shadows because of this.


How fab will it be to see Ariel, Eric and even Ursula skating around and giving us all such a wonderful show, I am really hoping that they play “Part of that World” I adore The Little Mermaid and I honestly think this is the part that I am most excited to see.



Aoife is 18 next week and although she wouldn’t like to admit it, she loves Disney on Ice. I have taken her a few times over the years and it wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t come along. It’s such a shame that I can’t dress her up as Snow White like I used to when she was little.


However what I love most about Disney on Ice is looking around the arena and watching a sea of happy faces both old and young enjoying some Disney magic. I love that it is an opportunity for boys and girls and some adults (that’s me) to dress up in their favourite costumes and come together to watch something that brings such happiness and joy to everyone. Time to pull out my Minnie ears! If you would like to buy tickets for this magical Disney on Ice show then please find them here.

Thanks for reading guys and keep looking for magic….

Roisin x


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Tyne Theatre, Newcastle this Christmas 🌟💫✨

We all love a good pantomime, don’t we? Especially when the pantomime also happens to be one of your most favourite Disney films. Well, yesterday, I was very lucky to be able to go to the press release on behalf of Nights out in Newcastle for Snow White which arrives at the Tyne theatre this Christmas.

I had a big old stress in the morning yesterday when I realised that my two baby sitters were off on their travels for the week, I sent an e-mail to Aaron from nights out in Newcastle and explained that I wouldn’t be able the press release due to childcare issues. He replied that the theatre were happy for me to bring the little ones along wih me, so that was a huge thumbs up from me. As a working mum, who has to juggle blogging, disneyfind and family life it was fantastic that the theatre were so accommodating towards me.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will run at the Tyne theatre and Opera House from 8th – 31st December 2017. The pantomime will feature a live band and will be packed with a host of top stars including “Newcastle’s own Michelle Heaton” as the Wicked Queen and Britain’s Got Talent winner -Matt Pagan from Collabro as the Prince, Robyn McEnaney who won a “serach for Snow White competition” as well as hilarious Geordie comics Charlie Richmond as Muddles and Lewis Denny as Herman the Henchman.

I just want to touch on the theatre itself before I talk abut the press release. The Tyne theatre is an absolutely stunning venue and you can’t help but look in awe at the intricate detailing inside the gallery. It is a Grade 1 listed building and one of only ten theatres that still exist from the Victorian period. I have seen many shows in this theatre and every time I visit I can’t help but imagine all of the people throughout history who have sat in this beautiful theatre and watched a show with a smile on their face. 
Back to the show…… It  was wonderful to see all of the cast up on stage in their costumes and to get a tiny taste of what will be coming in the pantomime this Christmas. We were introduced to each member of the cast by Muddles, who I have to admit had me giggling from start to finish. He had a real Geordie charm and I found his humour so funny. He explained to me that he has performed in pantomine for the last ten years at the Tyne theatre. I was also told  by the theatre director that he is a favourite with the kids and I can certainly see why, James was also laughing along to all of his jokes.

We were then introduced to Snow White who is played by Robyn McEnaney. We were treated to a rendition of “Journey to the past”from Anastasia and it was such a stunning rendition. What I also loved is that Robyn won a “search for Snow White” competition. It is great to see a local talent taking part alongside this fantastic cast. Can I also mention that Robyn was absolutely gorgeous and such a lovely person. She was warm, friendly and seemed very excited to play Snow White. And finally, I want to let you in to a little secret, Robyn is no stranger to Princess life as she worked at Disneyland Paris and I believe may have been a Disney Princess there! Many of my followers on Instagram messaged me to say that they recognised her.

I was a little star struck when I met Michelle Heaton, I think its probably because I used to be a big fan of Liberty X, I’m not going to like  I’ve had their hit single “sexy” running around in my head since I met her. I’m not quite sure what she made of me interviewing her whilst bouncing Jospeh on my knee and James trying his best to get my attention. Michelle said that she was looking forward to the role and that she had actually played the same character last year in panto in Ayr. She also spoke of being happy to be back in the North East and I’m sure that she will enjoy performing in her home city.

We were also briefly introduced to the dwarfs who looked great in their costumes. However, I have to admit that Matt Pagan as the Prince stole the show for me. He sang “Evermore” which happens to be one of my most favourite songs at the moment and his voice was breathtaking. The boys and myself were mesmerised and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. He has just returned from touring with Collabro and said that he is also looking forward to taking on the role. Again, Matt has previouly played this character in Carlisle so I have no doubt he will make an excellent Prince. There was also a great chemistry and rapport between both Robyn and Matt and I can’t wait to see them as Snow White and the Prince this Christmas. 

So if you are looking to book a pantomine this Christmas, then look no further than the Tyne theatre. Tickets are already on sale and they sell out pretty fast so get booked soon! Thank you to the Tyne theatre for a magical afternoon and to Nights out in Newcastle for letting us be budding reporters for the day. James didn’t actually want to leave and we all left with a big smile on our face. A big thumbs up from the Disneyfind family 🌟💫✨









Why you need to go and see Cars 3 🌟💫✨

So, I have just returned from a trip to the cinema to see Cars 3 with James. We have been building up for this viewing for the past few weeks so I think we were both excited and curious to see how the movie would turn out. 

James was dressed in his fabulous Lightening McQueen pit crew overalls from Disney Store  and looked great. In fact, he drew a number of admiring glances dressed like that.. not that he noticed though!

Aoife very kindly offered to look after Jospeh whilst I took James so see it. I did ask her to come along too but she said it wasn’t her cup of tea, however I think she would have been pleasantly surprised if she had came along! 

So what was I expecting? Actually, I’m not too sure….. I loved Cars and sort of liked Cars 2 so I think I kind of just went in with an open mind and hoped that it would be enjoyable for James more than anything. 

However, before I talk about Cars 3 I just wanted to touch on the Pixar short before the movie, Lou. It was wonderful. I always enjoy the shorts and the moral message that comes across from them. Lou is one of my particular favourites. I’m unsure whether this comes from working in education and understanding situations like this first hand or just that it was so cute  but James loved it too,  he giggled his way through the whole short and I think understood the message despite being only three. 

So, back to Lightening! Well, let’s just say that I saw him in a new light. I don’t want to give too much away though so I’ll try not to go into too much detail in this post. It was also fantastic to see most of our favourite characters back on the big screen. 

It was also great to see the new characters brought to life. I have spent the past few weeks taking pictures of Jackson Storm, Cruz Rameriz and Miss Fritter in Disney Store  without actually knowing anything about the characters themselves. I always love it when everything falls into place and you notice NEW features to the characters that you may not have seen on the toys. An example of this is the license plates on Miss Fritter. Everything just starts to make sense and James little face lit up when they appeared on screen saying “That’s miss Fritter, I have her. ”

In my opinion, I feel as though Cars 3 tied up all of the loose ends and it is almost as though Lightening has come full circle. I could quite imagine this being the last in a trilogy! Although you never quite know with Disney Pixar do you? I thought exactly the same when I went to see Toy Story 3. 
There was action  from start to finish and you can’t help but be emotionally invested in the film. The characters mean so much to me that I found myself willing there to be a good outcome, another sign of a good movie don’t you think? 

However there were two areas of the movie that stood out to me in particular. This is a major SPOILER so if you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now! 

First of all, I loved the moral message of the movie and how the  importance of Lightening McQueen’s relationship with Doc Hudson played such a pivotal role in the movie. It is such an important message that I try and pass on to my own children and the childre and young people I work with. I think that it is important for young people to see how older people can have such a positive affect on their future and I admired the love and respect that Lightening obviously had for Doc. 

This brings me on to the second message in the movie that appealed to me. I’m going to put my hands up and admit that I thought that Cruz Rameriz was male and I’m actually pretty ashamed of that. I don’t know whether it is because I have young sons at the minute but what a stereotypical way to think! I loved the fact the Cruz was female, it made the movie for me. It is so postive to see that quite a few of the successful characters in the movie were female and as a woman and with a daughter, I felt incredibly proud ( and slightly mad with myself) of the writers for creating this character. 

So in a nutshell, go and see Cars 3, take boys and girls in your family and enjoy a film that teaches you that you can learn valuable lessons from the older generation and that as a 36 year old woman you need to be a lot less stereotypical! Woman and girls and can be whoever or whatever they dream to be and gender should not come into the equation. Well done Disney, another fabulous film that I will be seeing again for sure. 
Oh and I asked James what he thought of the film as I know it is important to get a child’s verdict. He said it was really good and he asked when he can go back? Oh and Lightening McQueen is still his hero. 

Thanks for reading. 

Love Roisin ❤️

Cars 3 Disney Store UK giveaway ❤️

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Why I am so excited to see Cars 3✨

Cars 3 is released in the UK on 14th July and I am incredibly excited about going to view it and I’ll tell you why? 

As you all know there is a big age gap between Aoife and James, 15 years to be precise. When Aoife was a little girl, she loved all Disney films and I used to love booking up for the latest Disney release. However as she got older, her taste in movies changed, as it does for some people ( not me though!) so she wasn’t as keen to go and see the latest Disney film. 
So when James was born, I was really excited that I would be able to see the joy in his face when he watched Disney films for the first time. I mean you have to admit, they are so magical and you can get joy from watching someone watching a Disney film. Well I can anyways. 

From when James was about 10 month onwards I used to put Disney films on for him, you know all of the classics, The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Peter Pan etc… I’m sure you get the picture. He never really seemed to enjoy them as much as I would have hoped. I mean he was a little baby so perhaps I was hoping for a little too much! 

Anyway, this little situation continued for a few months until James was about 18 months old. We were sitting in the house one day and I put CARS on and he was glued to the TV.  He was completely mesmerised and wanted to watch it every day for a month or so afterwards. 

It was so exciting to se me him fall in love with a Disney movie like I have so many times before him. So he went through his little obsession of loving everything and anything Lightening McQueen related. Kachow was his favourite word and he wouldn’t leave the house without a little Lightening car held tightly in his little fist.   For his second birthday we bought him Mack and all of the cars and would you believe he still plays with it every day.

Christmas that year Santa brought him the wooden Radiator Springs, it took up half of our living room but he loved playing with it. We were always on the look out for any Cars related toys when we visited the Car Boot Sale and he slept every night with a soft toy Lightening and Mater tucked up in bed with him. 

We also took James to Disneyland Paris for the first time when he has just turned two, I don’t think he can remember it but he has a picture in his bedroom of him and Aoife on the Cars ride. We are heading Bach to Disneyland Paris this year and I think he will be in his element and he probably remember this visit for the rest of his life. 

He has enjoyed the build up to Cars 3 as much as I have. We have watched each teaser and trailer as it has been released – see here  for the official trailer. We have also loved popping into the Disney Store to see which new merchandise they have in store. Here is the full range. In fact, James wants to go in more than I do for the first time ever to play with the remote control Cars. We are planning to buy him the Lightening McQueen one for his birthday…. shhhh don’t tell him! 

So yes, we are very excited to see Cars 3 in a few weeks time. Is it sad that I have already planed James outfit to wear to the cinema? I just feel like it will be the first time that he goes to see a Disney film and can relate to it so much as it has been part of his life. So Lightening McQueen, I’m sure you won’t disappoint and we can’t wait to see you on the silver screen once again and we’re not going to lie, we’re looking forward to seeing Jackson Storm too 🌟💫✨